13 New and Bizarre Plastic Surgery Trends

Nip and tuck plastic surgery has been a common solution to fighting physical signs of aging for decades, and in the past 20 years breast, penile, derriere and abdominal muscle implants have gained popularity.

Human vanity continues to fuel the plastic surgery industry. News of emerging techniques to alter body parts for strictly narcissistic reasons breaks almost daily, revealing groundbreaking procedures to alter the body from head to toe.

12 Eyebrow Transplants

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Now you can get the eyebrows of your dreams without hours of plucking and preening. Or if you've spent years of too much plucking and waxing and your eyebrows stop growing, transplants are a good solution. There are two procedural options, both of which begin with you and your surgeon custom designing the eyebrows with a stencil. The most successful method is Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) in which a 4-inch strip of scalp is cut from the back of the head and the hairs removed to fill in the stencils above your eyes. Scarring is a common side effect. NeoGrafting, the alternate route, involves extracting hair directly from the scalp and transplanting it into the eyebrow area. It has less chance of scarring but has an overall lower rate of success. Transplants of this kind typically raise eyebrows, as they cost between $6,000 and $8,000.

11 Eyelash Transplants

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Once you get the ideal eyebrows in place, your eyelashes might not be up to par but no worries. Since eyelashes also tend to get more sparse with age, just like hair all over your body, this procedure is more prevalent among the older demographic. Sparse eyelashes are sometimes genetic but they can also thin from medications and treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Follicles from the healthiest part of your body are transplanted to the rim of your eyelid where they root and continue to grow. The body naturally regulates the length of the lashes, so you don't have to fret over eyelashes growing to unmanageable lengths. The price tag for eyelash transplants start at around $2,500 and vary depending on the amount of lashes that need transplantation.

10 Eye Implants

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If you've been plagued throughout life with unsightly abnormalities in your irises, that problem is now remedied by a company called BrightOcular. They developed artificial iris silicone implants. Folded and surgically implanted into the eye, they cover up any flaws and make irises in both eyes identical. The implants can also replace colored contacts as a way to permanently change your natural eye color. Often used to rehabilitate eyes damaged by injury, the procedure costs around $5,000 for both eyes.

9 Dimple Design

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Dimples have long been admired in both men and women, with stars like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Garner sporting smiles accentuated by the cute little indentations on either side of their face. You no longer have to rely on genes to bless you with this beauty mark as they can now be created with simple plastic surgery. A tiny incision is made inside the mouth and then a wee stitch is sewn to connect the buccinator muscle and the skin of the cheek. Voila! Every time you smile, your grin will be more memorable. One of the few cosmetic procedures that offers a "deal," some providers offer one dimple for $1,000 or two for $1,500.

8 Voice Lift

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After you've revamped your eyebrows, eyelashes, eyes and smile, you'll need a beautiful voice to match. Much like the procedures involved in face lifts that correct sagging skin and wrinkles, voice lift surgery requires alteration of the vocal cords. An incision is made in the neck and implants and/or injections are used to create a strong, melodious voice free of hesitation or vacillation. Favored by singers, public speakers, transsexuals, and those whose voices have suffered damage through injury or disease, voice lifts typically cost between $3,500 and $7,000.

7 Tongue Splitting

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Just when you think the pinnacle of voluntary body mutilation has been reached, another trend emerges. What better cosmetic procedure to add to body piercing and tattoos than tongue splitting. Also known by the more clinical term tongue bifurcation, tongue splitting surgery involves simply bisecting the tongue muscle from front to a third to halfway back. No word on how the $1,000 to $2,500 medically performed alteration affects speech, eating or French kissing.

6 Hand Lifts

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Since many brides-to-be are older these days anywhere from the first to third or fourth time around, they want their hands to look as flawless as the diamond in the engagement ring they're flaunting. A relatively new substance called Juvederm is injected into the hands and fingers. It instantly plumps the skin and makes wrinkles subside, making your hands look years younger. The process only takes around 10 minutes and is bargain priced at around $1,200. The lift lasts about 9 months, so if you get married multiple times, you can easily update your hands for each betrothal.

If you're a strong believer in palmistry, the practice of examining the features of somebody's palms purportedly in order to predict that person's destiny, there's now a way to create or alter the lines in the palm of your hands to revise the path of your destiny. This cosmetic procedure is most popular in Japan where the belief in palmistry is most common. One hand costs around $1,000, with no guarantees your favorite palm reader will predict a brighter future for you with revamped lines.

5 Internal Bra

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Breast implants are no longer necessary to get those perky ta-tas you've always craved. The internal bra plastic surgery is pretty self-explanatory. Hardened silicone cups are inserted under the breast tissue at the base of the breast. Silk straps are attached to the cups, lifted to upturn the breasts, and then screwed into place in your rib cage. Of course, you can always just invest in a push-up bra. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the internal bra is about $6,800 and prevents breasts from sagging for about 10 years.

4 Thigh Gap Surgery

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Somewhere, somehow, the idea that an attractive feature in women is a gap between their thighs big enough to see light through has emerged. What used to be a sign of serious malnutrition and lack of muscle tone is suddenly a beauty statement and, not surprisingly, there's a procedure available to achieve it. Thrive Clinic owner Clint Herzog reported on CBS that his clinic uses a colder laser therapy known as Zerona to create the gap. It shrinks fat cells and emulsifies the outer layer of thigh fat, which exits through the body's lymphatic system. Prepare to spend up to $4,000 for this procedure.

3 Butt Lifts

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In 2013, butt lift surgeries increased by 44 per cent, according to stats provided by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The demand for more pronounced derrieres had been increasing for the past few years and continues to be among the most requested plastic surgeries. Technically known as buttock augmentation, it involves a combination of liposucting fat from prime areas like things, hips and bellies and injecting it into the fanny, along with careful fat grafting to create the perfect butt. Costs run between $5,000 and $8,000.

2 Vaginal Plastic Surgery

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Also known as vaginal restoration, this procedure can be fine-tuned to achieve a variety of results. It can tighten the vaginal canal to make sexual intercourse more pleasurable for both partners. There are many variations in the procedures, so prices range between $2,500 and $12,000 depending on the extent of reconstruction performed.

1 Cinderella Surgery

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After the rest of the body has been revamped, you might as well give the foundation a makeover to complete the project. To facilitate fitting into various styles and types of shoes, feet can be altered for beauty and comfort. Bunions can be permanently removed, toes lengthened or shortened, and fat injected into the soles of the feet to give you a natural, fleshy pad to ward off discomfort. Bunion surgery can cost over $5,000 but since it's not considered "cosmetic" surgery and falls under basic podiatric care, your insurance might cover it. If you want shorter toes, each little piggy will set you back between $500 and $1,000, making pinky toes skinnier costs around $2,000, and adding an extra layer of cushioning to the bottoms of your feet runs $500 and up. Consider cosmetic foot surgery carefully, as many doctors cite the complications far outweigh the beauty benefits.

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