14 Actresses Who've Stayed Sexy for Decades

These days everyone looks younger than their chronological age because of injections and other miracle treatments that have become readily available and somewhat affordable. Use of these treatments ha

These days everyone looks younger than their chronological age because of injections and other miracle treatments that have become readily available and somewhat affordable. Use of these treatments has even become common for the 30-something age group because of the constant media and advertising attention on the value of maintaining a youthful appearance. Face it, it's an anti-aging revolution. The "old age" look is phasing out and by 2050, we may have a civilization where everyone looks right around the same age.

By 2075, anyone old enough to live in the pre-injection era will be gone and the anti-aging treatments will have improved to the point of becoming simple genetic modifications. So there will be a time, where all of the female celebrities who remained in the spotlight after the age of 45 will be considered unique and hold a place in history.

We wanted to compile the images of some of the most beautiful female celebrities who are over the age of 50 and still as sexy as ever so we could freeze this time in history. Think about it - this may be the last generation of women that will ever show tell-tale signs of aging. These women have defied the whole aging process by staying vibrant, relevant, graceful, dignified and maybe with a touch of Botox.

Check out our list of 14 gorgeous female celebrities who have managed to stay sexy for decades. All 14 are over the age of 50, and they look natural and amazing.

14 Julianne Moore - 54

Julianne Moore is another successful actress and has made her claim to fame playing emotionally interesting women. She has been the recipient of five Academy Award nominations and is up for a Best Actress award for her stunning performance of a woman with early onset Alzheimer's disease in Still Alice. She is a versatile actress who doesn't always select sexy roles, but manages to look amazing in every role she is assuming.

13 Andie MacDowell - 56

Andie MacDowell's southern accent was so strong when she co-starred in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes that they had to be dubbed in by Glenn Close. She immediately worked with a private coach to give her more range and she landed her famous role in Sex, Lies and Videotape (1989), which put her on the map. MacDowell now stars in the Hallmark Channel's Cedar Cove, which is on its third season. Still sexy after all these years.

12 Sharon Stone - 56

Sharon Stone started off modeling in Europe but after a while, she decided that acting would become her career and moved to New York. She was a late bloomer, in terms of box office success, and got her big break playing Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct (1992) when she was 34-years-old. She went on to play many other parts and has become an active participant in the Universal Life Church, for which she is an ordained minister. She is still sexy after all these years.

11 Sela Ward - 58

Sela Ward is best known for her television role as Teddy Reed on the hit television series Sisters that ran from 1991-96. She also performed other television roles in Once and Again, House, CSI: NY as well as a few movies. She is an activist and fund-raiser for the Hope Village for Children in Meridian, Mississippi. She is still a beauty by anyone's standards.

10 Kim Cattrall - 58

Anyone who saw even one episode of Sex and the City would have noticed Kim Cattrall. Her sultry delivery coupled with her blatant talk of every aspect of sex kept the attention of audiences around the world. She was already in her 40s when she played the sexy role of Samantha Jones and ranked number eight on the Sexiest Stars of All Time by TV Guide.  She is now 58-years-old and still a sex goddess.

9 Rene Russo - 61

Rene started out as highly respected model but after a few successful years she managed to transition her career over to acting. Many models tried, but few have been successful and she is one. Some of her more popular films are Mr. Destiny, Lethal Weapon 3 and the all-time favorite The Thomas Crown Affair - one of her sexiest roles to date. She is yet another redhead who has retained her grace and beauty.

8 Jane Seymour - 64

Jane Seymour has had a long and very successful career. In her earlier years, she was known for being a Bond girl in Live and Let Die (1973) and Somewhere in Time (1980). However, she became an overnight television star when she landed her role as Dr. Quinn in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. She is still on the screen dipping in and out of television series like Franklin & Bash, and, we might add - as a very sexy cougar.

7 Susan Lucci - 68

Now a co-star on Devious Maids, Susan Lucci was best known for her running performance on ABCs daytime soap All My Children. Her role as Erica Kane lasted 41 years, which must make her one of the longest running characters in the history of television. For her role on the show, she was nominated 21 times for an Emmy and won only one time in 1999.  But she keeps on smiling and looking like the tremendous beauty she is - even though she has admitted to using injections and fillers.

6 Susan Sarandon - 68

Susan Sarandon has been in the business since 1970 when she worked in the film Joe. She has performed in numerous films that will always be remembered, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Pretty Baby, The Witches of Eastwick, Bull Durham and Thelma and Louise. Her activism has resulted in being appointed a UNICEF Good Will Ambassador and other honorable awards. Susan has been considered a sexy celebrity for her entire career.

5 Stephanie Powers - 72

Although Stephanie Powers is most known for her role in the hit television series Hart to Hart, with Robert Wagner, she has played a number of roles throughout her career. In fact, she appeared in numerous roles - such as The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., which was a spin-off of the popular series The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - along with many other television shows. She was always considered sexy, classy and versatile and at 72-years-old is still going strong.

4 Ann-Margaret - 73

Swedish-born Ann-Margret is one of Hollywood's sexiest singers, dancers and actresses to ever hit the silver screen. Bye Bye Birdie was her most famous role, although she had many memorable performances such as Viva Las Vegas, Carnal Knowledge and Tommy. The most wonderful comeback was when Ann-Margret joined Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men.

3 Raquel Welch - 74

This sex goddess never would have made such a splash in the business but she managed to continuously show off more than just her physical goods. She was sexy, but also funny, vulnerable and strong. She was listed no. 2 in Men's Health Magazine's Hottest Women of All Time list. Her stunning looks have often been attributed to her loyalty to her yoga practice.

2 Tina Turner - 75

Tina Turner can still stun audiences with her high-energy performances. She is a singer, dancer, actress and author and she has been in the business for over 50 years. After her public falling out with original singing partner - Ike Turner - Tina became an even bigger hit and went on to produce hits such as Let's Stay Together and What's Love Got to do With It. Ms. Tina has lived in Switzerland for decades and still maintains her international fame. She looks marvelous and stays energized.

1 Jane Fonda - 78

Jane Fonda is more than an actress, she is an icon. It is partly because she is a part of a royal Hollywood family with brother Peter and father Henry, but mostly because of what she has accomplished in her life. She recently performed as network owner on Newsroom, a highly acclaimed HBO series that brought her two Emmy Award nominations. She has always been considered a sex symbol, from her acting, workout tapes and more recent movies roles, such as Monster in Law (2005) and Georgia Rule (2007).

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