15 Celebs Who Shockingly Turn The Big 4-0 This Year

40 is an interesting age. You're not quite over the hill yet, but you're also not the vibrant young buck you used to be. For celebs, it's a very tricky age too. Usually at this age, you're already enj

40 is an interesting age. You're not quite over the hill yet, but you're also not the vibrant young buck you used to be. For celebs, it's a very tricky age too. Usually at this age, you're already enjoying a successful career and you're firmly established or things haven't gone so good and you're looking for a complete self reinvention. The following list has 15 celebs who turned 40 this year. Some of them are in the prime of the lives, others are complete work addicts and there are a few who have just had major milestones transpire in their lives. Take a look below ...

15 Eva Mendes


Eva Mendes is probably the envy of women all over the world right now. Not only is she a stunning actress with an impressive resume of movies including Hitch, The Other Guys, We Own The Night and The Place Beyond The Pines, but she also has one of the most coveted leading men to call her own. Eva’s significant other is Hollywood stud Ryan Gosling, and the two just recently had their first child. She still looks sizzling hot and it’s hard to believe she turned 40 this past March.

14 Leonardo Di Caprio


Leonardo Di Caprio is one of the leading actors of his generation, and there is a sterling catalog of movies to back this assertion. The Los Angeles native has starred in so many great movies: Titanic, The Departed, Gangs of New York, and of course Wolf of Wall Street. He even won an Oscar in 2004 for his role in the movie Aviator. Leonardo recently turned 40 this November, and he’s still very much at the top of his game.

13 Amy Adams 


In the last four years, Amy Adams has really differentiated herself as one of the elite actresses in Hollywood. She has turned in one stellar performance after the other in movies like The Fighter, The Master, Man of Steel and the Spike Jonze directed Her. She’s mostly known for playing dainty, adorable roles, but in the movie American Hustle, she proved that she can play tough gritty roles too. Next up she will be revisiting her role as Lois Lane in the highly anticipated Batman Vs Superman movie dropping in 2016. Amy Adams turned 40 this August.

12 Christian Bale


Christian Bale is one of the most gifted and dedicated actors working today. The Welsh talent has proven that he can take on any role and do complete justice to it. He is one of those talents who gives himself fully to every role, as he’s shown in films like The Machinist, Rescue Dawn, and The Fighter. But the reason Hollywood truly loves him is that he can also helm a blockbuster - as he showed with the Dark Knight Batman trilogy directed by Chris Nolan. Next you can see him in the biblical epic Exodus: Gods And Kings directed by Ridley Scott. Bale turned 40 this January.

11 Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is one of those rare acting prodigies in the realm of Hollywood. He has a mysterious and esoteric depth to his acting, and that’s what makes the roles he plays so consuming to the viewers. If you’ve seen movies he’s starred in like Gladiator, Her and The Master, then you know exactly what we mean. Next up, he’ll be starring in the movie Inherent Vice with a star-studded cast including Owen Wilson, Benicio Del Toro and Reese Witherspoon. Joaquin turned 40 this October.

10 Penelope Cruz


Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is one of the most beautiful women in the world. That’s just one of the facts of the world you should be willing to accept. It also doesn’t hurt that she has great acting chops too. She has shown her stunning good looks and expert acting skills in films like Vanilla Sky, Blow, Volver and Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and she has also been courted by the fashion world as well. To date, she has appeared in fashion campaigns for Mango and Ralph Lauren. It’s hard to believe that this stunning mother of two kids turned 40 in April.

9 Ryan Seacrest

Is there anyone in Hollywood who works harder than the ever-peppy Ryan Seacrest? He has a net worth of close to $300 million and he deserves every dollar of it. He is a tireless radio and television host, and one of the most successful television producers working today. He is one of the main reasons why we see so much of the Kardashians everywhere - Seacrest is the producer of the following E! network shows: Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. He’s also the new host of Dick Clark’s Rocking Eve. Where he finds all his energy, we don’t know. He is turning 40 on December 24th, but we have a feeling that age will never be able to slow this man down.

8  Victoria Beckham


If you were to scout around for one of the most together, stylish and loving celebrity families, then one of your top candidates would probably be the Beckham family. First off, when it comes to good looks alone, the Beckham family and their 4 children look like they were specifically made for a Bloomingdales or Burberry ad campaign. Perhaps, the most refreshing thing about this family is you never hear any sordid scandals or cheap publicity stunts coming from either Victoria or David. Victoria Beckham turned 40-yrs-old this past April and she’s certainly a class act.

7 Hillary Swank


There are not too many actresses who have won the Oscar for best actress more than once, but Hillary Swank can put that on her resume. She won two Academy awards for the movies Boys Don’t Cry and Million Dollar Baby. In both movies, she completely transformed herself – similar to what actors Christian Bale and Daniel Day-Lewis are able to do in their movies. The extremely gifted Nebraska native turned 40 this July.

6  Kate Moss

Of all the super models in the 90’s era, no one had more impact than the waifish and ultra-sexy Kate Moss. She has appeared in ads for the biggest fashion houses in the world: Gucci, David Yurman, Dolce & Gabbana, but it was her highly seductive Calvin Klein underwear commercials that really put her on the map. As a matter of fact, she was one of the main faces of the Heroin Chic look that was very big in that era. She just turned 40 this January, she has a daughter and she’s married to the equally stylish Jamie Hince of The Kills.

5  Jimmy Fallon

It’s been really inspiring to see the evolution and continuing success of Jimmy Fallon. From being a comedian on Saturday Night Live to hosting Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to being the host of The Tonight Show, his transformation is a great example of what hard work and creativity can do. It’s especially deserving after we saw the debacle that went down the first time when Jay Leno was supposed to hand the crown over to Conan O’ Brien. The hilarious Mr. Fallon turned 40 this past September.

4 Donald Faison


Donald Faison is one of the lovable, funny and jovial actors in Hollywood that you just want to invite home and have dinner and a beer with. He also had some very memorable roles in his long career. One of those was in the colossal, pop-culture hit Clueless in 1995. He then went on to star in the goofball medical comedy Scrubs along with the equally funny Zach Braff. The aforementioned show was on the air from 2001-2010, a long and successful run indeed. He is now married with 5 kids and the talented actor turned 40 in June.

3  Alanis Morisette

Alanis is one of the biggest music stars that Canada has ever produced. Her third studio album and debut international album Jagged Little Pill featured the super mega-hit You Oughta  Know and it also had other standout smashes like “Ironic” and “Head Over Feet.” The album sold more than 33 million albums and established her as genuine global star. Almost 20 years later, a lot has changed in Morisette’s world. On a recent interview with Oprah, she mentioned how she has become more spiritual and in touch with herself since her whirlwind success of the nineties. She’s certainly a very talented songstress and she turned 40 this past June.

2 Nelly 


St. Louis, Missouri is not known for producing that many rap stars, but one of the biggest names in the rap industry calls that city home. His name is Nelly, and in the early 2000’s, he was one of the biggest platinum selling acts on the scene. Some of his biggest singles included:  “Country Grammar,” “Ride Wit Me,” “Hot in Herre” (produced by Pharrell), “Dilemma “featuring Kelly Rowland and “Air Force Ones.” He also had a successful denim clothing line for ladies called Apple Bottoms. He still remains relevant ot this day and he turned 40 this November.

1 Derek Jeter 


Derek Jeter is nothing short of an icon in New York baseball. For so many years (20 seasons actually), he has bled blue for his team, and for many of those years, the talented shortstop also served as the team captain. He led the Yankee to five World Series championships, and the great thing about Jeter is that he was a class act on and off the field. He finally retired earlier this year to much praise and well-earned adulation, and it looks like he picked the timing just right. Derek Jeter turned 40-yrs-old this past June and he’s ready to embark on the next chapter of his life.

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