14 Sexy Daughters Of Politicians

Being born into famous political families means a lot of time in the spotlight. With that being said… being the daughter of someone with a high-profile media career comes with a lot of responsibility. Maintaining good looks and supporting your family are just a few responsibilities.

With hundreds of politicians comes numerous children, many of which are blessed with good genes. Below you will find the cream of the crop of political daughters. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are blossoming in media fame and professional success.Check out 14 of the sexiest, stylish, and successful daughters in politics.

14 14- Meghan McCain

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Daughter of former Presidential bid John McCain, Meghan McCain sure is making a stand on her own. Famous for her gorgeous curves, Meghan is a blogger and author, as well as an activist for women’s and gay rights. According to New York Times, Meghan was once called “valley girl gone awry,” however she has trumped that… in many ways. As a graduate of Columbia and the host of her own talk show Raising McCain on Pivot, Meghan has embraced her daughter-of-super-famous-politician to the fullest.

13 13- Christina Schwarzenegger

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Christina is the second child of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christina has amazing style, gorgeous hair, and takes pride in her inner beauty. Christina rocks her tall, brunette features, and looks chic wherever she goes. She’s recently graduated from her mom’s alma mater, Georgetown University, and is enjoying relishing in her youth.

12 12- Georgina Bloomberg

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When your dad is Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City, there’s undoubtedly pressure to maintain tactful. That seems to come effortlessly to Georgina Bloomberg. Often dressing to the nines at film festivals and fundraisers, Georgina lets her sexy style be the showcase and center of attention. According to seventeen.com, Georgina not only has “street-style cred,” but she’s also a professional equestrian and author.

11 11- Allison Pataki

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Sexy and sophisticated Allison Pataki is the daughter of former New York State Governor George Pataki. She attended Yale University and is an author and journalist. Allison is co-founder of the nonprofit organization, ReConnect Hungary, and is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Foxnews.com. She’s married to David Levy, whom she met at Yale, and is set to release her second novel in 2015.

10 10- Chelsea Clinton

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Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, has without a doubt grown up under the scrutiny of the media. Chelsea doesn’t let that bother her though as she always looks put-together, prim and polished. She rocks fashionable outfits, dresses, and work attire that fit her age and personality perfectly. Chelsea is now a mom and has been working pretty hard… She has served as a NBC News special correspondent

9 9 - Ashley Biden

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Daughter of current Vice President Joe Biden, Ashley Biden is not only sexy, but she’s super successful. A social worker and career development and education liaison, she has recently been named executive director of the Delaware Center for Justice, which is a nonprofit advocacy group. Married to a Philadelphia surgeon, Howard Krein, Ashley took center stage in the media arena as everyone doted on her custom Vera Wang wedding gown.

8 8- Ayla Brown

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The daughter of US State Senator Scott Brown, sexy and super-talented Ayla Brown is downright impressive! According to seventeen.com, Ayla is one of the all-time leading scorers in Massachusetts basketball history, and made it to the top 16 on American Idol in 2006. She has since released three albums and is the spokesperson for the Songs of Love Foundation. Ayla attended Boston College on a full basketball scholarship, and currently serves as the official anthem singer of the Philadelphia 76ers. Ayla is now married to her longtime love Keith Weiser, a former minor league baseball player.

7 7- Barbara Bush

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As daughter of former President, George W. Bush, and part of a family filled with politically ambitious members, Barbara has learned that no matter where you go, you will find yourself in the media’s eyes. As one of the first twin children of a US President, Barbara Bush loves to show her sexy style through colors and trendy shapes. According to elle.com, Barbara’s blue-gray eyes are “nearly hypnotic” and her fashion choices are trendy and bright. She’s proven herself after getting in trouble with her twin sister, Jenna, back in college. Now Barbara is a Yale University graduate, AIDS activist, and a huge supporter of marriage equality. Barbara has co-founded a nonprofit called Global Health Corps, which works to provide health education.

6 6- Mary Anne Huntsman

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Clearly style-savvy, Mary Anne Huntsman, daughter of former governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman, Jr., is not only beautiful but she’s also talented. Mary Anne is an accomplished concert pianist, and a member of the group “The Ladies in Red,” which promotes music education. Mary Anne also has a funny streak, especially when she’s alongside her sisters, Liddy and Abby. According to GQ Magazine, the sisters took to social media to showcase their support for their father. The media presence was mischievous, unfiltered, humorous, and full of sexy style, which helped boost their popularity.

5 5- Liddy Huntsman

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Daughter of former governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman, Jr., Liddy (who was born Elizabeth), made headlines along with her sisters Mary Anne and Abby in 2012 during their dad’s White House run. Liddy’s sexy blonde hair and curves helps her stand out among her sisters. Once deemed the “wild child” of the sisters, Liddy brushed that to the side as she focused on writing and producing for her dad. Now married and pregnant with her first child, Liddy proves being a supportive and proud daughter of a politician is a pretty cool gig.

4 4- Jenna Bush Hager

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As daughter of former President, George W. Bush, and twin sister to Barbara Bush, Jenna is gorgeous and loves to express her style in neutral colors. Along with being sexy in her own unique and sophisticated way, Jenna is well-rounded professionally. She is an author, an editor-at-large for Southern Living magazine and a special correspondent for NBC’s Today Show and a contributor to NBC Nightly News. No stranger to scandal, Jenna has proven that despite a few mistakes in the past, you can move on and achieve your dreams.

3 3- Katherine Schwarzenegger

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There’s no way to hide if your dad is Arnold Schwarzenegger! As the oldest child of Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor of California and famous actor, Katherine follows in her father’s busy footsteps. She’s a best-selling author, college graduate, runs a lifestyle website, and co-hosts on a few shows. Through all of her involvement both personally and professionally, Katherine has proved she’s got her parent’s media savviness. Tall, beautiful, and an activist for mental and physical health, Katherine proves that being successful is sexy!

2 2- Bristol Palin

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Who hasn’t heard of Bristol Palin... She’s been in the limelight since her mom, Sarah Palin, famously got involved in the Presidential race in 2008. Bristol first showcased her preppy and pretty style while her mom was running for Vice President. Then after appearing on Dancing with the Stars, Bristol showed she could look super sexy and dance as well. She’s a spokesperson for teen pregnancy prevention and has worked with Candie’s Foundation as the organizations “Teen Pregnancy Prevention Ambassador.”

1 1- Abby Huntsman

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Daughter of former governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman, Jr., Abby Huntsman came into the public eye in 2012 when her dad sought the Republican nomination. One of three gorgeous sisters, Abby, a former intern at “Good Morning America” has been keeping herself busy. According to The New York Times, Abby has had commentator roles at ABC and CNN, as well as a hosting gig at The Huffington Post’s network HuffPost Live as well as with a few other networks. Abby is married to her University of Pennsylvania sweetie, however she continues to use her maiden name.

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