12 Celebs And Their Love Children

Celebrities, musicians, royalty and many international government officials have always been excused from the public's critical attention for having "love children". The public may seem bothered once they find out, but then discontinue their disgust in exchange for their ongoing fan-love.

Neither Bill Clinton or Tiger Woods had "love children" but if they had, we're pretty sure the public would have long forgiven and forgotten. In today's society, having children out of wedlock is becoming fairly standard, particularly among the rich and famous. Perhaps the burden of property sharing and prenuptial agreements has taken its toll and gotten too foreboding an effort to make.

You may have caught wind of a few of these, but most of these celebs have managed to keep their love-kids on the "down low". Of course, there are hundreds who fit this category. We selected some of the more well known celebrities and the extenuating situations that gave birth to their additional children.

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11 Eddie Murphy

Spice Girl, Mel B, is the proud mother of Angel Iris, which is Eddie and Mel's little girl. Reports have it that Murphy denied being the father of this little girl until a paternity test was taken and confirmed he is the father. The two have been at odds in the press and have been reported as being extremely hostile toward one another.

Murphy has six children from ex-wife Nicole Mitchell, who has actually stepped in and intervened to help Murphy embrace his seventh child. Evidently, it has worked and Eddie actually held a birthday party for his little one when she turned three.

10 Dwyane Wade

Even though Dwyane Wade was engaged to Gabrielle Union, he manned up and admitted he was the father of a baby boy from his brief romance with Aja Metoyer. Dwyane has been with Gabrielle since 2009, but they took a break from one another, which is when little Xavier Zechariah Wade was conceived. The Sun Sentinel covered the story in 2013 in which Wade stated, "I've always tried to show my importance to my kids' lives and it doesn't change now. So, I, my lady and my family have continued to move forward and I think that's evident with the ring and the proposal that I gave her." Wade has two boys from his ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches.

9 Chuck Norris

This report came from contactmusic.com, after reviewing Chuck Norris's biography. Apparently, Norris - who is very religious - included an admission in the biography, Against All Odds, to having a one-night stand while he was married to his first wife, Diane. Little did he know at the time, but the affair produced Dina, his biological daughter.

When Dina found out who her father was, she went to meet him, against her mother Johanna's wishes. The warm-hearted action star immediately embraced the situation and felt "as if I had known her all my life."

8 Arnold Schwarzenegger 

via: pixgood.com

If you followed the news a few years ago, you already know that body-builder turned-actor-turned governor had a child with a woman who was not Maria Shriver. Former housekeeper Mildred Baena became the mistress and Joseph Baena was the bi-product of their union. When the news hit, it shocked Arnie's fans - but not the many females who had worked with him in the past. Evidently, he was known for using his powerful stature as an entry to being touchy and feely at will.

The interesting thing is how much Joseph looks like a young Arnold. Like father, like son is clearly the picture here.

7 Ray Charles

via: www.mtv.com

Now this is an interesting story. Ray Charles fathered twelve children from ten different mothers. Busy entertainer, right? Well, he acknowledged all of his children during his lifetime and although he left much of his estate to charities, he had not forgotten to take steps to make their lives easier.

Before his death he gathered his kids, ten of whom attended, so he could explain his will as it pertained to each of them. In fact, he had made financial provisions for each of them before he passed on - to the tune of about $500,000 each, according to a story from LATimes.com (2008).

6 Eric Clapton

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5 Clark Gable

via: jezebel.com

Clark Gable was the actor often called The King of Hollywood and a heart-throb to many women everywhere.  He was most known for his roles in Gone With The Wind (1939) and Mutiny on the Bounty (1935), although his film career was long and extensive.

Judy Lewis was the secret daughter of Clark and Loretta Young, who was a budding actress at the time so told her that she was adopted. Judy was hidden in orphanages and kept from the public eye at all costs as it was the norm for unmarried film stars back then. Personal lives were kept hidden and the public persona is all that mattered to the studios.

4 Dan Marino

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Dan Marino, Dolphins quarterback and CBS sports analyst made a public admission through the New York Post that he had an affair with a former production assistant. He has been married to his wife Claire for over 28 years and they have six children.

So his affair happened in 2005 and baby girl Chloe Savattere was the result. Donna Savattere is the mother who has been the recipient of millions of dollars to keep quiet, according to the story in the Post. Marino commented, "This is a personal and private matter. I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions now as I did then."

3 Gavin Rossdale

via: www.justjared.com

Former rock band Bush's lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Gavin Rossdale, who is also husband to Gwen Stefani, was a godfather who not long ago became a father to the same child. For Daisy's first 14 years, her mother had given Gavin the title of godfather and it was only due to an accidental discovery that he learned he was her real father. According to a story in the Dailymail.com, Daisy's mother, Pearl, and Gavin were lovers while she was married. So when she became pregnant,  she kept her daughter's parental information a secret until recently. He was not pleased when she insisted on the DNA test and changed hats from godfather to father, reports say he and Pearl are still estranged.

Gwen and Gavin have three children of their own, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo and now maintain a great relationship with Gavin's new found daughter, Daisy.

2 Ludacris

via: masetv.com

Ludacris was on a break with longtime girlfriend, Eudoxie when he had an affair with baby-mama, Tamika Fuller. It wasn't until recently that he was willing to admit he was the father of Tamika's child, Cai Bella Bridges, who was born a little over a year ago.

The story from TMZ is that Eudoxie is planning to stick by the rapper regardless of what happens with the paternity issue.

1 Tom Jones

via: shutterstock.com/ blog.dancallister.com

Jonathon Berkery, who now uses the name Jon Jones is the biological son of famed singer Tom Jones. For those who are unaware, Tom Jones was the kind of sexy singer whose performances would always include women throwing their panties on-stage. It should come as no surprise that the megastar has admitted to having slept with hundreds of women a year during his hay-day.

What is more of a surprise is that he had only one "love child" after all of that sex. According to reports from the nydailynews.com, biological son Jon and Tom do not stay in touch at all. Tom has been aware of his son since he was 14-months old yet only acknowledged him a few years ago and has since ignored the bond.

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