15 Celebs That Have No Privacy At All

Most regular people like to go out and mingle every now and then, have a good time and then come back to the peace, quiet and privacy of our own homes. That situation doesn't exist for some celebrities, especially in the fame-obsessed culture we are currently living in. There are popular media outlets like TMZ who make a lot of money from following celebs around and capturing every waking moment of their lives. There are some celebrities who hate this situation and there are others who have found a way to use this invasion of privacy to make themselves richer and more famous. In the following article, we list 15 mega-stars who hardly get any private moments at all. Everything is a trade-off, and for these individuals, fame and fortune has come at the sacrifice of any substantial "alone time."

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15 Jennifer Lawrence:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest Hollywood stars on the planet right now. Being cast as the leading role in the Hunger Games movies catapulted her career to superstar status. And yet, she also has the acting chops to take on more serious roles. The paparazzi absolute love her because she has a fun private life as well. She’s only 24-yrs-old, and she still likes to party, smoke a little weed (every now and then) and she was recently rumored to be dating Chris Martin of Coldplay. Wherever she goes, even if it’s for a quick grocery errand, the cameras are watching. For Jennifer Lawrence, privacy is certainly a thing of the past.

14 Kanye West:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

At the recent fashion week shows in Paris, the thirst for Kanye West was on full display. Not only are the paparazzi in the United States completely obsessed with snapping shots of Mr. West, it’s actually a global phenomenon too. Mr. West may try to act like he doesn’t like the attention, but you have to believe that he secretly revels in it. The fact of the matter is that if you’re a musician these days, you have to keep yourself in the public eye, or the fans will just completely forget about you. Things move that fast. So yes, it’s true that Kanye West has no privacy, but we are pretty sure if he answered honestly, he doesn’t ever want to go unnoticed any way.

13 Kim Kardashian:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

Just like her husband, Kim Kardashian knows the monetary value of publicity and having your face splashed all over social media. So we’re guessing that having to give up her privacy is the last thing that’s on her mind. It’s worth mentioning here that her mobile game app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has made $43 million dollars since its launch in June. So the paparazzi can snap away while Kim and her daughter Nori are laughing all the way to the bank. Another point to add is that anyone who valued their privacy wouldn’t be posing naked with a shiny, greased-up butt on the cover of Paper Magazine. Case Closed.

12 Justin Bieber:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

Ahh, how wonderful it must feel to be 20-yrs-old and have a net worth of over $200 million dollars. To have youth and lots of money to spend is a combination that most human beings never get to enjoy and Mr. Bieber is certainly living the life. It must also be difficult to negotiate the change from boy to adult in the public eye, but when you’re a global superstar at the level of Justin Bieber, privacy is absolutely non-existent. The one thing you wish for Bieber is that there are enough good people in his inner-circle to steer him away from actions that could put his future career in peril. The paparazzi are always lurking and waiting for him to mess up, but it would be wonderful to see him mature a little bit more and live out his full potential.

11  Chris Brown:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

With regards to young superstars on the scene right now, no one plays the “bad boy” image with as much swagger and braggadocio as Chris Brown. Yes, the Virginia native is an amazing singer and performer, but when he’s off the stage, he likes to raise hell as well. He likes to visit strip clubs, he gets involved in fights at night clubs, his body is completely marked up with tattoos, and he is constantly in trouble with the law. This is not a guy who likes to stay at home and enjoy a nice quiet evening – he loves to live it up, blow money and have a kickass time!

10 Rihanna:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

When you’re a music superstar, you don’t really have the option to be a wallflower and be constantly guarding your privacy. A few immensely successful artists might be able to pull that off, but it’s perhaps not the best career choice. Rihanna is a great example of an artist who knows how to manipulate the media and keep herself in the news. At the recent amFAR gala in Los Angeles, she suited up in a sexy Tom Ford gown which left nothing to the imagination – especially in the breast area. She’s extremely active on social media and she’s not shy at all about working the sexy “bad girl” image. She’s currently in the studio recording her next album, so during the in-between time, she has to find ways to keep her fans interested and the cameras flashing.

9 Beyonce:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

Do you remember the “Elevator-Gate” issue that happened earlier this year with Beyonce, her hubby Jay-Z and her little sister Solange? The one in which Solange hurled a fury of karate kicks in Jay-Z’s direction. Even in the confines of an elevator, the cameras were watching. It just goes to show that when you and your husband are considered the biggest entertainers in the world, and your collective net worth is over a billion dollars, the concept of privacy is completely non-existent.

8  Jennifer Lopez:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

At the age of 45, Jennifer Lopez is perhaps looking the best she’s ever had in her career. Her movie career is going great, she has two beautiful kids, and earlier this year, she released the ultra-sexy video for her song “Booty” (with Iggy Azalea) that went viral in no time at all.  Her private life is always saucy as well – she recently broke up with her hot dancer beau Casper Smart who was 18 years her junior, and there are probably lots of suitors in Hollywood waiting to scoop her up. Everything J-Lo does is big news for the media and she is going to be a paparazzi fave for many more years to come.

7 George Clooney:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

Out of all the celebs mentioned in this list, Clooney is probably the one name that would actually enjoy a more private and low-key life. But when you’re one of Hollywood’s most handsome and bankable leading men, it’s quite impossible to maintain a quiet and private life. Especially now that he finally decided to get married (to the lovely British barrister Amal Alamuddin), and after throwing the lavish star-studded Italian wedding, the demand for snap shots of him and his new bride is only going to get more intense.

6 Kris Jenner:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

You know, they usually say that “mother knows best” but when it comes to the Kardashian clan, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Doesn’t it seem that with all the questionable behavior that goes on with all her kids, she seems to condone everything and just let it slide? The real issue at hand here is that she needs to have just as much limelight and media attention as her kids, and if that means going out and finding a younger “boy-toy” boyfriend, that’s exactly what she’ll do. She’s in the business of constantly being photographed and selling a certain lifestyle, so being private and shying away from the paparazzi is not part of her game plan.

5  Taylor Swift:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

It’s quite fair to say that at this moment, Taylor Swift is the biggest music artist on the globe. She is just 24-yrs-old, she’s tall and gorgeous, and she can write the hell out of a song. We also need to add that she has the bestselling album of 2014 – her latest release 1989 sold almost 1.5 million records in the first week alone! Of course, they are also the juicy stories of her private life and her not being able to make relationships work with other big stars like Harry Styles and Jake Gyllenhaal. For all these reasons, she’s a total paparazzi magnet, and she can pretty much kiss any privacy she thought she could ever have goodbye.

4 Lindsay Lohan:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

3  Miley Cyrus:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

What is there to say about Miley Cyrus that hasn’t been said already? The girl is a complete attention-addict and she’ll go to the greatest lengths to get it. She realized rather early in her career transformation that it was important to make her life an open book, and that’s exactly what she has done. Whether it involves being completely naked in a music video, smoking weed on stage or twerking on a married man, it’s all fair game. The cameras love it, she loves it, her fans love it and at this point in her career, it’s fair to say that she is not looking for any kind of privacy whatsoever.

2  Harry Styles:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

The boy band era is definitely back around again, and one of the groups leading the charge is the talented group from England known as One Direction. The lead singer of the band is the rakishly thin and Hollywood-handsome Harry Styles. He’s talented, he’s good-looking, he’s dated Taylor Swift and the paparazzi can’t get enough of him. Actually this past October, Styles stopped at the side of a road in Los Angeles to vomit, and even that footage managed to hit the net and go viral. Wow, what does that say about the collective human race in this current time and era?

1 Nicki Minaj:

Via: bigstockphoto.com

Nicki Minaj is hands-down one of the biggest global stars in music today. She’s been getting some competition lately from Iggy Azalea, but it’s safe to say that at this point in time, there is enough room at the top for both of them. Nicki is also a certified expert at manipulating the media. Before she dropped her summer hit “Anaconda” she unleashed some very sexy pics to social media, and the strategy worked. Whether she’s in Europe touring or back in the States, there are always cameras nearby. She’s about to release her new album, The Pink Print –so it doesn’t seem we’ll be seeing any less of her anytime soon.

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