15 Actors And Their Shocking Stunt Doubles Part 2

We always get a kick out of seeing our favorite celebrities, whether it’s in photos, in their movies and TV shows, or better yet, in person. But what’s the next best thing about seeing these famous folks that we love fawning over? Seeing their look-alikes and marveling at the uncanny resemblance these doppelgangers have with the celebs or the shocking differences between the stars and their stunt doubles.

And while it’s fun to do a double take when we see ordinary men and women on the street looking like particular famous people, it’s even more amusing to see their stunt doubles on set while they’re filming one of their projects.

A previous article featured some of our most beloved actors caught on camera hanging out with the stunt doubles they hired for the movies they were currently filming. Stunt doubles, who are arguably some of the most under appreciated members of the entertainment industry, get paid tons of money to put their lives at risk while hiding behind the shadow of the celebrity they double for. You have to care less about the fame and more about the adrenaline rush (and of course the professional fees) in order to be happy with your job as a body double.

Here’s another list of famous celebs seen working or just plain having fun with their stunt doubles. Some of the more unusual pairings have stunt doubles from the opposite gender, doubles who look nothing like the celebs they portray, and in some cases, not just stunt doubles—but triples and quadruples too!

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15 Chandler Riggs for The Walking Dead

via: viralnova.com

In an action, zombie-filled TV show like The Walking Dead, it’s inevitable that the actors starring in it should require stunt doubles—especially if that actor is a kid. Now 14-year-old actor Chandler Riggs plays Carl Grimes, but believe it or not, his stunt double isn’t a kid roughly the same age as he is. It’s probably illegal to let an underage kid get roughed up in dangerous, action-packed scenes, after all. So Riggs’ current double is actually a woman in her thirties named Ashley. Before he hit puberty and had his growth spurt though, Riggs’ stunt double was a 21-year old girl named Savana Wehnut, who was more slender to match his then smaller frame.

14 Jennifer Lopez for the music video, Follow The Leader

via: mirror.co.uk/

It’s expected that JLo would use stunt doubles for the movies that she’s appeared in. But apparently, she uses doubles for her music videos, too. In JLo’s video for her single, Follow The Leader, she hired a double to do some of her more physically challenging scenes. But producers deemed the stunts too daring for a woman to physically accomplish, so they hired a male stunt double named Daniel Arroyo to play Lopez’s double. In the video, which was filmed in Acapulco, Arroyo was seen wearing a twin outfit and sporting the same long hair style and color as Lopez. It was said he wore a wig, but the resemblance was still pretty uncanny for someone from the opposite sex!

13 Angelina Jolie for the Lara Croft, Tomb Raider films

via: yimg.com

When Angelina Jolie took on the role of Lara Croft for the Tomb Raider movies, she knew that she was going to be doing a lot of dangerous stunts as the beautiful, adventure-loving, thrill-seeking heiress. And while she did as many stunts as her prowess would allow, Jolie did have to employ a stunt double. But her character’s stunts were so physically gruelling that her stunt double had to be a man—donned in tight pants, a dark brown braided wig and fake boobs to boot!

12 George Clooney for Leatherheads

via: yimg.com

If you’re one of the most sought after stunt doubles, you’ve definitely doubled for many famous actors for their action sequences. Anthony Molinari is most notable for doubling for Mark Ruffalo, who can pass for his twin brother! Of course, when Ruffalo doesn’t have any projects that require doubles, Molinari also works with other actors, particularly Jeremy Renner and also with George Clooney for the latter’s movie, Leatherheads.

11 Arnold Schwarzenegger for True Lies

via: condenast.co

It’s difficult to find someone as brawny as Arnold Schwarzenegger and someone who shares similar facial features with him as well! But he was in luck when he found body double Billy Lucas, who is as buffed as the actor, but doesn’t look like him at all. So thanks to the magic of make-up, Lucas can pass for Schwarzenegger’s brother, particularly in the movie, True Lies. The pair are close too. The actor even visited Lucas when he was confined in hospital in 2010.

10 Brad Pitt for World War Z


You’d think that if you were tapped to play the stunt double of someone as famous as Brad Pitt, you’d be more than flattered. But not Pitt’s double for the movie, World War Z. After the movie was filmed and stunts performed, Phil Ball, who looks nothing like Pitt, facial features-wise, took to Twitter, saying he found the experience not just weird, but also boring! Of his day job as a stuntman, Ball tweeted, “Just when I thought my day job couldn’t get any more bizarre, I’m made to shave my hands.” Guess he had to tone down the hairiness to resemble Pitt better! 

9 Carrie Fisher for Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

via: stuffeddoggie.blogspot.com

Who can ever forget Princess Leia in the gold bikini in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi? Well, how about two Leias in matching metallic bikinis? A photo surfaced of Carrie Fisher sun bathing in the infamous gold bikini between takes, right beside her stunt double wearing an identical bikini, both looking smoking hot. Never had an actor and her stunt double looked so picture perfect!

8 Will Arnett and Amy Poehler for Blades of Glory

via: www.egokick.com

A movie comprised mostly of Saturday Night Live mainstays is sure to be hilarious and the 2007 comedy Blades of Glory is no exception. Although it was a bit disconcerting and a lot hilarious watching then real-life married couple Will Arnett and Amy Poehler play a brother and sister ice skating tandem, it was definitely worth the laughs. Of course, since neither actor was a professional ice skater, body doubles had to be hired, not just those who were above-average ice skaters, but those who resembled the actors as well. Luckily, producers were able to find stunt doubles who matched the description in the persons of Patrick Hancock and Tiffany Scott.

7 Natalie Portman for The Black Swan

via: lifeinelation.wordpress.com

For a ballet-themed movie that has its lead actress having no professional ballet experience, you can be sure that a stunt double is hired to do the dancing sequences. Controversy sparked for actress Natalie Portman’s Oscar-winning role in The Black Swan, when her body double for the movie, American Ballet soloist Sarah Lane, claimed that she was a victim of a cover-up and felt that she wasn’t given the credit she deserved. Lane stated of the dancing scenes that only 5% was Portman, but the rest was her and Portman’s face was merely digitally mastered onto her body.

6 Josh Hutcherson for The Hunger Games films

via: j-14.com

Josh Hutcherson has The Hunger Games movie franchise to thank for his sudden ascent to fame and stardom. He also attributes his success to his stunt double, Ralf Koch, who actually looks old enough to be the actor’s young father. But Koch does the actor’s stunts so flawlessly, that he’s given such rave reviews as Peeta in the famous film series. In fact, the pair is so close that Hutcherson even stood as Koch’s best man at his wedding.

5 Daniel Radcliffe for the Harry Potter films


It’s but to be expected that young adult actors who have to do physically dangerous scenes for their movies would have a stunt double. This rule was no exception for Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe. Unfortunately, Radcliffe’s stunt double, David Holmes suffered a major spinal injury while rehearsing a flying scene on the set of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. The scene involved a subsequent explosion, which threw Holmes, a gymnast, to the ground from a significant height. 

4 Dianna Agron for Glee

via: http://images.j-14.com/

Usually, actors are given stunt doubles who are at least similar in age to them. But not Dianna Agron’s stunt double for her now-recurring role in Glee. The beautiful actress’ double looks actually old enough to be her mom and is far heavier than the slender Agron. So it’s likely that the stunt double’s screen time was brief and ever so fleeting.

3 Ginnifer Goodwin for Once Upon a Time


Fantasy shows always have actors being thrown against one thing or another, by magic or wizards or witches, to name a few. So it’s practically a given that for the fantasy drama, Once Upon A Time, its actors are given stunt doubles to do the dirty work for them. Ginnifer Goodwin plays Snow White, but not the damsel in distress version that Disney has ingrained in our heads; the show’s Snow White is a kick-ass, tough-as-nails bandit who’s an expert with the bow and arrow. So naturally, Goodwin has a stunt double to do her crazy moves. This proved to be a challenge when the actress was pregnant while filming, so rather than look for a stunt double to match her growing body, she just refrained from doing any action scenes during her delicate period.

2 Ian McKellen for the Lord of the Rings films

via: icandoitlater.com/

With such an epic role as Gandalf in such a massive film franchise as The Lord of The Rings trilogy, it’s no wonder that Ian McKellen had not only one, but two doubles. And no, it wasn’t because the actor was throwing his weight around that he demanded more than one double—it was necessary for the role of the revered leader of the Fellowship of the Ring. He made use of one stunt double for the action sequences that saw Gandalf at battle or getting hurt; but he also needed a scale double for the scenes he had to play with the hobbits, who are supposed to be much smaller in size than the wizard. McKellen’s scale double stood a whole foot taller than the actor and his stunt double!

1 Emma Watson for the Harry Potter films


In the Harry Potter film franchise, Emma Watson’s Hermione apparently had a lot of daring action sequences that the actress didn’t want to put herself in the midst of. Watson not only had one stunt double, but three, way more than her co-stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, who undoubtedly had just as much or even more dangerous scenes than Watson did. But some actors prefer to play it safe and looks like Watson is one of them.

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