5 Reasons Why Diddy Shockingly Attacked Drake

This one is fresh off the presses, but it’s certainly another case of rappers behaving badly. According to the NY Daily News, a bunch of rappers, DJs and important Hip-Hop personalities were partying till the early hours this past Monday morning at a birthday party for DJ Khaled at Club Liv in Miami. Around 4am, a brawl broke out between Diddy and Drake and it ended with the 45-yr-old mogul roughing up and punching the 28-yr-old Toronto rapper. There’s been a lot of activity in Miami over the past few days for the annual Art Basel festival, so we’re pretty sure there were a lot of celebs and partygoers who witnessed this altercation. Once again, according to the Daily News, Drake got the worst of it, and he ended up leaving the club to get treatment at a nearby hospital. Some reports are stating that he had a dislocated shoulder. Wow sounds pretty gnarly, but here are 5 possible reasons why Diddy might have had to put his hands on Drake.

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5 Drake Was Hitting On Cassie

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According to some reports of onlookers at the club, Drake might have possibly been hitting on Puffy’s sexy 28-yr-old girlfriend Cassie, who is 17 years younger than Diddy. As we all know, Drake has a habit of going after other people’s girls. You are probably already familiar with  his on-and-off attempts at courtship with Rihanna. There has also been all the social media activity these last few days of Chris Brown accusing his recent ex Karrueche Tran of sneaking to Toronto to see Drake while Brown was locked up in prison. So it may be true that Drake has a wondering eye, but it’s hard to believe that he would disrespect an elder statesman of the Hip-Hop world like Sean Combs.

4 Arguing Over The Rights of A Song

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There’s no doubt about it, rappers have a lot of money to spend. But that money has to come from somewhere and it’s mostly generated by hit songs. Sometimes, there is lots of wheeling and dealing that goes on behind the scenes when a producer or songwriter has a hot track that’s in demand by several different parties. One of the reports coming from Club Liv is that Diddy and Drake might have been fighting over certain rights to a song. The altercation might have gotten heated and out of hand. The news will probably eventually come out if this was actually the source of the melee.

3 Retaliation for Drake’s Disrespect at All Star Weekend

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Whether he knows it or not, Drake might be accruing all kinds of enemies in the rap world. At the most recent All Star Weekend in February, Drake was performing one of the hit songs “Worst Behavior” at a packed night club. There were a lot of other personalities on the stage including P.Diddy who was standing right next to Drake. At one point during the performance, Drake’s mic stopped working and he turned around and grabbed the mic (pretty disrespectfully) from Diddy’s hand. Now this may have been nothing at all. It could have been pure coincidence that Diddy was the closest mic to Drake, but with all these new stories surfacing, the billion dollar mogul might have felt humiliated and disrespected after that episode.  So this most recent brawl at Club Liv might be Puffy paying Drake back with a little tough love.

Drake grabbing Diddy’s mic:

2 Both Rappers Might Have Been Wasted

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At big events like this, especially at Club Liv in Miami, there are a lot of bottles being popped and expensive champagne being poured. So both Diddy and Drake might have been pretty drunk and gotten into a little argument that escalated very quickly. The same report from the NY Daily News states that before hitting the club that evening, Drake and his entourage were dining at a hot Miami spot named Siena Tavern. He was drinking Chopin Vodka and doing Patron Tequila shots, so he may have already been lit up by the time he got to the club. As most of you can attest, that Biggie line tends to be true more often than not: “When the liquor’s in the system, Ain’t no tellin.”

1  1) Publicity Stunt

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It’s gotten to a point now where rappers will do anything to create buzz and sell records. A decade ago, these types of strategies wouldn’t work, but nowadays, this is happening more and more. Any type of far-fetched news develops legs and runs like wild fire on social media. Even recently, the announcements that Lil Wayne has been making on twitter about wanting to leave his label have been chalked up in some quarters to him trying to get some buzz for his Carter V album dropping soon. Perhaps Drake or Diddy has a big announcement coming up and this packed crowd at Club Liv ended up being a great venue for them to stir up some commotion and get the people talking. It’s entirely possible. What do you think?

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