13 Items Women Only Wear To Please You

Since the beginning of time, women were always measured by their over-all outer appearance. Though feminists today may violently protest the notion that women are nothing more than objects, the fact of the matter is, looks weigh more heavily for a woman than they do for a man. Those who are blessed with natural beauty (at least in the eyes of the world) are lucky that they don’t have to put much effort into their appearance. But those who, according to our superficial standards, aren’t up to par, have to put in a little more effort to attract that much-wanted attention.

Luckily, these days there are ways to enhance one’s appearance short of resorting to plastic surgery. There are hair products to make one’s locks look shinier. Hundreds of types of cosmetics are out there to enhance the eyes with the right application of eye shadow and the perfect shade of lipstick to make the lips look more luscious. Then of course, there are the clothes that can greatly complement the figure and give the illusion of a gorgeous body. Unfortunately, majority of clothes that make a woman look sexy in the eyes of men are extremely uncomfortable to wear. But as vanity so dictates, style over comfort, right? Kidding aside, of course, the best attire any woman can wear to look beautiful is a smile and oodles of self-confidence.

13 Push-up bras


If you aren’t well-endowed in the chest area, your bosom buddy is the push-up bra. Its meaning is self-explanatory: it pushes up the breasts to give that much-desired cleavage. Unfortunately, it’s also quite difficult to wear for long periods of time because the underwire pinches into the skin and the lower portion of the breasts, making it painful. Probably the least comfortable type of push-up bra to don is one that’s also strapless—because the bra is only held up by the strap that runs under the breasts.

12 Corsets

When women were no longer required to wear corsets, they heaved a huge sigh of relief and gladly traded them for loose shifts in the flapper era 1920s. But while they were once a thing of the past, corsets have made a reappearance in the last five or so years. Women once again want to re-create that hour-glass figure to look deliciously curvy in their dresses. A corset does things to the spleen and ribs, but it’s apparently worth the discomfort for a few hours of looking fabulous.

11 Thongs

Since tight pants or skirts basically cling like second skin, one of the challenges of wearing them is trying to hide the underwear lines beneath. Sometimes, even seamless panties won’t do the trick. And so women have to resort to wearing thong or G-string panties. Wearing one of these will give you a perpetual, unfixable wedgie, no matter how much you try to squirm around to get the seam into place. Yes, your ass will look fabulous, but you’ll be cringing the entire time.

10 Tube tops

Strapless tops have always been tricky to wear, especially if you have an A-cup sized bra because there’s nothing to hold up the neckline. Tube tops are even more of a nuisance. For one, you’ll have to wear a strapless bra, which is by no means comfortable either, under it. Then you’ll be so self-conscious that the top might slink down and you’ll constantly be yanking it up. So while it can make you look sexy, showing off those shoulders and arms, it’s also not the best thing to wear if you’re going for comfortable.

9 Halter tops

If you want to draw attention to nicely shaped shoulders and toned arms, a halter top is the sexiest outfit you can put on. And if worn properly, it can hold up pretty nicely too. But the downside of halter tops is that they’re held up at the nape of your neck. So if you need it to stay up, the way it’s tied can be quite stifling and cause some pain because it’s basically eating into the top of your spine. But again, vanity wins over comfort every time!

8 Sheer tops

One of the most suggestive, yet subtle outfits a woman can wear is a sheer top. It hints at some skin, but doesn’t show all the goods. The more prudent types would probably resort to layering a sheer top, wearing maybe a camisole or tank top underneath it. But if you’re dressing to kill, you can wear a sexy, lacy bra beneath the very transparent material of the blouse. It takes a lot of confidence to be able to pull off this look. Without that self-assurance, you’ll be consciously looking down and checking that your bra isn’t askance every few minutes.

7 Cowl neck shirts


The cowl neck top has been in and out of fashion for decades and for good reason. It gives that flowy, Grecian feel to the outfit while giving the wearer that very feminine aura. While the more conservative cowl neck tops come with a built-in camisole underneath it, there are those that just drop down suggestively between the cleavage. When wearing this kind of top, you always have to be careful not to bend over, so as not to run the risk of flashing the world with your goods.

6 Hipster jeans

Though high-waist jeans are great for keeping that tummy in, they’re nowhere near as sexy as jeans that ride low on your hips paired with a cropped top. If you’ve got rocking abs, this look can leave any guy drooling. The downside about hipster jeans comes when you attempt to sit down or squat. Because the jeans’ waist line is on the hips, it slips lower and can expose your butt crack for everyone to see. So unless you’re confident enough to show some ass cleavage, then this type of jeans isn’t something you should be wearing.

5 Skinny jeans

While straight cut jeans are probably the most comfortable, they’re not exactly the most flattering style of denim pants. A pair of skinny jeans affords you the opportunity to show off the contours of your long, shapely legs without actually having to show any skin. Men find this pair of bottoms pretty hot, especially when paired with a flowy, sexy top. The problem with this style is it can be too tight, to the point that the crotch bites into your female bits, making it uncomfortable to the point of pain. In extreme cases, it can even cause urinary or yeast infections.

4 Pencil skirts

The pencil skirt may definitely be perfect for the corporate world, especially when paired with a button-down blouse tucked into the skirt. But it’s not exactly the most practical thing to wear. For one, pencil skirts mean less mobility. Your strides can’t be too wide or you run the risk of tearing the skirt. For another, it can be quite difficult to sit because the skirt can hug your thighs a little too tightly or press against your stomach and give you that much-hated bulge. So if you persist on wearing pencil skirts, girdles and Spanx should be your best friends.

3 Micro mini A-line skirts

Little skirts are so much fun to wear during the warmer months because they give your legs that breathing space and make you look tres chic as well. Tight, short skirts can sometimes come across as slutty, but the ones with the flowy material are both classy and sexy at the same time. Just make sure you don’t wear that tiny A-line skirt on a windy day. You’ll have hell to pay when you constantly have to keep holding the skirt down so as not to flash everyone with your underwear, no matter how cute it is.

2 Short shorts

While short shorts may be a little more comfortable than a short skirt in the sense that you won’t have to worry about the hem flying up and showing your assets, it’s no less squirm-inducing. Yes, you get to show off your gams, but just like skinny jeans, the crotch of the short shorts can ride up your own crotch. You’ll constantly have to be yanking down the material so that it doesn’t keep riding up between your thighs.

1 Stilettos

For those who aren’t blessed with legs that go on for miles, you’ll definitely be glad that high heels were invented. And though wedge and platform shoes are not only comfortable, but make you look taller, they don’t quite have the same effect as a pair of stiletto heels. The higher, the better, they say. Unfortunately, four-inch stilettos also make for the most difficult time staying on your feet for too long. For one, the arch of your foot will be way too curved for comfort. Secondly, your calf muscles can triple in size. And lastly, wearing sky-high heels can cause you to lose your balance and fall flat on your face, bruising not just your physical attributes, but your ego as well.

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