15 Of The Richest Celebs To Have Babies In 2014

It's been just a short time since we said goodbye to 2014. The thing that probably stands out the most is the alarming number of shocking and downright negative things that happened in the year. The year brought us the Ferguson riots and the fallout that happened shortly after as a result, allegations of sexual abuse against legendary comedian Bill Cosby, a rather high number of celebrity deaths that included Robin Williams and Maya Angelou, a number of scares from the ISIS terrorist organization, and the threat of war from North Korea over a James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy. Looking back, it doesn't seem like the most positive year to go down in the history books.

On the other hand, a lot of good things did happen this year. There were huge strides on a global level concerning gay rights, a number of American states saw an increase in minimum wage and the highest job growth since 1999, the ice bucket challenge raised millions of dollars and created serious awareness for a good cause, and a global agreement on climate change was reached. Furthermore, even though we saw a relatively high number of deaths among entertainers in 2014, we also saw a large number of births from the people who keep us entertained. In the spirit of keeping things positive, let's look at the richest celebrities who welcomed new life into the world last year.

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15 Emily Blunt


Net Worth:  $16 Million

Emily Blunt is best known for roles in a number of popular films like Looper, The Five Year Engagement, and most recently Into the Woods. You should also check her out in the highly acclaimed but severely over looked Edge of Tomorrow. You probably know her husband John Krasinski best for his role as prankster Jim Halpert from the hit NBC series The Office. On February 16th of 2014, Emily and John welcomed their daughter Hazel Krasinski into the world. Hazel is the first child for Emily and John.

14 Ciara


Net Worth: $16 Million

Ciara is a multi-talented performer that started a musical career in the girl group Hearsay. However, Ciara is best known for her solo career that blew up shortly after the group disbanded. She is best known for her hits "I'm Out" with Nicki Minaj, "Love Sex Magic" with Justin Timberlake, and "Body Party".

Ciara and her fiance, the rapper and producer known as Future, welcomed a baby boy into the world on May 19th of 2014. The child is Ciara's first and Future's fourth. The child was named Future after the father.

13 Kevin Jonas


Net Worth $16 Million

It was only a matter of time before the members of the Jonas Brothers started growing up, getting married, and having children. Kevin Jonas is the oldest brother in the band composed of three brothers. They are best known for a number of top 40 hits that included "Burnin' Up", "Tonight", and "A Little Bit Longer". Kevin and his wife Danielle were married in December of 2009 and they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Alena Rose, into the world on February 2nd of 2014. There was a little bit of a controversy around the birth since the birth announcement was released in a Tweet sponsored by Dreft detergent. A number of people didn't like the idea of a newborn baby being used as a corporate symbol and a means of making some quick cash.

12 Pete Wentz


Net Worth: $18 Million

Pete Wentz is best known for his work as the bassist for the rock band Fallout Boy who are best known for their hits "Dance Dance", and "Sugar We're Going Down Swinging".

On August 20th of 2014, Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III (yes, that is his real name!) helped his girlfriend Meagan Camper deliver their new baby boy, Saint Lazslo Wentz into the world. Saint Lazslo is Pete's second son. His first son, Bronx Mowgli Wentz, was brought into the world with ex-wife and fellow musician Ashlee Simpson.

Apparently, the doctor that delivered the child told Pete in the hospital room that he was going to help him deliver the baby. Wentz thought that he wasn't ready, but buckled down and helped deliver.

11 Jason Biggs


Net Worth: $22 Million

Jason Biggs has most recently been seen as Larry Bloom on the extremely popular comedy/drama Orange Is the New Black that airs exclusively on Netflix in season long blocks that are perfect for binge watching. Biggs is probably best known for his role in the American Pie series of films. Jason Biggs is married to actress Jenny Mollen, seen most recently in stints on the television shows Wilfred and Girls. Biggs and Mollen married in 2008. Their first child, Sid Biggs, was born on February 15th of 2014. Biggs and Mollen had been pregnant prior to their marriage, but that baby was unfortunately never born as the result of a miscarriage.

10 Kelly Clarkson


Net Worth: $29 Million

Kelly Clarkson will always be remembered as not only the first contestant to ever win American Idol, but she is arguably one of the most successful stars to come out of all of the winners that followed as well. Some of her biggest hits are "Breakaway", "Behind These Hazel Eyes", and "Since U Been Gone". In fact, every single from her album Breakaway became international hits and she's never really slowed down.

Clarkson welcomed her first child with husband Brandon Blackstock into the world on June 11th of 2014. The couple named their daughter River Rose Blackstock,

9 Kelly Rowland


Net Worth: $30 Million

Kelly Rowland is best known for her musical career. She was in Destiny's Child alongside Beyonce Knowles. The group had a number of hits, as did Rowland after her departure when she started a solo career and began producing with other big names in the industry. Rowland also made the jump to film and television with roles in a number of films and television sit-coms.

Rowland welcomed her first child into the world on November 4th of 2014. Her son Titan Jewell Witherspoon is Rowland's first child. The baby's father is Kelly's husband and manager Tim Witherspoon.

8 Mila Kunis


Net Worth: $30 Million

Who would have thought that the actress and actor that played high school sweethearts Jackie and Kelso on the hit comedy That 70's Show would actually get together in real life, years after the show went off the air, and start having children?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcomed their first child into the world on October 2nd of 2014. The couple decided to go the route of having a natural birth. The couple named their new daughter Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher.

Granted, both parents are rather wealthy, but we're giving the nod on the list to Mila since she did most of the work!

7 Scarlett Johansson


Net Worth: $55 Million

Scarlett Johansson is on top of the world these days. Her film Lucy grossed almost half of a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. Of course Scarlett is no stranger to hugely successful box office films due to her linchpin role of Black Widow that has spanned across several Marvel movies. She will also be seen in the upcoming live-action version of The Jungle Book and she's recently been picked for the lead role in a live-action take on the anime Ghost in the Shell.

Scarlett and her French fiance Romain Dauriac welcomed their new daughter Rose into the world in September of 2014. Rose is Scarlett's first child.

6 Gwen Stefani


Net Worth: $80 Million

We all know Gwen Stefani from her days as the front-woman for the band No Doubt, and for her very successful solo career in music as well. Her long-time husband Gavin Rossdale is best known as the front-man for the band Bush, a band that saw its greatest successes in the 1990's with hits like "Glycerine", "Everything Zen", and "Comedown".

Gwen and Gavin have been married for almost thirteen years and the couple has already had two children before welcomed their third son Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale into the world on February 28th of 2014. In keeping with the idea that celebrities are supposed to give their children interesting and unique names, their previous children are named Zuma and Kingston.

5 Christina Aguilera


Net Worth: $100 Million

4 Bruce Willis


Net Worth: $180 Million

Bruce Willis is probably one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, usually doing multiple films in a year. His most recent films are Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and R.E.D. 2, but we will always know him best as John McClane from the mega-popular Die Hard franchise.

Willis and wife Emma Heming-Willis welcomed their second child, Evelyn, into the world on May 5th of 2014. Evelyn is the couple's second child after their first daughter Mabel. Mabel is Bruce's fifth daughter. He has had three girls named Tallulah, Rumor, and Scout, with ex-wife Demi Moore.

3 Robbie Williams


Net Worth: $200 Million

Robbie Williams is a well-known musician with a number of international hits. He first rose to fame with the boy band Take That, a group that saw a lot of fame with their hits "Could It Be Magic" and "I Want You Back". Williams then saw a lot of fame as a solo artist after he left the group over conflicts with other band members. One of William's biggest solo hits is "Millenium" from the album The Ego Has Landed.

Williams welcomed his second child with wife Ayda Field into the world on October 27th of 2014. The two decided to name their new son Charlton Valentine Williams. Their first daughter is Theodora Rose Williams.

2 Roger Federer


Net Worth: $300 Million

Unless you follow the game of tennis, you might not know who one of our top three richest celebrities to have babies in 2014 is. Federer is a Swiss tennis player that is actually ranked as the number two tennis player in the entire world. This accomplishment might pale in comparison to having welcoming not one, but two children into the world on May 6th of 2014. Believe it or not, this set of twin boys is actually the second set of twins that Roger Federer and wife Mirka Federer welcomed into the world. Their first set of twins was a pair of girls named Myla and Charlene.

1 Simon Cowell


Net Worth: $550 Million

Simon Cowell comes in as the richest celebrity parent of 2014 with a whopping net worth of over half of a billion dollars. We all know Cowell best for his excessively rude (but highly entertaining) commentaries that he gives to aspiring performers on his talent hows American Idol and The X Factor, both of which are American versions of shows he had already seen success with in the UK.

Simon apparently waited to have children until he was sure he was ready, as Simon was 54-years-old when he and Lauren Silverman welcomed son Eric Cowell, Simon's first child, into the world on Valentine's Day of 2014. Eric was named for Simon Cowell's late father.

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