14 Jobs Where Women Earn Way More Than Men

For the longest time, women were considered mere second-class citizens in the work place, not being given the same opportunities as the men to flourish professionally. But since the advent of feminism and the increasing clamors for gender equality, women have certainly started to come into their own. With the exceptions of female monarchs, who were given the crown by decree of birth, women were rarely in leadership roles. But people who lived a hundred years ago probably never thought the day would come when women would hold positions of great power. Today, we’ve had women presidents rule countries, female CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations, and numerous other women who’ve dominated male-prevalent industries.

As a result, women today are demanding higher wages in their jobs. Many industries still give bigger salaries to men, perhaps by tradition or because of the nature of the job. But luckily for women, there are many industries now where females are actually paid more than males who hold the same position as they do.


14 Counselors

It’s not really a surprise that female counselors earn more than their male peers, seeing as counseling is a traditionally female-dominated field. Women are born with that sense of empathy and patience that are very much needed to be an effective counselor. As a result, women are paid more than men, albeit just slightly. If a female counselor’s annual income is $42,349, then men take home about $42,299.

13 Transportation security screeners


To put it simply, transportation security screeners are in charge of making sure that passengers follow the rules when passing security checkpoints and checking in their baggage prior to boarding their mode of transportation, usually in airports. Not very many women work in this male-dominated field but the few who do get more than their male colleagues. Women earn around $41,751 a year, while the men bring home $40,732.

12 Teachers (pre-school, kindergarten, special education)

Arguably one of the noblest professions in the world is teaching. Molding young minds, instilling values, and helping one learn are tasks that can be successfully done by the best of nurturers. And there’s no one who nurtures better than women, who have that innate maternal instinct. Women who teach special education, pre-school, and kindergarten are bigger earners than men, with female special education teachers bringing in $47,378 a year compared to $46,932 for male educators. Female pre-school and kindergarten teachers, on the other hand, take home $614 a week, $2 more than the average for both genders.

11 Cleaners of vehicles and equipment


Vehicles and engines are usually a man’s forte, but statistics show that there are around 13.5% of women who clean vehicles and heavy-duty equipment as their main source of livelihood. Since this type of manual labor is a rarity among the female population, they’re paid more than the men, though it’s still low compared to other industries. Women earn $24,793 per annum, while men take home $23,605.

10 Producers and directors

It’s no secret that men are usually at the helm behind the cameras in Hollywood, but the few females who hold the titles of producer and director actually earn more than men. Of course, that’s given these men aren’t Steven Spielberg or James Cameron. But the 37% of women who comprise the field earn approximately $66,226 annually, as compared to their male counterparts who earn $62,368.

9 Construction worker supervisors


Women only comprise 3% of the construction field and that’s for workers. The percentage of females in the supervisory level is even lower. So perhaps because they’re such a rare breed, females who head teams of construction workers earn more than their male peers. Men supposedly earn around $963 a week, which is below the average. There are no exact stats available for a female supervisor’s salary, but it’s said to be above the median.

8 Interviewers

Human Resources personnel are usually a good mix of men and women, as the job scopes vary considerably. But those who are given the task to interview potential employees are usually women. This clerical task entails not just interviewing, but gauging whether the interviewee is fit for the company and should move on to the next set of interviews. Female interviewers are said to receive $608 a week vis-à-vis a male interviewer, who gets $596.


7 Health technicians


The job description of health technicians varies greatly. They range from athletic trainers, dental hygienists, paramedics, and lab technicians. They’re not quite doctors, but they perform a lot of the functions of doctors and nurses, although on a limited basis. Females dominate this profession, earning 102.4% more than their male peers. They take home around $740 a week, $17 more than what males make.

6 Nutritionists

As more and more people are getting health conscious nowadays, there’s been an increasing demand for dieticians and nutritionists, a line of work which is comprised mostly of the female population. It’s no surprise that they earn more than the men, taking home $11 more than the weekly average salary.

5 Therapists (respiratory and occupational)


Many specialized therapists today are women and this is just one of the many fields where the female population has proven themselves just as or even more capable than men. A respiratory therapist specializes in cardiology and pulmonology and a female therapist makes around $1,028 a week. Her male counterpart would make only an average of $966. Occupational therapists, on the other hand, are those who help their patients get back to their normal lives, in the physical or mental aspects. The women earn around $1,155 per week, which is above average and slightly higher than what a male occupational therapist would make.

4 Mechanics

Not very many women are fond of tinkering with engines, but there are the select few who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Aircraft mechanics, in particular, earn twice as much as automobile and equipment mechanics. But overall, women earn more than men in this field, with men taking home a salary lower than the average amount.

3 Bookkeepers and Auditors


By virtue of generalization, men have always been said to be better at math than women. Numbers are viewed by many women as “boring,” which is why for the longest time, not many women pursued careers in accounting. But today, a growing number of females have been getting into the field of bookkeeping and auditing and it looks like they’re doing a fine job at it. Women earn 100.3% more than men, with an average weekly salary of $656 versus the $654 for men.

2 Operations Research Analysts

Because of their attention to detail, women have always been good at doing research. It comes as no surprise that they earn 105.4% more than men as operations research analysts. Women have mastered the use of computer software to analyze data and solve problems, hence making them more than adept in the field, earning an average of $1,326 a week, compared to a man’s weekly salary of $1,258.

1 Computer Support Specialists


The field of Information Technology is already filled with women, who took to taking up computer-related courses in college or university to further enhance their careers. As a result, women have displayed exceptional performance as computer support specialists, earning 106.1% more than men. For troubleshooting software glitches and helping enhance computer systems, women take home an average of $951 a week, while men earn $896.



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