14 Of The Sexiest Carl's Jr. Girls

Carl's Jr. television ads have gotten much deserved attention over the last decade. Los Angeles-based ad agency, 72andSunny, is responsible for "sexing Carl's up" with highly erotic TV spots that feature barely-clad, gorgeous models, actresses and reality TV stars. Oh yes, and the ads also feature burgers, salads, sausages and sandwiches from Carl's Jr.

CKE Restaurants is the parent company for both Hardee's and Carl's Jr. and was not happy with former El Segundo advertising agency, David & Goliath, so they jumped ship after only one year. Industry rumors say David & Goliath just didn't use sex enough, in keeping with their former campaigns.

According to the Orange County Register, CKE Restaurants moved to 72andSunny after their winning creative team was hired away from Mendelsohn/Zien.

Well, 72andSunny, evidently have no problem getting back into the sexy groove. This year's Super Bowl Carl's Jr. ad was so suggestive, it was banned by the NFL. We have included it in this list, so you can see what you missed. Check out our sexy list of 15 Carl's Jr. ad photos you will love.

Note: Carl's Jr. and Hardee's are both represented in some of the television commercials as they are both owned by CKE Restaurants. For ease in understanding, however, we only refer to Carl's Jr..

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14 Heidi Klum - Jim Beam Bourbon Burger

Via; www.nydailynews.com

13 Jenny McCarthy - Cranberry Apple Walnut Grilled Chicken Salad

Via: www.usmagazine.com

Actress, activist, host, author and model, Jenny McCarthy, was featured in this sexy 2013 Cranberry Apple Walnut Grilled Chicken Salad television commercial. We get to watch Jenny slowly pouring the dressing over the salad and then seductively eat it with her fingers. She is not dainty about it - in fact, she is quite aggressive toward the end.

She never says a word, but the commercial's tagline says it all, Forget You're Eating a Salad. We're sure the salad is not the main attraction, but if anything is going to get people to buy and eat salads, this commercial surely does it.

12 Hannah Ferguson - I Love Texas - BBQ Thickburger

Photo via: plus.google.com

Paris Hilton actually appears at the end of this television spot. But we can assure you, no one is looking at her. The spotlight is on supermodel Hannah Ferguson who is involved in washing a very dirty truck in her black bikini, black boots and long flowing hair. Hannah is quite adept at car-washing and manages to keep viewers watching her every action.

Lucky for Carl's Jr., she takes a couple of thickburger breaks on top of the car or viewers might forget the purpose of the commercial. When Paris joins her in her black bikini, both ladies take a delectable break.

11 Cameron Richardson - Western-Bacon Six-Dollar Burger

She was an unknown model at the time, but Cameron Richardson became known for this super sexy, one-handed ride on a mechanical bull. With arched back, she manages to ride the bull in a familiar thrusting motion while she enjoys the huge Western-Bacon Burger held loosely in her other hand.

Since the 2006 television commercial, Cameron has been working her way into films and television, including roles in Shameless, CSI and The Lottery.

10 Paris Hilton - Spicy BBQ Burger

Via: www.nydailynews.com

Paris Hilton was definitely the star in this Carl's Jr. ad. It was one of the earlier sex-burger ads that ran in 2005. It was banned from TV, although it was seen in several other places. In fact, there was no one who didn't see it. In honor of the iconic spot, Hilton was cast in the cameo role at the end of Hannah Ferguson's over-the-top BBQ Thickburger ad.

9 Kate Upton - Southwest Patty Melt

Via; www.pitchengine.com.au

Supermodel, Kate Upton, is positioned as though she is in the middle of  getting hot and heavy with the Carl's Jr. bag and burger. She has bed-head, legs apart, severe cleavage and is "going at it" with gusto. According to an article written in the Business Insider in 2012, when this ad ran, Carl's Jr. experienced an 83 percent increase on their website, in addition to a serious spike in social media followers.

8 Katherine Webb - Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger

Via: www.nydailynews.com

According to USA Today, the former Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb, had to eat 40 cold hamburgers while shooting the sexy-hot Carl's Jr. TV commercial. She was a trooper, particularly considering the ad was shot between midnight and six in the morning. Although she doesn't seem to mind the long hours, telling the Daily News “A year ago I never would have imagined it. To be a part of the legacy and to know how nationally known the commercial is is so cool and so neat, I have trouble believing that it’s me."

7 Kim Kardashian - Cranberry, Apple, Walnut Grilled Chicken Salad

Via: www.youtube.com

This 2009 television spot highlighted Carl's new gourmet Grilled Chicken Salad eaten by Kim Kardashian, who is gingerly laying on her bed. Of course, she eats the salad with her fingers while the salad dressing drips. Close up on cleavage and lips. According to a company spokesperson, this ad series is targeted toward "young, hungry guys 18-34".

6 Bar Paly - Mile High Bacon ThickBurger

Sexy Bar leans over and asks the stranger if he wants to join the Mile High Club. He readily agrees and she whips out two jumbo-sized Carl's Jr. Mile High Bacon Thickburgers to his surprise. Bar Paly is an Israeli actress who lives in L.A.. It seems Carl's has done as much for Bar's fame as she has done for the burger chain.

5 Padma Lakshmi - Western Bacon Six Dollar Cheeseburger

Via: www.fashionwindows.net

Top Chef host, Padma, is a class act who has attracted the attention of men everywhere. She is sexy, smart and sits on a stoop, legs apart, eating a burger in slow motion. It is food porn at its finest and uses one of our favorite food gurus as its presenter. Padma appeals to men and women, as she is very direct, professional and elegant in all of her public appearances.

4 Audrina Patridge - Teriyaki Burger

Photo via: nydailynews.co

That gold bathing suit is amazing and attracted both men and fashion-forward women alike. Audrina Patridge was a recurring co-star in The Hills, a reality show that lasted six seasons. She definitely rocks this commercial and this 2009 television spot increased Teriyaki Burger sales, according to a company spokesperson.

Audrina recently became the host of NBC's late night show about travel, 1st Look.

3 Ashley Hartman - Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

This 2007 ad promised to get Ashley's career on track, but it did more for the burger chain than it did for her. Donned in Daisy Duke shorts, former American Idol contestant Ashley Hartman starred in this Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich television commercial.

After coming in 32nd on the 2003 season of American Idol, Ashley started acting and hosting shows, such as MTV's Kiss and Tell: The Dos and Don'ts of Dating.

2 Emily Ratajkowski and Sara Jean Underwood - Memphis BBQ Burger 


Not to be outdone by other Carl's Jr. ads, this spot mixes girl-on-girl action with "younger girl" innocence. These two women look like they are about 16-years-old - but don't worry, they are well above legal age.  The 2012 commercial featured blond-haired Sara Underwood (30-year-old), who was the Playmate of the Year, and Emily Ratajkowski (23-year-old) from the television series ICarly.

The commercial was entitled "Best Pair" and was meant to introduce the new BBQ Burger at both Carl's Jr. and Hardee's - double entendre on the "best pair" concept.

1 Nina Agdal - Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich

Via; www.youtube.com

Sports Illustrated model, Nina Agdal, strolls along the beach - evidently still wet from a quick dip in the ocean. Good thing there was a Carl's Jr. nearby. The Danish supermodel has our attention in this 2013 television commercial that promotes the Char-broiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich - one of the healthiest-sounding menu items.

Later that year, Nina was selected as one of three Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover models for 2014, along with Chrissy Teigen and Lily Aldridge.

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