15 Times The Kardashians Were The Worst Parents In The World

The Kardashians are a well-known family to most people these days, especially young women and men. They are seen on television, magazines, and all over social media. Pretty much, they’re everywhere. The Kardashians have grown a lot since their reality show first started. The amount of relationships, kids, wealth accumulation, countless plastic surgeries— you name it!

Now, the younger generation of the Kardashians are also here (North, Saint, Mason, Penelope, and Reign). With all that fame and money, do you think the Kardashians are mature enough to handle parenthood as well? Not only providing the bare necessities like feeding their children and giving them shelter but, being a role model for their kids, spending time with them, teaching them right from wrong. You know, how regular parents would like to raise their kids. Or, does it seem like the vanity, fame and money gets in the way of the attention they should be giving their children?

The Kardashians have millions of followers who use them as an inspiration in many aspects of their life. However, after seeing these 15 times the Kardashians were terrible parents, it's doubtful that anyone would want to follow their ways as an inspiration for parenting.

15 Nude Photoshoots

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The Kardashian sisters, especially Kim Kardashian is well known for nude shoots. It’s understandable when she did this while she was unmarried and had no kids. But, even after being married and with two kids, Kim still has no regrets posting naked selfies she takes of herself on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Who is she really trying to impress with these? The only person she should think to impress, in private of course, is her husband Kanye West. North and Saint are very young right now, however, when they do grow up, they may be ashamed finding out about these pictures their mother has been posting. There was also a recent incident that the media just ate up, where Kanye was trying to fix the neckline of Kim's tank top as too much cleavage was showing. He should think of fixing up her nude pictures as well and tell her to focus on her kids instead of showing her nude self to the public.

14 Accessorize Them

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The Kardashians are probably the only ones who treat their kids like accessories. Of course, they want to be in the main focus of the media so why not bring the kids as an accessory? Have you noticed how upset these kids always look in almost every photo? This is easily due to the clothes they are put in, which will be spoken about more about later on. But Kim especially likes to match little North to herself, so that it enhances the way she looks in front of media as a “mom”. She may have learned this from her mother Kris Jenner. Obviously children follow their mother’s ways. Who knows, in the future, North and Penelope may treat their kids the same way as well. It’s never-ending with the Kardashians.

13 Party First, Parent Later

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Parents should be spending as much time as they can with kids. When they are young, it is an essential time for parents to teach their kids all that they know. To show them care and love, so that they grow up to feel their parents’ love and support. The Kardashian moms, though, are busy bees, just like a lot of other moms as well. But the difference is, the Kardashians, again mainly Kim, do not spend enough time with their children. And no, carrying them around everywhere you go is not the same as spending quality time with them. The Kardashians love going out and partying as if they are still in college, without their kids. Even on the show, it can be seen that even when the kids are around, the Kardashians spend all their time talking to each other rather than sitting down and playing with their kids for more than just a few seconds.

12 Daddy’s In Rehab

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Although Scott is not really a Kardashian by name, he still is Kourtney’s “better” half and has three kids with her. He does spend most of his time with the Kardashians, whether it is Kourtney, Kris, Rob or any of the other sisters. Dads are seen as a hero in their child’s eyes especially for young boys. Scott, having two boys, Mason and Reign, and one girl, Penelope, he should making an effort to be a good father for his children. However, Scott has had an addiction and alcohol problem for a good while now. With having their dad having an addiction problem and in rehab, is not a good image for a dad to show to his children. Especially when they see him in such a state. It’s not someone he would want his kids to remember him as. Hopefully, Reign and Mason don’t follow Scott’s footsteps with this and can at least admire the fact that he even bothered to go to rehab and make an attempt at overcoming his addiction.

11 Home-Cooked Meals Are Overrated

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Whether child or adult, everyone likes to eat out from time to time. But there's nothing quite like a fresh home-cooked meal. The Kardashians seem to be lacking in this. Mothers and fathers cook food with love and affection for their children and family. Never were the Kardashian moms seen actually cooking their own food for their kids. Not all parents have time to cook all the time, they can get caught up with their work, but as for the Kardashians, they get caught up taking selfies. They love their kids, no doubt about that, but they should maybe think of staying home and cooking for their kids. It’s okay if they miss a workout or two. Caitlyn’s mom also says “Kris Jenner was an absentee mom to Kendall and Kylie”. She claims that their mom never cooked and always just ran out with her friends to restaurants. Of course, every mom loves her children, but taking time to provide them with cooked meals is also a responsibility of parents.

10 Let Her Fall

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It is a fact that kids are clumsy and tend to fall— a lot. But it’s the responsibility of a parent to keep their eyes on their kids at all times. Especially when their kids are so young. There were a number of incidents where North fell and Kim would be too into looking her best for the media, or too into her phone, to even notice. These falls may have not been serious where North got hurt. However, if one day Kim is not paying attention to her kids being too into herself and her phone (as always), they may fall and get seriously hurt. Don't know what mommy Kris taught all her daughters, but it doesn’t seem like she taught them well enough about keeping their eyes on their kids, looking at Kim.

9 Paparazzi

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Paparazzi are always after the Kardashians— clearly. The Kardashians seem to love it though. It is obviously an opportunity for them to show off their outfits, where they’re going, and most importantly– their beautifully accessorized kids. Paparazzi can create huge crowds and make things very uncomfortable for even adults, so imagine kids having to walk through that or, even being carried through that mass of cameras and strangers. Yet, the Kardashians still choose to bring their kids through paparazzi as if it’s nothing for them. There’s a video of North actually telling the paparazzi, “no pictures”. This shows how much experience she had with paparazzi from such a young age, that she finally learned to speak and refuse it herself. Mason, now the oldest grandchild of the Kardashians, walks through them like it’s nothing. Guess he learned the Kardashian way to go.

8 Mother’s Favorite Daughter

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Only in the Kardashian family will a mother tell her children who her favorite child is. Kris Jenner was not one bit ashamed telling Kourtney and Khloé that Kim is the prettiest sister out of them. Moms would mostly treat all kids the same– well, that’s what they say. But Kris isn’t afraid to be open about which of her children she thinks looks the best, and which is her favorite. Kris' favoritism towards Kim has always been evident, and was so obvious that even Khloé and Kourtney would acknowledge it. How much more of a bad mother can one be telling her kids they aren’t as pretty as another child and being totally fine with it. This would only be considered completely normal in the Kardashian household. If anyone wants to learn bad parenting skills, make your way to Kris Jenner.

7 Take My Daughter’s Number

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Although Khloé and Lamar have been separated for quite some time, she's been through a hell of a ride with him and is clearly exhausted. Kris Jenner has stuck with Khloé through all her down times with Lamar and has seen for herself how much it affected her daughter. Despite Khloé trying to move on with her life after Lamar, and proceed with their divorce, Kris gives Lamar her daughter’s new number. Before this, Kris had been in contact with Lamar through text and FaceTime. Maybe she thought she was doing good for Lamar? Not that this should matter after knowing what her daughter had been through. Maybe Kris just fails to think through situations. It didn't seem like a big deal to Kris even after Kim and Khloé confronted her about it.

6 Mother-Daughter Outfits

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Kim and Kourtney love to match outfits with their daughters. While it is cute to see mothers and daughters matching on occasions, they seem to forget that their daughters are still very young. These Kardashian women dress their kids in clothes so uncomfortable for toddlers who are already irritable. Mostly North, is dressed in prickly and tight clothing and has to endure fabrics no child should be aware of at that age. This is seen in a lot of pictures of Kim carrying North in her designer outfits where North does not look pleased at all. Yes, all mothers would want their kids dressed nicely, but they need to take into account that when you're this young, comfort beats looks— or it should.

5 Where's Daddy?

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Kourtney loves her kids. Or does she just love having kids? That’s something to think about. But as for her three kids now, they are always with her. Which is actually what moms would love to do– be with her children. However, what about dad? Kourtney kicks Scott out of the house multiple times a week not realizing how much it could affect the children. Kourtney may believe she doesn’t need Scott– she probably doesn't. But, her children definitely do. There were times Mason even asked Kourtney where his dad was and Kourtney would stumble upon her words to give him an appropriate answer. Scott living continuously for a few weeks with the kids, and then disappearing for another few weeks does not take a good toll on the children. It’s about time for Kourtney to give some daddy time to her kids and Scott as well and put aside her personal issues with him.

4 Mommy Left Me

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As said previously, it is known that Kim is very into her phone and into herself. Making herself look good in front of the media and editing her selfies on her phone to make herself look as flawless as possible. But, can you believe Kim forgot her daughter, North, when she checked out of her Paris hotel? She came out and made her way to the SUV before she realized she forgot her prized accessory and walked back in and then came out with North in her arms. Mothers do forget many things as they have so much on their plate. But forgetting your child is wrong on a whole other level. She later tried to cover up and said that she needed to fix an issue with the car seat before bringing out North. Who knows what really happened...

3 My Tooth Fairy Is Richer Than Yours

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Some children have the benefit of the “tooth fairy” visiting them when they lose a tooth. Mason, one of the Kardashian kids, did not only get this lovely visit, but he also got $100. At most, a kid may get $5 for a lost tooth under their pillow. But no, the Kardashian kids earn $100 for losing teeth. Their approach is flawed in so many ways. What happened to teaching children the value of a dollar? Instead, the Kardashian children (like the Kardashian adults) will just learn that money basically grows on trees and they don't ned to work it. Oh wait, the Kardashians didn’t really work hard for their money in the first place. So how could they teach their children that?

2 It Runs In The Family

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Kris Jenner was always into her business, fashion, and earning money. She may be a good manager, but the role of a mother has completely gone over her head. Parents should essentially give children guidelines and rules to follow. Not to be confused with unrealistic standards and severity, but they do need a balance between freedom and independence, and rules and discipline. Looking at how the Kardashians are, running away, the ‘sex video’, dating whoever, and more, it goes to show how careless Kris and Caitlyn were. Rob went into a depression and disappeared for a few years, which Kris had no sense of worry about. Rob's and Kylie's current partners Chyna and Tyga were once a couple and have a kid together as well. Responsible parents would have taught their kids not to take relationships lightly and respect one another. Instead of saying an occasional "no", Kris supports everything her kids do— good or bad.

1 Baby For Rob & Chyna

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Rob Kardashian, the only brother of the Kardashian sisters, is having a baby soon with Blac Chyna. Although the baby is not born yet, both Rob and Chyna seem to be lacking the 'parent' trait. Rob and Chyna are constantly arguing like little teenagers for things only high school kids would fight about. Chyna is quite similar to Kourtney actually, just throwing Rob out of the house a few times a week as Kourtney does to Scott. How many more times is Rob likely to get kicked out after the baby is born? Parents argue— it's unavoidable. But, the way they argue, especially Chyna screaming at the top of her lungs like she's lost her marbles can really affect their baby.

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