15 Celebs Who Shockingly Hated Being Pregnant

The entire world says it time and time again: pregnancy is the most beautiful experience a woman can ever have because nothing comes close to bringing a new life into this world. Well, the people who said this were probably men. Or women who love waxing poetic, idealizing the notion that carrying a baby in the belly for nine months and giving birth to it inevitably creates an unbreakable bond between mother and child.

The fact of the matter is, pregnancy and giving birth isn’t what it looks like in the movies, where the woman, barely breaking a sweat, makes a few pushes until a little baby is placed in her arms and she laughs and cries and shares a kiss with her husband, marveling at the perfect human being they created. In truth, being pregnant can be one of the most uncomfortable and inconvenient situations for a woman to find herself in. She can’t eat sushi. She can’t consume alcohol. She can’t wear outfits to hug her svelte figure. And probably worst of all, her hormones wreak havoc on her usually rational self. And giving birth is a whole different and very, very painful experience to go through.

Celebrities aren’t exempt from the pitfalls of pregnancy and delivery. Many of them, too, have had very real pregnancy experiences that were worlds away from the parts they played in front of the cameras. That’s probably why more and more women in Hollywood choose to either adopt or have babies through surrogates, to spare them from the gruesome experience of pregnancy and labor. Here are a few celebs who have spoken out about their not-so-rosy childbearing experiences.

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15 Mariah Carey


She’s one of the most successful and wealthiest recording artists of all time, but at the end of the day, Mariah Carey is as human as the rest of us. She became pregnant at 41, which is quite the age to be pregnant for the first time and with two babies no less. She gave birth at 35 weeks to her twins, Monroe and Moroccan. She shared in an interview though that carrying children was not the most pleasant of experiences, saying that she felt rancid. She was also so ashamed of her body that she wouldn’t let her then husband Nick Cannon see her naked—even in the bathtub!

14 Sara Evans


American country singer Sara Evans had a very colorful past personal life, including a nasty divorce, a restraining order, and lawsuits all around. But she did what was necessary for her children. At the end of the day, she’s still a mother to three beautiful children. Of pregnancy, she said that she would love to have a child with her current husband (her three kids are from a previous marriage), but is in no rush because she hated being pregnant all three times.

13 Jaime Pressly


Gaining fame in her role as Joy Turner in the hit TV show My Name Is Earl, Jaime Pressly welcomed her son by her then-husband DJ Eric Calvo. Pressly said it was a great relief to have given birth and not be pregnant anymore, saying that while she loves her son to bits, being pregnant sucked. “I hated being fat,” she stated. “My hormones were all over the place and I acted like some lunatic.” So if and when Pressly becomes pregnant again in the future, the people around her have been warned of the raging hormones.

12 Stacey Solomon


She rose to fame in the UK version of The X-Factor, having placed third in the show. But for all her newfound popularity, Stacey Solomon is simply a girl who was forced to grow up too soon when she had a baby at the tender age of 17, only to split up from her baby daddy even before she gave birth. Years later, when she was pregnant with her second child, Solomon revealed that she didn’t enjoy being pregnant either time. She said after the initial euphoria, the novelty eventually wore off and she’d find herself craving for the food she wasn’t allowed to eat and long to get her pre-baby body back.

11 Jenni “JWoww” Farley


Jenni “JWoww” Farley is a celebrity in the same way Kim Kardashian is: from reality TV, so that constitutes as being famous, no matter how convoluted. Needless to say, many know that the Jersey Shore star got engaged to her long-time boyfriend and became pregnant in 2013. Of her pregnancy, she said, “I f*cking hate it.” She bemoaned the changes to her body, saying her thighs were bumping against each other and her breasts were changing. Still, she was confident that all would be worth it when her baby was in her arms.

10 Jessie James


Italian country pop singer and reality TV star Jessie James said it was no joke being pregnant on national TV. The second season of her reality TV show Eric and Jessie, documented her pregnancy and James said it was far from comfortable or glamorous. She said the worst part was the rapid weight gain in front of the cameras, which vividly captured her double chin and “massive boobs.” Needless to say, she was soon blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

9 Melissa Joan Hart


The Sabrina, The Teenage Witch star is a doting mother of three raucous boys, but seems to be loving every bit of married life and motherhood. Melissa Joan Hart couldn’t say the same for her all three of her pregnancies however. She got a lot of flak for all the weight she put on during her pregnancies, but she said that was nothing compared to how she felt when she was pregnant. “I hate being pregnant—the lack of energy at the beginning, having to change your diet.” Hart went on to say that she would have seven children if only pregnancy wasn’t such a hassle.

8 Christina Applegate


After winning the battle with breast cancer at its early stages, Christina Applegate must have been ecstatic by the fact that she was able to get pregnant in 2010, two years after battling the cancer. Of pregnancy, Applegate said that she enjoyed making the baby, but it was carrying her and giving birth to her daughter that was difficult. She very bluntly said, “You feel like a fat-*ss and you’re exhausted.” Yup, that just about sums up what every other woman who’s gotten pregnant feels.

7 Hilary Duff


Hilary Duff of Lizzie McGuire fame became a mother in 2012, after giving birth to her and then-husband Mike Comrie’s son Luca. Duff has said that while she loves her son to bits and sometimes even misses feeling his movements from within her stomach, she said the experience of pregnancy as a whole was not something she enjoyed completely. Without going into detail, she said that she was so ready to pop her little guy out and not be pregnant anymore. So we’re guessing she’s not looking to have another child anytime soon?

6 Kate Hudson


There’s no doubt about it, Kate Hudson is one hot mama. She claimed her first pregnancy was a breeze, probably due to the fact that she was much younger than when she had her second child. Of her second pregnancy, Hudson was quoted as saying, “I hate it. I’m usually an A cup and I’m getting close to a D cup.” And while other women would rejoice at having a bigger chest, Hudson felt quite the opposite. “…I love fashion, and having big breasts is not ideal for certain looks.” Apart from that, Hudson complained of morning sickness, acne, and severe hair loss, plus she had a more difficult time shedding the post-pregnancy weight. Well, thanks to the magic of personal trainers and expensive diets, Hudson eventually got back in shape and these days, she’s been looking better than ever. 

5 Gwyneth Paltrow


The former Mrs. Chris Martin and current mother-of-two Gwyneth Paltrow may sometimes be perceived as the epitome of domestication, with the cookbooks she’s written, the food shows she’s hosted, and reports of how very hands-on she is with her kids. But not everything was rosy in her journey to motherhood. Paltrow said her pregnancies were quite difficult for her, saying she was “sick as a dog for months.” Back when she was still married to Martin, she contemplated having a third child because she does love her little ones to bits. But when she realized that she was finally done with the midnight feedings and was able to finally sleep through the night, she felt otherwise.

4 Kim Kardashian


As with every single move she makes, reality star Kim Kardashian made some huge waves in the media when it was announced that she was pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. Obviously, the couple was thrilled to have their little girl, but of pregnancy, Kardashian said it was no fun at all, despite people she knew, like her sister Kourtney, making it look like a piece of cake. Kardashian said that she didn’t agree with what some people have said that pregnancy is amazing. Aside from the massive weight gain, which she was heavily criticized for by the media, she also suffered from pre-eclampsia. She said she wouldn’t wish what she went through on anyone.

3 Kelly Clarkson


The American Idol alum changed her tune when she got married, having previously declared prior to meeting her husband that she didn’t have any desire to bear kids. But years later, she’s now the proud mother to a beautiful daughter. Her pregnancy was no bed of roses, though. Clarkson said it was “rough” and that she suffered from excessive morning sickness and weight gain, plus she never had that pregnancy glow. At least she has her little girl to compensate for the harrowing experience!

2 Jessica Simpson


1 Kate Middleton


She’s never made any statements in public regarding how she felt during both her pregnancies, but it’s a known fact that the Duchess of Cambridge had a terribly difficult time when she was in the first trimester of both instances. She suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe case of morning sickness that, if not treated immediately, causes a bad case of dehydration. Only one percent of women suffer from this and the duchess is one of them, getting hospitalized both times for several days. But it’s her duty to provide heirs so she has to go through it!

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