13 Insanely Beautiful Backyards That Will Make You Sick

Having a lavish home is not the easiest to maintain, but some people undoubtedly think it’s worth it. And by some people, we mean the rich and richer. How many features have we seen, whether on print or on TV, of celebrity homes that scream of wealth and prestige? The larger the estate, the more successful the celebrity is. For anyone really, owning a home is a status symbol, proof of how far you’ve come in this world.

It’s usually the celebrities who own the extravagant homes, but other moneyed individuals have their slice in the pie, as well. Successful businessmen, CEOs, magnates, and scions are also proud owners of beautiful homes, though these homes may not be as high profile as the homes of those in the entertainment business. But they’re no less opulent. The homes listed below, though, are not in the limelight for the structure of the house, but rather for their million dollar backyards that will make us ordinary folk green with envy.


13 Mediterranean Home, Greenwich, Connecticut

Nestled in the lush greenery of Greenwich in Connecticut is a Mediterranean-style home that spans five acres and costs $10 million. The home features both an indoor and outdoor pool, a private pond with its very own swans taking up residence, and a spectacular view of a shimmering lake. The property also has a little tree house that looks out onto the lake, as well as a basketball court amidst the lush trees that dot the estate.

12 Fairview Road Residence

As far as outdoor entertainment goes, a residence on Fairview Road takes the cake as one of the most impressive. The home’s backyard has an old arbor that was masterfully converted into a kitchen by the poolside. The outdoor kitchen comes complete with grill, sink, and of course, a giant flat screen TV, giving the owner ample opportunity to cook and entertain at the same time.

11 Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California

Who said castles are only found in Europe? There’s an actual castle in San Simeon, California, one that served as the home to publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, who aptly called the structure Hearst Castle. The grounds boast of a Roman temple imported directly from Europe and placed by the Neptune pool, which has a waterfall, no less. Aside from the waterfall, the pool is surrounded by eye-catching marble structures and offers an amazing view of the seemingly endless expanse of acreage in the property.

10 Tudor Home, Westbury, New York

Straight out of European history books seemed to be the theme when constructing the Tudor-style home in Westbury, New York. Found within 115 acres of land, the brick structure is surrounded by a myriad of gardens and thousands of trees, shrubs, and flowers. But perhaps the property’s piece de resistance is the medieval-looking bridge that spans across a pond that’s found on a nine-hole golf course. The bridge certainly seems like it belongs to a time long gone.

9 Backyard with a movie screen in the gazebo

The owners of a piece of land with a mansion that was built by Ancaster Design-Build Firms and landscaped by Cedar Springs Landscape Group truly wanted to be unique when a tropical-themed patio was built in the home’s backyard. But it’s no ordinary patio. Yes, it’s surrounded by lush green trees and stands on a perfectly mowed lawn, but its cabana is unique, built as a swanky rec room, complete with movie screen, plush couches, and a state-of-the-art entertainment system.

8 Sandcastle, Bridgehampton, New York

The owner of a building company with clients from the Hamptons is practically expected to have his own set of extravagant digs. And true to form, big-time businessman Joe Farrell is the proud owner of Sandcastle in Bridgehampton, New York. The $43.5 million home lies on 12 acres of greenery and features an outdoor kitchen and roofed verandas in its backyard. Added to these amenities are a fire pit, a massive swimming pool, spa, tennis court, a recreation pavilion, guest house, pool house, and to top all of that off—an actual baseball field.

7 Normandy-style Home, Sands Point, New York


What comes to mind when one hears that a home is in the Normandy-style is that it looks very French. But the colossal property in Sands Point, New York is an eclectic mix of Italy, the jungles of Louisiana, and the beaches of the Pacific. The owner has a green thumb and has invested a lot in the ground’s gardens, placing well-shaped shrubs, stone archways, iron gates, and granite statues in one portion. There’s likewise an English knot garden with boxwoods sprouting out of giant fish statues made of bronze. A third garden is in the Alpine style, with a gazebo and a bird sanctuary laden with bird baths.


6 Backyard with floating steps

Another home, with its location undisclosed, has in its backyard a line of steps that lead into a pond, all the way to a cemented area. Though it doesn’t sound that like much, the steps that cut across the pond look like they’re floating on the surface of the water, giving that sense of wariness that you might sink if you walk along those steps. But they’re perfectly safe and lead you to the other side.

5 Backyard with tropical pool

If you like staying in a home that feels like a hotel, then there’s one piece of property that might speak to you. It has a pool that can rival the pools in the swankiest of resorts, a tropical pool dotted with palm trees, rocks, a hot tub, and a cabana. It gives the feeling of being perpetually on vacation right in your very own backyard.

4 Sonoran Desert Home, Scottsdale, Arizona

In the deserts of Arizona lies a 16-acre property that overlooks the beautiful golden brown landscape of the Sonoran desert. Fashioned in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, the home’s backyard boasts of a zip line and chugging train for kids to enjoy. The infinity pool is comparable to the ones in five-star resorts, with waterfalls, a slide, and a hot tub that can fit a good 10 people.

3 Villa Mille Rose, Sonoma, California

The typical backdrops that people want for their homes are the sea or the mountains. But for those who love the sloping hills of Napa Valley, vineyards against the setting sun provide just as breathtaking a view. The Villa Mille Rose in Sonoma not just has as its selling point the vineyards in its backyard, but a beautiful garden amidst it as well, with hundreds of rose bushes, a fruit orchard, and acres of olive trees. The house itself is in the Tuscan style, giving the feeling of being in Italy rather than the United States.

2 Tiger Woods’ Home, Jupiter Island, Florida

Jupiter Island in Florida is an exclusive community and it’s no surprise that there are several celebrities with pieces of land there. One such celeb is Tiger Woods, who bought a massive property on the island and converted it into the ultimate bachelor’s pad after his marriage ended. Of course, the home wouldn’t be complete without Woods’ very own four-green golf course, where he often practices his swing. Aside from his mansion, the grounds also have a 60-foot diving pool, a spa, and tennis and basketball courts.

1 Celine Dion’s Home, Jupiter Island, Florida

Another famous celeb with a home in Jupiter Island is Canadian-born singer Celine Dion. But hers is no ordinary home. She has in her backyard her very own water park, which her children and her nieces and nephews frequently indulge in. The water park boasts of two large slides, two pools, and a river with bridges built across it. As if the water park wasn’t lavish enough, the property also has a sports court and tree house.


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