5 of the Best Celebrity Makeovers

Since the term “celebrity” was first created to describe someone being featured in the public eye, typically because they are starting in a popular television show or movie, we have been watching their every move. We do this through magazines, gossip televisions shows and of course the internet. Just as quickly as the term came about, the public became engrossed with seeing what they will do next, it was inevitable.

Since being in the public eye isn’t easy, and having a stylist that you trust isn’t always in the cards for a celebrity, we have had the wonderful opportunity to watch them fail over and over again when it came to their clothing choices, hair color, and even makeup (or in some cases, lack thereof). Yes, being in the limelight isn’t always easy as everyone has access to your every move.

Over the years, there have been celebrities who have failed time and time again, but with an amazing stroke of luck, came back with a vengeance and surprised us all with a memorable celebrity worthy makeover.

5 Victoria Beckham

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While she was first introduced to the world by the name “Posh Spice” in the well known girl group, The Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham has evolved greatly; all the way to becoming one of the most highly recognized celebrities and style icons of our time. While jumping around in platform sneakers and spandex costumes singing teenage songs such as “Say You’ll Be There” and “Spice Up Your Life,” she proved to the world that singing (not fashion at that time) was her strong point, yet she always remained one of the stylish ones in the group.

Once the Spice Girls took an indefinite hiatus in 2000, it was time for Victoria to focus on herself, which she did by starting a family with husband soccer star David Beckham. Becoming a mother had nothing but a positive impact on her fashion sense because she became recognized for her style in a great way! She began dressing sexy, polished and pulled together; no detail was overlooked in her attire.

In 2000 she began by taking the fashion world by storm and was the face of designer campaigns for designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs, launching her own line in 2006. While most labels started by celebs do well for a while and then inevitably flop, she has truly made a name for herself and has grown the label and participated in the most well-known runways in the world; Fashion Week!

I guess in her case, you can say she was responsible for her own makeover and her fashion knowledge grew. We hope she keeps Posh Spice locked up and lets Victoria shine.

4 Katie Holmes

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America’s favorite girl next door has grown up and gotten a makeover. We know and love her for her role as Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek, but today, this actress is so much more than that simple girl. While she had fell out of the limelight for a little bit of time, things quickly heated up for her in 2006 when she married the very famous actor, Tom Cruise.

While Holmes looked beautiful throughout their entire courting, she still has that young girl style that made her look like a teenager instead of a woman. Once she said “I do,” this all changed. While most people get married and become so comfortable with their partner that their style takes a turn for the worst, marriage had the complete opposite effect on this now style icon.

3 David Bowie

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This now dapper looking man was once the most sensationalized androgynous looking sex symbol of the 70’s. While his music still carries on today, he was once widely known as Ziggy Stardust and dressed in some of the most elaborate costumes that money could possibly buy. In addition to the iconic garb that he is now recognized for, he was also known for his stage makeup, orange-red mullet, and (who could forget) the moon boots.

Instead of aging ungracefully, the way many of the performers of his time did, time has had a miraculous effect on him. David Bowie shed the colorful costumes and traded them in for well tailored suits, blonde hair, and makeup-less skin and a very well turned-out man emerged. On April 24th, 1992, he married the model and style icon, Iman and they are currently living happily ever after as Mr. and Mrs. Ziggy Stardust.

2 Courtney Love

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Two words that have been known to describe Courtney Love, widow of Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain, over the years have been “train wreck.” We have watched her complicated life play out through tabloids showing her eccentric style, ups and downs and life choices; the good and bad. Being the lead singer of the band Hole, gave her that edge and freedom to rock the punk style with ease, but mixing that style with drugs and alcohol is not a great combination.

She is widely known for showing up at award shows and major Hollywood events, rocking the red carpet in a very dominant and most of the time inappropriate way. Often times she showed up with holes (no pun intended) in her clothes, accidentally exposing body parts that no one wanted to see, and appearing as if she hasn't showered.

Then, in 2011 it seemed as if almost a new woman emerged. She began dressing in a classy manner, pearls and all! We hope that this is a sign she is getting her life in order, sometimes all a woman needs is a good wardrobe change!

1 Jonah Hill

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Funny man Jonah Hill made his big debut on the big screen in 2004 in the movie I Heart Huckabees, but is mostly known for his comedic voice and at that time, being the overweight sidekick. He continued to be widely recognized for roles in huge blockbusters such as Evan Almighty and Superbad, but the real fame came with losing all the extra weight and emerging as a polished actor ready to make his mark on Hollywood.

Through the experience of losing the weight, he was open about his struggle dealing with the thought that he may not be considered the “funny guy” anymore since he looks different. His fans have proved many times over that we love Jonah no matter what he looks like.

In 2013, he took on the biggest film of his career in The Wolf of Wall Street, and proved to us again that he is an amazing actor, comedian, and accepted no matter how he looks.

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