14 Celebrity Food Indulgences

Despite all the glitz, glamour, backbiting and fighting paparazzi, there are many basic aspects of humanity celebrities share with the commoners, including food indulgences. Whether you live in a coldwater flat or go home to a sprawling mansion, everyone has a favorite food that makes a good day better and bad days more tolerable.

14 Gwyneth Paltrow

Whether she's consciously uncoupling with her rocker husband or on a soapbox touting the latest evil food component, Paltrow's pallor is as intriguing as her naming her daughter Apple. Although she's deemed gluten, dairy and sugar the bane of our existence in her cookbook, Paltrow revealed to Harper's Bazaar magazine that she has cravings for an occasional spread of bread, cheese and wine. Hopefully she doesn't mean gluten-free bread, non-dairy cheese and sugar-free wine, none of which sound very indulgent.

13 Selena Gomez

While rumors continue to circulate about Gomez's alleged past and current pregnancy, along with speculation on the father (of course, Bieber is first choice), her favorite indulgence of pickles doesn't help her kick the rumours. She revealed on Twitter that deep-fried pickles are her passion, she sprinkles her popcorn with pickle juice, and her most beloved combo is pickles and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The mind reels wondering what her pregnancy cravings will include.

12 Josh Hutcherson

11 Scarlett Johansson

Always looking lithe and lovely, it's hard to believe Johansson eats anything but lettuce washed down with spring water but she's got a big yearning for Buffalo chicken wings. Right after she wrapped shooting on the movie Avengers, which she had to train extensively for to pull off all the physical challenges of her role, she told FOX411, "I am addicted to them (Buffalo wings). You will have to roll me down the red carpet next time you see me."

10 Janet Jackson

9 Oprah Winfrey

Fans of Oprah will recall the icon's battle of the bulge she fought for years, day-in and day-out, mainly during her early years on television. These days, she seems to keep on track pretty well but back in 2009, after a weight gain of about 40 pounds, she revealed her food indulgence of the past, potato chips, had been replaced. She quipped, “Now this year, it was organic, multigrain blue chips - but a bag of them. So you eat a bag of those a day and see what happens if you’re not working out.”

8 Britney Spears

Through all her career ups and downs, interspersed with a roller coaster personal life, Spears has always been pigeon-holed as a junk food junkie who preferred Taco Bell to oysters on the half shell. But Spears insists that her true blue, top favorite indulgence is not fast food but chocolate. Not fancy imported chocolate but American favorites like Snickers, M&Ms, Raisinettes, Twix, Whoppers, Skors and Cookies 'N' Cream. Sounds like the inventory in a movie theater snack bar display.

7 Justin Bieber

Before Bieber started trying to dull the shiny All American boy image he worked so hard to create, he revealed a constant craving for Swedish Fish, soft and chewy fish-shaped candy with fruit flavorings. He reportedly requested them in his dressing rooms when he was on tour. Maybe his tastes have changed in the latest chapter of his life; could be his favorite food is now eggs.

6 Jennifer Aniston

Pregnant or not, Aniston's food cravings are among the healthiest of celebrities. No sweet tooth in this lady's repertoire; she's crazy over savory Mexican food, which makes sense since her favorite vacay spots are South of the Border. Tostadas, enchiladas, nachos, quesadillas, guacamole, fresh tortilla chips – add a margarita to the meal, strike up the mariachi band and you've fulfilled Aniston's food dreamscape.

5 Drew Barrymore

4 Jennifer Lawrence

3 Jessica Biel

Always looking fit and fabulous, Biel admits having to diet for some roles, adding that her favorite part of those restrictive menus were days designated for cheating. She told UK talk show host Graham Norton of an eating binge she went on with some girlfriends during the filming of Total Recall. They overindulged in donuts and pizza. Biel told Norton, "We ran in, I got 24 donuts. We went to a pizza joint and we got two large pizzas. I sat in the car and I put as much bread and dough in my mouth as I could possibly manage."

2 Cameron Diaz

Always displaying a lighthearted attitude toward life and living, Diaz openly discusses her penchant for dating bad boys with dubious pasts and debatable motives. She's also quick to reveal her food obsession. In an interview with UK's Daily Mirror, she said, "When there’s French fries around, nothing’s safe – don’t even get your hand in there! I don’t even chew, I just go like ‘Aaaargh!'" Conjures up images of her stellar performance in Something About Mary.

1 Christina Ricci

Sometimes it's hard to narrow a favorite food craving down to just one thing. Ricci doesn't even try, easily naming Cheetos and the entire McDonald's menu as her weak spots. In a Huffington Post article, Ricci stated, "My favorite forbidden food is Cheetos and any kind of McDonald’s. I once ate McDonalds three times in one day." Amazing she can maintain that shapely pint-size figure with such indulgences.

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