5 Celebrity Couples Who Split Up Then Reconciled

Hollywood has the reputation for being an environment in which marriages, and long-term relationships, are nearly impossible to sustain. Marriage itself can be difficult, without the pressure of trying to maintain a long-distance romance while a spouse is filming on location and constantly being exposed to temptation. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but it can also make resolve grow weaker.

For actors, time spent apart from their mate and the act of simulating love, even sex, with an attractive new partner on set can be a recipe for relationship disaster. The relationships of music entertainer’s do not fare better due to the constant travel required for performances, and exposure to drugs, alcohol and groupies. Tabloid rumors of indiscretions can rock the solidarity of a relationship by exposing salacious details before the issue can be properly addressed at home. It is no wonder why few Hollywood marriages survive.

While the latest love triangles and stories of celebrity splits play out publicly in the media, there are some star couples quietly working toward mending their relationships. Some have separated, even legally filed for divorce, but ultimately decided that divorce was not the solution to resolving their marital woes. Some have rebuilt their relationship after divorce.

From a showbiz couple that shocked fans and the entertainment industry by splitting after 30 years of marriage, to an aging superstar and his actress wife who were recently spotted together and never stopped sporting their wedding rings despite their high-profile separation, we’ll cover the Hollywood couples that publicly split and then reunited.

Here is a list of 5 Celebrity couples who have reconciled:

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5 Dennis Quaid & Kimberly Buffington-Quaid

In November of 2012, Actor Dennis Quaid filed for divorce from his third wife, Kimberly Buffington-Quaid. His petition came six weeks after his wife filed for legal separation. Introduced in 2003 by a mutual friend, the couple married in 2004. Though they survived an accidental heparin overdose of their newborn twins at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in 2007, which nearly led to their deaths, the marriage could not withstand his rumored infidelity.

In March of 2013, stories of a possible reconciliation began circulating. Their divorce was so far in the proceedings that they were unable to legally withdraw the petition and had to wait for the divorce to be dismissed by a judge. This marks the second time the couple has reconciled after initiating divorce proceedings. A divorce petition filed by Kimberly was withdrawn in May of 2012. Dennis divorced actress P.J. Soles in 1983 and actress Meg Ryan in 2001.

4 Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

After publicly announcing their split in August of 2013, Michael Douglas made it clear to the media that he was open to reconciliation with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. In October of 2013 he told E! News things were looking “onwards & upwards” with his wife. Zeta-Jones has since moved back into their apartment in Central Park West. Last month, they were spotted vacationing in Quebec, Canada with their two children (Dylan, 13, Carys, 10).

The couple started dating in 1999, after being introduced to each other by Danny DeVito at a film festival. They share the same birthday and have been married for 13 years. In recent years, Douglas has received chemotherapy and radiation treatment for tongue cancer and Zeta Jones was hospitalized twice for the treatment of bipolar II disorder. It is widely speculated that health issues caused a strain on the marriage.

3 Eminem & Kim Scott Mathers

Eminem has reportedly reconciled with his ex-wife Kim Scott Mathers. After divorcing in 2001, the couple remarried and divorced again in 2006 due to drug use and infidelity issues. Mathers was the subject of Eminem's rage in “Kim,” an infamous song where he fantasizes about murdering her.

Eminem's former mother-in-law has made public claims that her daughter has been drug-free for years and has mended her relationship with Eminem. He is currently building his ex-wife a mansion just 5 miles from where he resides in Macomb, Michigan, which has helped to fuel the rumors. The couple met as teenagers and share a daughter (Hailie, 17). They were last seen together late last year at a high school event for their daughter.

2 Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman

In a surprise turn of events, Danny DeVito and wife of 30 years, Rhea Perlman, publicly announced that they were calling it quits in October of 2012. News of the separation stirred up cheating allegations involving DeVito. But just five months later, the two called off the separation and stated that they were working on their marriage.

DeVito and Perlman met in 1970, at an off-Broadway play DeVito was starring in. They  later married in 1982 and share three adult children (Daniel, 25, Grace, 27, and Lucy, 29). The couple famously starred in the long-running television series 'Taxi’ together. A source close to the couple stated that DeVito has lavished his wife with gifts and attention since their brief separation in hopes of avoiding divorce. The couple is reportedly still united.

1 Billy Ray Cyrus & Tish Cyrus

In July of 2013, Billy Ray Cyrus and wife Tish called off their divorce for the second time. Tish first filed for divorce in 2010 and called it off months later.The couple filed for divorce again in June of 2013, citing “irreconcilable differences,” but decided to work on their 22-year marriage instead. They share three children together (Miley, 22, Braison, 19, and Noah, 14).

Billy Ray admitted there was tension in the family caused by his interview with People magazine. During the interview, he blamed his famous daughter’s television series ‘Hannah Montana’ for ruining his family and stated that Miley Cyrus surrounded herself with dangerous people. He has since retracted his statements and confirmed he wants to repair his family.

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