5 Beautiful Destinations For Second Time Honeymooning

The day was perfect and the dress was fabulous. Following the wedding, the honeymoon was the trip of a lifetime. Simply the bride and groom walking along the beautiful white sands; with the visual beauty of perfectly clear waters. No kids to worry about yet, no bills, and not a care in the world. There is nothing like the perfect honeymoon. Except maybe a second honeymoon. Sometimes we all need a vacation and every now and then it would be nice to go with your “significant other” without bringing along the children. We all love our kids, but being together with your one and only is very desirable and there are places that actually prefer that you don’t bring them along. Those places are essentially designed predominantly for couples. Here are a list of romantic destinations; where there are no worries of finding a babysitter, having to hear the screaming of a baby nearby while having a romantic dinner, or even taking a swim in the private pool without being concerned about small children attempting to splish and splash.

5 Visiting Striking Destinations Aboard Serenity, Crystal Cruises

Although it is difficult to find a cruise designed specifically for adults or couples, boarding a large vessel at sea is one of the best vacations a couple can take. Sometimes a vacation is best when visiting more than one place, and taking a cruise to many different ports can create a way to visit many sites without having to spend a fortune. There is no need to pack and unpack several times, just hop aboard the Serenity Cruise and you only need to unpack once. The larger than a New York skyscraper cruise ship will take you to each destination without having to worry about boarding a plane.

Most cruise lines (including this one) will include all meals and entertainment on the ship with the cost of your ticket. For a seven day excursion, be expecting to pay between $700 a night, all the way up to $10,000 for a balcony suite. The cost of alcoholic beverages and soda drinks are also extra. Tipping is expected for the maids, waiters and anyone else who helps you during your stay, so make sure to bring small bills so you can tip the people who try to make your stay enjoyable.

4 Breathtaking Views at Jade Mountain in the Caribbean Islands

For those who are looking for an exquisite island retreat, Jade Mountain in St. Lucia has the perfect spot. It was designed by the architect, Nick Troubetzkoy, who believed that the buildings should incorporate the feeling of nature into his designs. With open-sided rooms looking onto the beautiful mountains and two soft sand beaches, Jade Mountain makes for the perfect holiday away from home. Jade Mountain is completely free of televisions, radios and cell phones, so it is the ideal place to relax and truly escape the “real world,” if even for a moment. They do, however, have wireless internet access in the separate private sanctuaries of each couple, if asked. Each private sanctuary is created to be different, with fifteen foot ceilings and every room is unique, to accommodate the needs and creativity of each couple who vacations there.

Having won the Travel and Leisure’s award in the category for “World’s Best Caribbean Resorts and Hotels” for 2012 and 2013, Jade Mountain in St. Lucia is obviously considered one of the best adults-only vacation spots in the world. It is definitely the place to go if you want to stay busy while on your much-needed vacation. From yoga early in the morning to watching the whales or even scheduling a zip-lining excursion, Jade Mountain appears to have something for just about everyone. Jade Mountain’s award-winning celebrity chef, Allen Susser, creates what he calls “Jade Cuisine” for those who vacation at this five-star resort. A rate for one of these stunning hotel rooms run from $1025-$3100 a night, and that includes two people for one room. Other fees are added on to the rates, including “Value Added Tax,” and a 10% service charge. If you would like to have breakfast and dinner included in your total price, add an extra $90 a day ( per person). This second honeymoon experience can definitely cost a little more than your first, but after seeing the beautiful, scenic views from the hotel room and after sitting in the hot tubs with a gorgeous mountain in the not-so-far distance, it appears to be well worth the price.

3 Going Where Celebrities Vacation on a Private Island

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have this second honeymoon figured out. The couple made Song Saa their private island getaway several years ago; shortly after Jolie finished filming Tomb Raider in Angkor Wat, which was filmed nearby. Song Saa is part of the 48 ½ mile-long Koh Rong Islands and has quite risen in popularity, ever since the famous couple had gained attention by vacationing at this spot. Although Song Saa isn’t exactly adults-only, it is still considered an exquisite romantic getaway. The name itself is Cambodian for “the sweethearts.” Every room comes with a private swimming pool, as well, so there will be no children splashing around and jumping in next to you, unless you invite them to do so.

This $1600 a night, top of the line Song Saa resort is rated five stars when it comes to sleep quality, cleanliness and the rooms that were available. Four stars were used for the overall value of Song Saa and four and half for service and location. Included in that $1600 per night stay are several amenities that should not be overlooked. One being the indulgence of the nearby rainforest and spa that is a special treat to all of the guests.

2 Taking It Easy at Couples Negril, Jamaica

Visiting the most expensive, luxurious hotel isn't always everyone’s “cup of tea,” so to accommodate, there is Couples Negril. Located on the island of Jamaica, Couples Negril offers a nice, relaxing getaway for two. The hotel offers an all-inclusive package that starts at $338 per couple, per night. Although previous guests have said that some of the rooms and furniture are outdated, it certainly “adds to the charm of the country” and can be overlooked by someone who isn't looking for lavish surroundings. This hotel won the Certificate of Excellence award in 2013 and is owned and even managed by local Jamaicans.

For just a little more than $300 a night, Couples Negril seems to be an extraordinary deal.  Included in the price are complimentary excursions, which include trips to local bars, scuba diving, a sunset cruise and a trip on a glass bottom boat. Inside the hotel resort, they have a policy that states that no tips are allowed, except for the spa and salon services and even there, it is not mandatory and they prefer that you are discreet about it. This is a time-saver, as you are not digging for small bills while trying to enjoy your vacation. A nice thank-you note is more than welcome, though.

1 Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa, St. Johns, Antigua

Sandals has a variety of resorts particularly dedicated to couples and most of which are all-inclusive. Their Grande Antigua Resort and Spa in St. Johns, Antigua tops the list. Being voted the World’s Leading Honeymoon Resort two years in a row, along with having won the Certificate of Excellence in 2013 by tripadvisor, couples can be sure to enjoy their romantic second honeymoon experience.

Averaging $300 a night per person, Sandals Grande is all-inclusive. This means that everything from your room stay, island excursions (such as scuba diving and waterskiing), golf outings and even your own private butler are included in the price. There are private pools, a long private beach and four whirlpools for guests who just want to relax and unwind. When arriving at Sandals resorts, there is no need to worry about having enough money for tips, food, or even for all of the luxuries that the resort offers. Sandals tops the list because of superior service and for getting the most “bang for your buck.” Included in the flat price you pay, you receive your entertainment, alcoholic beverages, tours, drinks, all of your meals and best of all, relaxation away from the real world.

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