7 Celebs Who Hooked Up With Their Kids' Nannies

There are many ways for couples to cheat on each other, but cheating on your significant other with your kids' nanny or babysitter, might rank as one of the worst offenses. Nannies are easy targets because they're typically younger than the spouse and are a little starstruck to be working for a powerful celebrity. They're also around all the time, taking care of the children, so that makes them accessible. In some cases, a celebrity affair with the nanny tore the marriage apart, while in other instances, it resulted in somewhat successful marriages. The lesson here is always keep your eye on the help.

6 Jon Gosselin

In 2009, the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 reality star, and father of twins and sextuplets, apparently balanced multiple affairs before he finalized his divorce from Kate Gosselin. Jon was seeing Hailey Glassman, when the kids’ babysitter, Stephanie Santoro revealed to In Touch Magazine that she and Jon had a torrid affair while he was still living in Kate’s house. Jon invited Santoro over when she wasn’t babysitting the kids and engaged in massages, hot tubbing and a lot of sex. Eventually, all three of those relationships ended.

6. Sara Evans' Husband

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Country singer and Dancing With the Stars alum, Sara Evans didn't do any cheating with a nanny, but her ex-husband Craig Schelske was accused of it, among other infractions. According to court documents, in 2006, Evans wrote how Craig abused alcohol, watched a lot of porn and had affairs, including one with the couple's nannies. The nanny, Alison Clinton Lee, sued Evans for $3 million, because she disliked her name being included with the list of women Craig had an affair with. Lee made out pretty well, though: She received a $500,000 settlement. Schelske hit back and accused his wife of also engaging in several affairs, which Sara's backup singer/nanny confirmed in court.

5  5. Robin Williams

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Sometimes falling in love with the nanny can lead to a good union. When the comedian was married to his first wife, he employed a nanny named Marsha to look after his young son. Williams’ marriage imploded in 1988, after he cheated on his wife with a cocktail waitress--not with Marsha--who sued him because he gave her herpes. It didn’t take Williams long to rebound with the nanny, though, who he married in 1989 and had two kids with. After 19 years of marriage, he and Marsha divorced in 2008. Three years later, Williams married his third wife.

4 Jude Law

Several years ago, Jude Law wasn't exactly 'Father of the Year'. After his five-year marriage to Sadie Frost ended in 2003, Law immediately began a serious relationship with his co-star, and much younger beauty, Sienna Miller. The couple got engaged in 2004, but called off the pending nuptials when Miller found out he’d slept with the nanny. Law was filming a movie in New Orleans when he and the kids’ nanny, Daisy Wright, began a fling. To make matters worse, one of Law’s kids supposedly walked in on them doing the nasty. Because tabloid publication, The Sunday Mirror got word of the betrayal, Law confessed everything. To get back at her ex-fiance, Miller was rumored to have had an affair with Daniel Craig. For a while, it looked like Miller and Law would work things out, but the two finally went their separate ways in 2011.

3 Ethan Hawke

The Oscar-nominated Hawke, famously married actress Uma Thurman in 1998 and fathered two children with her. But in 2003, the celebrated couple separated because he supposedly started a relationship with the kids’ nanny, Ryan. In interviews, Hawke stated Ryan wasn't the reason for the couple’s split, and that he waited until the divorce from Thurman was final before he pursued Ryan. “I know people imagine some kind of Sound Of Music type love affair, but the truth is, by the time Ryan and I were falling in love, it had been a long while since I had employed her,” Hawke told a publication. Hawke married Ryan in 2008 and they now have two kids together.

2 Mick Jagger

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1 Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger had four kids with wife, Maria Shriver but in 2011, it was revealed that he fathered a secret love child with the couple’s housekeeper/nanny, Mildred Patty Baena. The former politician did not know that at the time, Baena was pregnant with his child—she didn't tell him the child was his until years later. Things got even more messed up when Shriver and Baena were pregnant at the same time with his kids. After Schwarzenegger left the California governor’s office in 2011, he finally told Shriver the truth after she questioned him on why the kid looked so much like him. Since the revelation, Schwarzenegger has taken financial responsibility for his other family. Because of this, and his extramarital affair with actress Brigitte Nielsen, Shriver and Schwarzenegger plan on divorcing.

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