15 Best Dressed Male Celebs of 2014

When it comes down to it, dressing well is actually an art form. Not only do you need to have the eye for wearing clothes that look good together, but it's also important to have the confidence to pull off a chic and nuanced look. There are a lot of celebs out there who really don't care that much about how they look when they step out of their houses. But there are others who really make it a point to look absolutely dapper and well-pressed whenever the cameras are watching. For the following article, we took a look at the world of style in 2014 and picked 15 men who proved that their style sense is way more advanced than their contemporaries. We have a couple of skilled actors, some musicians, a race car driver and even a sport soccer commentator. So what are you waiting for? Check out the selections below ....

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15 Sean O’Pry

via: reallifeiselsewhere.blogspot.com

In the world of music, the biggest name of the year has to be Taylor Swift. She released her album 1989 this October, and in its first week, it sold an amazing 1.2 million units. The second hit single of the album was “Blank Space” and the regal video featured a handsome American male model named Sean O’Pry. He may be new to Swift’s crowd but O’Pry has been a major face on the fashion scene for many years. He is a truly handsome dude and he has a knack for making tailored suits look absolutely immaculate.

14 Jay-Z

The life of rapper Jay-Z would be excellent for a film. He rose from the streets of Brooklyn as a street corner drug dealer to become one of the biggest entertainment moguls in the world. His dynamic style really reflects his life trajectory. He is just as comfortable wearing a Yankees baseball hat and Jordan sneakers as he is wearing a custom tailored Tom Ford suit with expensive accessories. For his versatility and confidence, he definitely belongs on this list of best-dressed men of the year.

13 Eddie Redmayne

Award season is right around the corner in Hollywood, and one actor who is set to make a huge splash is the sharply dressed, Eddie Redmayne. He stars as physicist Stephen Hawking in the moving film, The Theory of Everything, and he turned in a spectacular performance. Over the entire year, he has established himself as a red carpet killer with his sharp tailored suits and excellent grooming. He’s certainly one of the most stylish men on the scene right now.

12 Nick Jonas

11  11. David Beckham

The entire Beckham family is full off stars. Victoria Beckham is of course a talented and very successful fashion designer. One of the sons Brooklyn Beckham just got signed to the Arsenal Soccer club junior team and another one Romeo is a budding male model who already has already done campaigns for Burberry. This year David Beckham unveiled his own brand of whiskey called Haig, and of course, he also doubles as the face of the liquor. Hey, if you were as handsome and well-dressed as him, wouldn’t you do the same?

10 A$AP Rocky

via: www.upscalehype.com

The cool thing about A$AP Rocky is that he’s great at mixing street style with the high-end brands and he makes it looks so flawless and seamless. He has had a bit of a tough time on the personal front this year with the breakup with his model girlfriend Chanel Iman. But he ended the year strongly by appearing in a slick video campaign for luxury Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo.

9 Usher

The 36-yr-old Usher Raymond is one of those cool music stars that seem to stay relevant with every new era and never goes out of style. Whether he’s performing on stage, making a public appearance, judging on The Voice or even running an errand, he’s always the epitome of cool. He’s always rocking the coolest sneakers, a plush jacket and sporting a fresh haircut. Guys pay attention, this guy gets it right all the time.

8 Tinie Tempah

There’s no doubt about it, when it comes to style, the Brits are just gifted at doing it better. One of the British celebs that’s been constantly on the UK Best Dressed list is the rapper known as Tinie Tempah. He is just 26-yrs-old but he already mastered the fine art of dressing like a finely tailored Savile Row gentleman. Even when it comes to mixing street wear in with his casual outfits, he has no problem at all. He is a true style champ.

7 David Gandy

For the last several years David Gandy has been one of the top fashion models on the scene. In his career, he has been embraced and given tons of lucrative campaigns by the Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana. He also writes a column on cars and fashion for British Vogue and he does lots of charity work as well. His style is absolutely pitch-perfect and it would be quite impossible to find someone out there who wears a  3-piece suit better than David Gandy.

6 Kyle Martino

via: www.mlssoccer.com

If you are not in the soccer world, you may not know about Kyle Martino. He’s a 33-yr-old soccer commentator for NBC Sports and the American MLS league. He also happens to be married to Susan Sarandon’s daughter - the happy couple welcomed a child recently. Back to his style, Martino might just be the best dressed commentator on television. His suits are always perfectly fitted and he has an eye for picking great shirt and tie combos. He also does an exceptional job with his grooming too. Ultimately he gets very high marks for looking great anytime he’s in front of the camera.

5 Harry Styles

At the age of 20, Harry Styles has quickly established himself as one of the genuine heartthrobs in the music industry. His band One Direction has sold millions and millions of albums around the world and he’s one of the most recognizable faces in the group. He has a knack for dressing up like a true Rock N’ Roll star with his skinny jeans, expensive dress boots, tattoos and snappy fedoras. It’s no wonder pop princess Taylor Swift fell for him so hard in the past. It will be interesting to see his style evolution as he gets older.

4  4. Idris Elba

The 42-yr-old actor Idris Elba is one of the most dapper stars around. Also unlike a lot of male stars on the scene presently, he has a very manly vibe and aura about him. That is probably why he has almost as many male fans as female ones. When it comes to his dress style, he always looks so crisp and stylish, but never forced or contrived. It’s no wonder that there are rumors that he is a candidate for the next actor in the James Bond role. He just has tons on natural swagger to spare.

3 Lewis Hamilton

2  2. Kanye West

Say what you want about Kanye West – he might be obnoxious, petulant and completely full of himself. But there’s one thing you can’t deny him; this man knows how to dress. There are a lot of young, fashion-addicted males all over the world who view him a true fashion icon. There are legions of young guys out there who adore his style moves and they try very hard to be mini versions of Kanye West. Also another sign of his fashion world dominance is that he and his wife were chosen to be the faces of the 2105 campaign for luxury French brand Balmain. Now that’s a big deal indeed.

1 Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is one of the new hotshot actors on the scene. He really stamped his name on the scene when he starred in the movie Fruitvale Station in 2013. Since then he has starred in the film That Awkward Moment which was also very well received. Up next, he’s been cast in the next two Fantastic Four movies – these should officially establish him on the A-list set. His style is definitely first class, and every time he appears on a red carpet, he has women everywhere swooning. Watch out, this guy might be the next Denzel Washington.

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