15 A-Listers Who Became Famous For Their Body Parts

Many famous folks are celebrated and revered for their talent and good looks. It doesn’t hurt to be distinct when you’re a celebrity who’s constantly in the limelight. So even a body part that sets you apart from the rest of the pack is harped on and you become known for that unique (if not beautiful) aspect of your physical appearance.

Here’s a list of world-famous people who standout for a particular body part.

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15 Jennifer Lopez (buttocks)


She’s received a lot of criticism for flaunting what many people deem as a too-big ass, saying that it borders on scandalous when she wears tight skirts and skinny white pants. But Latina beauty Jennifer Lopez takes it all in stride and proudly considers it an asset. In fact, she’s rumored to have insured her rear end for a few million dollars, though the exact amount is uncertain.

14 Jamie Lee Curtis (legs)

She gained recognition in the slasher movie, Halloween and has since made a name for herself outside the shadow of her famous parents, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. But Jamie Lee Curtis is known as much for her diverse roles as she is for her long, shapely gams, which she showed off to perfection when she strip danced in black lingerie for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in the action film, True Lies. Lee Curtis has allegedly had her legs insured for a cool $2.8 million.

13 Barbra Streisand (hands)


Her voice is absolutely mesmerizing, especially when she’s singing onstage. Barbra Streisand can certainly captivate an audience with her magnetic stage presence. She’s not conventionally beautiful, but when she is singing and holding up the microphone, one can’t help but be drawn to her beautiful hands with their long, slender fingers and perfectly manicured nails. Streisand’s hands are as much a part of her persona as her voice is.

12 Julia Roberts (smile)


From the moment Julia Roberts flashes that beautiful smile, showing perfect white teeth, her face lights up and her status as one of the most beautiful women in the world is solidified. Roberts got her big break when she starred in Pretty Woman and she’s been gracing us with her smile ever since. Some may criticize that her mouth is too big and her laugh bordering on unfeminine. But these detractors should be brushed aside because that smile is what makes her Julia Roberts.

11 Kylie Minogue (buttocks)

When she struts around onstage in her teeny little outfits, the audience can’t help but admire Kylie Minogue’s long, shapely legs, perky breasts, and the body part she’s most famous for: her butt. It’s not scandalously big and if it were, it wouldn’t suit her, given how petite she is. Her derriere is rounded and pert and looks perfectly sexy on her.

10 Cindy Crawford (mole)


She’s one of the most famous models in the world, having graced the world’s top magazine covers multiple times. But good looks and great body aside, what makes Cindy Crawford truly unique from her other peers is what once was considered a body abnormality: the mole on her face. She was even advised to have it removed when she was just starting out in the modeling profession! Good thing she didn’t listen to her detractors and when she was at the peak of her popularity, women everywhere went so far as to draw fake moles onto their faces to emulate her.

9 Madonna (gap between two front teeth)


Despite her amazing evolution throughout the decades to adapt and stay current, one thing Madonna is trademarked for is that gap between her two front teeth. According to some urban legend, those that possess that “lucky gap” are considered overly intelligent, brimming with creativity, and have (or will have) highly successful careers. Well, the material girl is all that, so it looks like the legend holds true for her! 

8 Rihanna (legs)


She’s always had a killer body with toned arms, abs to die for, and legs that go on for miles. Rihanna admitted that out of all the body parts she’s most particular about in terms of utmost care, it’s her legs she looks after the most. When she does her workouts with her personal trainer, the singer admitted that her main focus is the toning and enhancing of her already lovely gams, to the point of obsession. The rumor therefore of her legs being insured for $1 million is not farfetched.

7 Shakira (hips)


Ever since her first music video, people have been in awe of her beauty. She’s as much of a singer as she is a dancer and boy, can she move! Shakira’s belly-dancer moves are nothing short of sexy and involve a lot of shaking of her curvaceous hips. Add the hip-hugging and skimpy outfits and she’s an absolute goddess when she’s performing.

6 Fergie (abs)

She certainly stands out, not just because she’s the only female member of The Black-Eyed Peas, but also because she’s got a smoking hot body. Whenever Fergie and her fellow band members are on stage, she’s always in sexy, skin-tight outfits and every so often, midriffs to bare her killer abs. And a year after having a kid with baby daddy Josh Duhamel, she’s back to rocking those rock hard abs! 

5 Kate Upton (cleavage)


It’s refreshing to see models who are curvaceous rather than reed-thin. Many have always admired Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr for having a healthy amount of meat in their figures. Same with 22-year-old Kate Upton, who is known for having killer curves. But rounded buttocks and full hips aside, what Upton is most known for are her beautiful, size 34D breasts. Upton actually said she wishes her breasts were smaller—to the chagrin of men all over the world, for sure!

4 Angelina Jolie (lips)


Back in the day, small, thin lips were always considered an asset and big lips were unattractive—until Angelina Jolie came into our lives, all big and luscious lips. Thanks to Jolie, big lips are now considered super sexy and looks-obsessed women have been injecting collagen into their thin lips to look like Jolie. The sultry actress doesn’t have to go through all that trouble, though. She was born with those full, sexy lips. 

3 Blake Lively (hair)


Blake Lively certainly possesses the total package (with Ryan Reynolds as a husband, to boot!), but when you think of which part of her body she’s most known for, it’s a toss-up. Some would say her long, bronzed legs are her trademark. But most would agree that it’s her long, lustrous blonde locks that are perfection. Not surprisingly, her hairstyles have been copied many times over by those aspiring to look as beautiful as her.

2 Cara Delevingne (eyebrows)

Thanks to supermodel Cara Delevingne, pencil-thin eyebrows are a thing of the past. The once considered scary-looking bushy eyebrows are all the rage now because Delevingne wears hers thick, yet well-shaped. Aside from starting the thick eyebrow trend, her face is also set apart from the rest for daring to turn a perceived flaw into a unique asset.

1 Michelle Obama (arms)

She’s one modern first lady and bona fide independent woman, with her brains, confidence, and impeccable style. US First Lady Michelle Obama has certainly had a hand in enhancing the image of her husband and her fashion sense is part of the package. She’s one of the few first ladies who has foregone wearing the usual drab skirts and blazers to public functions, opting instead to wear sleeveless dresses. She pulls the look off well, thanks to her perfectly toned and sculpted arms, which are her physical trademarks.

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