13 Celebs Who Are Nicer Than You Think

The thing about the media is that they feed us information about people, events and even statistics that rarely provide the full story. As often as we hear and read accolades about celebrities, we read the same amount of information that trashes and defames them. So the public develops strong opinions about the characters of these people whom they have never met.

Talk shows help make these larger than life celebs come off as more real and down to earth. But viewers are generally "onto" public relations efforts that put celebrities on the circuit simply to plug their next performance. So their opinion is often formed by hearing, watching or reading celebrity gossip news, which is meant to be entertainment more than factual news. TMZ and some of the other celebrity news funnels have been accused of "filling in blanks" or skewing their stories by only learning and reporting a portion of the information.

The truth is that celebrities are just regular people. Yes, there are some who have let their fame go to their heads, but most of today's stars know their place in the world and want to live a normal life outside of "their jobs".

Some of these celebs are so real that they often do nice things for other real people. They aren't often noted for these acts of kindness, so today we're exposing 13 celebrities for being genuinely nice people without expecting a payout. See what you think of these acts of kindness and if you think they are no big deal, ask yourself if you have or would ever do the same.

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13 Tom Cruise

12 Keanu Reeves

Keanu is about love not money, as evidenced by how he rushed to his sister's side when she was diagnosed with leukemia, even though filming had to stop on his current project at the time. Not only did he personally take care of her, he also donated millions to the hospital for the advancement of leukemia research.

He is also known for subsidizing the casting of a couple of his projects by offering to take less in order for the project to afford more expensive actors. For example, he negotiated away part of his salary in order to get Al Pacino for The Devil's Advocate. He did the same for the film The Replacements and ended up taking a 90% cut in pay.

After earning $35 million for the first Matrix film, Reeves signed on with a profit sharing deal for the two follow-up films. Instead of taking the cash for himself, he gave away approximately $75 million to the crew members that worked with him on the films.

11 Johnny Depp

You can just tell by the movies he selects, that Johnny Depp is just an all around nice guy. He is extremely likable and continues to demonstrate his willingness to share and give to others. He once jumped in front of some crew members when a stunt car that was out of control was running toward them. How about this: he adopted a horse from the set of Sleepy Hollow in order to save it from being put down. The most heart-warming story was when Johnny dressed up like Captain Jack and surprised a young fan who had written him a letter at her school. When he and a few other cast members showed up in full costumes at her school, she was stunned and delighted, as were her classmates.

10 Justin Timberlake

9 Neil Patrick Harris

8 Taylor Swift

This young talent took a spoof intended to humiliate her and turned it around to make something nice happen. Evidently, the internet buzz was about booking Taylor Swift for a live performance at a school for the deaf. She, or someone on her staff, got wind of the spoof so rather than make a more typically Swift move by calling out the pranksters in one of her tell all, revenge driven songs, she took the high road. She donated $10,000 to the school and supplied all of the students with show tickets.

7 Carrie Underwood

After giving less than her best performance at a gig in Des Moines, Iowa, Carrie Underwood decided to give back her profit to the community in which she performed. She was not feeling her best, so she knew her performance was not tip top, which just didn't sit well with the sweet minded, young vocalist. If you think about it, Underwood could have easily canceled the gig and saved everyone time and money. Instead, the crew and venue got to keep the money made on her performance and the audience got to hear a performance that was discounted to help their community. She is really the only one to have sacrificed a thing - her time and money.

6 Aaron Paul

This fan favorite - Aaron Paul - was the meth-dealing Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, a hit series that ended in 2013. This bad guy is such a good guy that he helped save Henry's Tacos in Hollywood. To get the motions in wheel and help out the restaurant owner, he tweeted a series of open invitations for anyone listening to meet up with him at Henry's on a specific time and day. LA Taco lovers were sad when Henry's closed down, but reopened a couple of blocks away, so Aaron's actions were successful.

5 Russell Brand

4 T.I.

3 Ryan Gosling

There have been a couple of reported "good guy" stories about Ryan Gosling. Although he doesn't always play characters we like, the real guy looks out for others. For example, Laurie Penny's tweet that got picked up by the media reads, "I literally, LITERALLY just got saved from a car by Ryan Gosling. I was crossing 6th avenue in a new pink wig. Not looking the right way because I am from London. Ryan Gosling grabbed me away from a taxi."

2 Ben Stiller

It's no surprise that Ben Stiller is a nice guy. After all, look at his parents - they are two of the most genuine entertainers from the earlier days of show business - Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller. He's been married for nearly 15 years to the same woman and has three kids. All signs of being a real person. How many people realize that this guy often volunteers his time, energy and celebrity, such as when he spent hours on end flipping pancakes during the rescue efforts for Hurricane Sandy.

1 Christian Bale

Christian Bale has an off-screen reputation of being a hot head. However, you can't always believe every bad thing you read. There are two sides to every story. Bale proved himself as a genuinely caring person when he went to the location of the Aurora shootings and visited the survivors in the hospital. There were also reports in 2012 that he took a little 4-year old Ohio boy with cancer (Jayden Barber) and family to Disneyland. Since Batman has been little Jayden's favorite superhero, Batman (Bale in costume) also flew to Youngstown to take part in Jayden Barber Day.

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