7 Of The Most Notorious Hip-Hop Groupies

Hip-Hop and sexy groupies go hand in hand. Any onlooker from the outside can see that the rapper lifestyle is immensely enjoyable: huge mansions, fast cars, private jets, heavy partying and lots of bling-y jewelry. So it’s no surprise that there are a handful of groupies who’ve been able to embed themselves into the lavish lifestyle of the biggest rappers. Most of these sexy ladies start off as models in music videos, and sometimes, they manage to wiggle their way into the rappers’ hotel rooms. Others start off as strippers and they use their voluptuous bodies to entice and mesmerize their future conquests. Below is a list of seven of the most notorious groupies in the Hip-Hop game …

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7  Dollicia Bryan

Via: joydailytv.com

About three or four years ago, one of the hottest video vixens on the scene was an extremely sexy and voluptuous lady named Dollicia Bryan. The smoldering model appeared in videos for huge stars like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Diddy. Outside of appearing in these videos, she also dated quite a few rappers too and certainly made the headlines as a result. Some of the men she “dated” included: Rob Kardashian, actors Jamie Foxx and Hill Harper, Bow Wow and Canadian superstar Drake. She was apparently still with Hill Harper when Drake scooped her up - so it’s fair to say that the lovely Ms. Bryan is highly perceptive when it comes to following the money.

6  Christina Milian

Via: www.damajority.com

It may be a little extreme to call Christina Milian a Hip-Hop groupie, but in all honesty, she has really made her rounds in the Hip-Hop industry. At one point, she was hooked up with Hip-Hop producer extraordinaire Dre from the Miami duo Cool and Dre, and then she moved on to singer/songwriter The Dream – they actually had a child together. After breaking up with the Dream, she starting dating the young and wealthy music executive Jas Prince, but it seems that even he didn’t have the magic sauce to keep her satisfied. So she consequently left him, and now she is currently dating the dreadlocked rapper Lil’ Wayne. She is also apparently signed to Wayne’s label – YMCMB.

5  Erica Mena

Via: aimeramour.com

Erica Mena is another hot Hip-Hop mama who made the jump from appearing in music videos to engaging in relationships with quite a few different rappers. She first appeared in the music video for Brooklyn rapper Fabolous in a song called “Breathe,” and she apparently dated him for a while after that. Then she moved on to be with the rapper named Havoc from the Queens street rap duo, Mobb Deep. She can currently be seen in the VH1 reality show Love and Hip-Hop, and the big news with her these days is that she recently got engaged to 106 and Park host, Bow Wow. The engagement happened after a six-month romance.

4   Draya Michele

Via: www.enstarz.com

Draya Michele is a former exotic dancer who rose to popularity as one of the characters on the VH1 reality show Basketball Wives. It’s not even really certain whether she has ever dated an NBA player, but she is rumored to be the mother of Gilbert Arenas’s child. In the rap world, the gossip is she’s made the rounds with Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. However most recently, she’s been linked to Dallas Cowboys cornerback, Orlando Scandrick.

3 Sheneka Adams  

Via: simplysheneka.com

Athens, Georgia sexpot Sheneka Adams is next on our list. She has appeared in videos for rappers like Bow Wow and Soulja Boy and some of her many conquests include: the aforementioned Soulja Boy, Carmelo Anthony and R&B superstar Trey Songz. And for those who want to see “more” from her, there is apparently a sex tape of her flying around the internet somewhere. Sheneka also has a self-help blog called Simply Shaneka that she updates regularly.

2  Kat Stacks

Via: katstacks.net

Kat Stacks is probably the feistiest of all the groupies listed in the piece. A couple of years ago, she went on a social media tear disparaging all the rappers she had apparently slept with including: Soulja Boy, Fabolous and Bow Wow. In one of her infamous videos, she apparently exposes the rapper Soulja Boy for being a cocaine addict. However it seems karma caught up to her and she was almost deported to her native country of Venezuela. She ended up spending two years in an American jail, and the word on the Hip-Hop streets is that she’s back to her  old Hip-Hop groupie ways.

1  Suelyn Medeiros

Via: www.gopixpic.com

The last entry on this list comes in the form of the ultra-sexy, NYC-born, Brazilian model Suelyn Medeiros. The amateur actor and sometimes porn star is a certified looker, and some of the Hip-Hop personalities she has been with in the past include 50 Cent, Chris Brown and rapper/skater Terry Kennedy. Another interesting tidbit about Medeiros – at one point, she even dated the wealthy Canadian fashion executive Peter Nygard.

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