13 Rappers Who Get The Most Hate

There are some rappers that are generally well loved like Nas, Andre 3000 and Busta Rhymes and there are quite a few other rappers that generate all kinds of hate just upon mention of their names. The following article consists of 13 rappers that have no problem at all in rubbing people the wrong way. Some of these hated rappers are considered to be extremely disrespectful, others have a tendency for picking beefs with other musicians and there are others who are just so full of themselves. Why don't you see whether the rapper you most dislike made this list? See below ....

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13 Soulja Boy

24-yr-old rapper Soulja Boy is a rapper who gets a lot of hate, and to put it simply, it’s because most rappers and fans alike think he’s a spoiled and disrespectful individual. Part of the problem is that he became a millionaire while he was still in his teens so he has really never needed to depend on anyone for anything. Just this past year, he has gotten into arguments with R&B singer K. Michelle over insinuations he made that he had sex with her. He also went through a social media beef with Philly street rapper Gillie Da Kid in which he threatened to pistol whip him. He apparently has a net worth of $25 million so an attitude change from him is not likely anytime soon.

12  Chief Keef

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19-yr-old rapper Chief Keef is a rapper from Chicago who glorifies the violence and debauchery of the street life. However it’s gotten to the point where the rates of gang-related deaths in that city have gotten totally out of hand. It’s a serious and grave problem, and even fans of street rap don’t understand why Chief Keef and other rappers in his crew continue to make the music they make and champion such a reckless lifestyle. People also think his success was based on a fluke and not on any real success. Suffice it to say, he’s definitely not one of the well-liked personalities in rap music.

11 The Game

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There are several reasons why The Game gets so much hate. First off, it’s fair to state to say that he is a very talented rapper, and he’s certainly proved that he has staying power in the industry. The thing that’s most annoying about him is his constant namedropping on records. On almost every song, it seems he’s always trying to prove to his fans just how chummy he is with the elite of the rap game. He’s always talking about he did this or that with Kanye West, Pharrell, Dr. Dre, Scarface or Lil’ Wayne. It’s okay for a couple of songs, but when this goes on for years and years, it’s a strategy that gets old really quickly.

10 Kanye West

So why does Kanye West get so much hate in the industry? A whole pamphlet could be written with possible answers to that question. But perhaps, the most succinct and encompassing answer is that he’s completely pompous and overly into himself. There is no doubt that he’s a great musician and has produced some really spectacular records in the last ten years. However there is really no excuse for some of his episodes of erratic behavior including his interruption of Taylor Swift at the MTV VMA’s and his rude outburst with respected music DJ/VJ Sway. As long as he keeps making great music, fans will still support him, but when the hits stop coming, he better be careful.

9 Azealia Banks

We all know some people that for the life of us we can’t figure out what must be going on in their brains. That’s a similar feeling that the entire rap world has about young Harlem rapper Azealia Banks. For the few short years she’s been in the rap game, she has managed to pick fights with so many people. Some of those names include: Iggy Azalea, Jim Jones, T.I., Angel Haze, A$AP Rocky, Rita Ora and even Lady Gaga. When you have problems with so many people, the dust starts to clear and people start to realize that she’s most probably the cause of all these issues. It’s a shame because she does have some talent, and if this continues, the hate will be so much that she won’t have any friends at all.

8  Drake

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Drake is one of the rappers who exists in rarified air within the Hip-Hop industry. The one facet about him that truly sets him apart is that no one else at this moment is better than him at writing and constructing a hit song. He has the perfect ear to make radio smashes and that’s why he’s so successful. The reason he gets so much hate is that a large sect of rap fans think he’s somewhat corny and “softcore.” This stems mostly from what is deemed as a pampered upbringing in Toronto and his many years as a young actor in the Canadian television show Degrassi: The Next Generation. He has also had some pretty public beefs with rap vets like Common and Pusha T, and these issues might have fueled the hate against him even further.

7 Migos

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A lot of rap purists in the industry think that the group Migos from Atlanta represents everything that’s wrong with Hip-Hop. In 2013, they released a sophomoric party track called “Versace” that went viral very quickly. The lyrics on the song were nothing to call home about, but the hook was so catchy that it became an instant radio favorite. The song was so popular that even Drake hopped on the track and did a cameo verse on the remix. The group’s three members are known for their gaudy style, bling’d out jewelry and energetic live shows. But there is a widespread perception that there’s really no substance behind their shiny appearance. That’s why they get so much hate and it will be interesting to see if they can keep on making hit songs in the future.

6  B.o.B.

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The rapper B.o.B. hails from Atlanta, and he has been one of the most commercially successful rappers to emerge from the south in recent years. He debuted on the Billboard charts in early 2010 with a hit single called “Nothin’ on You” featuring Bruno Mars that shot straight to the top. He followed that up with another single called “Airplanes” featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore that also shot to the top. However after the success of these singles and the accompanying album, he seemed to have taken an unexplainable route with his music. At first, he had a refreshing eclectic and diverse vibe, and then he signed with T.I.’s Grand Hustle label and starting making more generic street/club records. So with him, the hate he gets mostly is probably due to the disappointment that his fans feel towards him. Most were expecting him to be the next coming of Andre 3000 (of Outkast), but that potential never really developed.

5 Brian "Baby" Williams

Cash Money records is the one of the most important labels in the industry, and it has been so for many years. It’s the record label that launched the careers of Lil Wayne and Juvenile, and it also owns the imprint YMCMB that has a roster of Nicki Minaj, Drake and Tyga. The head honcho of the label is Brian “Baby” Williams, and he has a really bad reputation. He’s known for drawing up lopsided, dishonest contracts with his artists and refusing to pay producers and songwriters for their work. This doesn’t make any sense because he’s worth of hundreds of millions of dollars. Just recently, Lil’ Wayne was asking to be released from his contract with Cash Money, and that’s a true sign of just how bad things have gotten.

4 Yung Berg

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Chicago rapper Yung Berg officially holds the title as Public Enemy #1 right now. That’s because of an issue that happened a few weeks ago. Berg is one of the cast members on the reality show Love And Hip-Hop Hollywood and he was involved in an incident where he reportedly beat up his girlfriend Masika Tucker over a credit card he gave her that got declined. His pride was probably hurt and he took out his frustration on her. After this unforgivable episode, he was fired from the show and the backlash has been strong from the rap community at large. He also had an issue years back with Brooklyn rapper Maino which ended up in him getting smacked around for acting disrespectful.

3 Troy Ave

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Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave is one of the new upstarts in the rap industry, and he has made some decent strides in the last few years. He has a very strong work ethic and he was even able to get the global sportswear company Adidas to sponsor an album he released last year. The one issue about him that constantly brings him a steady flow of hate is the fact that most think that his career is based on 50 Cent’s blueprint. He has actually even stated this before that he’s trying to put NYC rap back on the map the same way that Fiddy did when he dropped his debut album years ago. The problem with that is that Hip-Hop is based on originality and individuality - so an imitator is always going to be met with a certain amount of hate.

2 Riff Raff

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The 32-yr-old Houston rapper Riff Raff is a real oddity in the rap game. First of all, his appearance alone tends to rub many rappers and fans the wrong way. There is the funny way he shaves his beard, he wears his hair in cornrows and he seems to always find the oddest-looking eyewear to rock. Before he entered the rap game, he was a contestant on the MTV Reality show From G’s to Gents. He’s presently signed to the label owned by popular record producer Diplo, and he released his debut studio album Neon Icon earlier this year. So why does he get all the hate? Well, there’s this notion that he’s this big fake caricature dabbling in rap music for the wrong reasons. Authenticity is a big deal in rap, and Riff Raff comes off like one brightly-dressed joke.

1 French Montana

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The year of 2014 will definitely go down as one to remember for Bronx rapper French Montana. He went from being a moderately popular NYC rapper to being thrust into the mainstream tabloids and gossip sites for dating Khloe Kardashian. Along the way, he also appeared on the lead single from J.Lo’s  latest album and he managed to get on the wrong side of Miami rapper Trina. He was apparently in a serious relationship with Trina before Khloe came into the picture and he was quick to throw her to the side. He gets so much hate because he has the reputation of an opportunist who will do anything to get more rich and famous. As we all know, that’s not the best reputation to have.

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