13 Celebs Who Are Secretly Mean People

Almost all of us have two sides to our personality. On some days, we can be the friendliest people on earth, and then on other days, we could be irritable sacks of nerves that just want to be left alone. Celebrities go through these same mood swings too, but because they are in the public eye, everyone expects them to be super nice all the time. Even after taking into account these unavoidable mood shifts, there are some celebs out there known for being nice and cordial when the cameras are rolling, but as soon as they finish their public duties, they become some of the meanest individuals on earth. Here is a list of 13 of those individuals below:

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13  Sean Penn

Perhaps the best word to use for Sean Penn is not “mean,” – he’s just one of those guys who takes himself so seriously, and he really doesn’t seem to have the ability to take a joke. For example at the 2005 Academy Awards, Chris Rock was doing what Chris Rock does, and he made some jokes about actor Jude Law. Sean Penn didn’t like the tone of the jokes and ignoring the hilarity of the whole situation, he made it verbally clear how he felt. There are even rumors going way back to when he was dating Madonna of his somewhat uncontrolled anger issues. He’s dating the beautiful actress Charlize Theron now – maybe she will be able to finally help him calm the heck down.

12 Jay-Z

From the outside looking in, this rap mogul seems to be a decent guy and a loving husband to Beyoncé and wonderful father to his daughter Blue Ivy. But there are a couple of stories that have surfaced in the past that have shown a mean streak in him. One of those happened in 2012, when legendary actor Robert De Niro approached him at a party and chided Jay-Z for deliberately ignoring several calls he made to him. Also, rock star Josh Homme has also come out publicly saying that his band Queens of the Stone Age were treated badly by Jay-Z’s security team at one of his Budweiser “Made In America” music festivals. He does seem like a guy who would put business first above everything else.

11 Rachael Ray

Food Network star and celebrity chef Rachael Ray has a really warm, loving and inviting exterior, but industry people who work with her all say that this is one huge façade. Apparently when you work on the set with her, she’s quite the meanie. There have been stories of her telling her assistants things like “I need you to not say stupid things to me,” and there are also rumors that she’s prone to fly off the handle when things on set aren’t exactly the way she wants. Might these be one of those cases of a real life Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

10 Ariana Grande

9  Naomi Campbell

The stories of 44-yr-old Naomi Campbell are many and they have been well-documented over the years. She has even had serious legal problems for the deplorable way in which she treats her help staff. As she’s gotten older, one would think she would have gotten wiser and calmed down. But it seems she’s still as feisty as ever. When she was recently serving as host of model reality show The Face, there were several stories of her being rude to her co-hosts and making all types of crazy diva demands. Hers is truly a case of beauty being only skin deep.

8  Meek Mill

27-yr-old rapper Meek Mill is one of the most talented rappers in Hip-Hop today, but it seems that he can’t stop himself from getting into problems with the law. He’s currently in jail for a 4/5 month stint and his incarceration completely put the brakes on a new album he was planning for the end of the year. With regards to his mean streak, the stories all revolve around his undying love for money. Apparently there have been times when fans have asked to take pictures with him, and he’s responded by asking “how much are you going to pay for the pic?” Now for a rapper that’s worth at least a few million, that sounds like a pretty classless move – don’t you agree?

7 Katie Couric

Longtime news anchor Katie Couric is another high-power celebrity who’s known for being too hot to handle. She comes off all nice and wholesome in front of the camera, but when the cameras stop rolling, she’s known to have quite the attitude. She has been caught on tape making fun of fellow news people like Dan Rather and Meredith Vieira, and Kim Kardashian recently lashed out at her for a disparaging comment Couric made about her to In Touch magazine. She might have a warm smile and gleeful demeanor, but underneath it all, there is some serious ice running through those veins.

6 Lea Michele

In 2009, Lea Michele rose to fame as the lead role and singer in the hit Fox Show Glee. She has won numerous awards and earned tons of praise for her acting in this show. She has also gone through some really tough times with the death of her co-star and former boyfriend Cory Monteith. There have been rumors about her acting like a complete diva on set and being disrespectful to her co-actors by taking all kinds of personal breaks during filming. Apparently her major problem on set is with another rumored meanie Naya Rivera. We can only imagine these two going at it – must be quite a scene.

5 Christina Aguileria

She might be all smiles on The Voice or during her public interviews, but there have been so many reports over the years of how she’s downright rude and disrespectful in person. There’s been Kelly Osbourne who said that Christina called her fat for so many years, Julianne Hough who said Aguilera bullied her on the set of Burlesque – and she was also apparently really mean to Avril Lavigne at the recent Brit Music Awards. It’s quite surprising, she actually looks like a person who would be happy and kind all the time.

4 Tommy Lee Jones

Let’s be honest, Tommy Lee Jones doesn’t have the warmest and most inviting face in Hollywood. If most of us were to run into the serious-faced, 68-yr-old at a mall somewhere, we would probably just mentally acknowledge him and walk right by. It turns out in his case though that his exterior looks are a good barometer for his character. In a recent interview Jim Carrey did on Howard Stern, he mentioned that while he was filming the movie Batman Forever in 1995, Tommy Lee Jones showed his true colors, Carrey said that one day while acting on set, Jones turned to him and said, “ I hate you – I really don’t like you … I can’t sanction your buffoonery.” Wow, that’s perhaps one of the meanest comments I’ve ever heard in my life.

3  Michael Jordan

You would think that someone who is loved and revered as one of the best basketball players in the world, owns an NBA team and has a successful sneaker brand would hopefully be a nice guy. But apparently, that’s not the case at all. Similar to Meek Mill, he apparently loathes taking time out for pics with his fans, and when you ask for a picture with him, you better hope and pray that he’s in a good mood. This is one that really baffles us – with all the riches and status he has, would it be so bad to even pretend to be a good guy?

2  Mischa Barton

When it comes to actresses in Hollywood that are rumored to be closet divas, Mischa Barton is certainly one of the very top on the list. There are quite a few stories about her that have been told by fellow cast members on her breakthrough show “The O.C.” One of the stories is by the actor Tate Donavan who played her Dad on the show. In a visit to the Andy Cohen show, he mentioned that on set, Mischa was “nasty … and had a terrible reputation.” Perhaps that’s the reason why her career hasn’t blossomed as much as people thought it would when since when her major show ended.

1 Kiefer Sutherland

Actor Kiefer Sutherland has already enjoyed a very successful career in Hollywood. However it doesn’t seem that all the accolades and money have toned down his personality issues. Apparently Sutherland is known for enjoying long nights of heavy drinking and he doesn’t socialize well with other actors either. Some of his fellow actors have reported that he’s a nightmare to work with on set. Freddie Prinze Jr. who worked with him for a season of 24 said Kiefer almost made him want to quit acting. Sources close to Prinze mentioned that he would regularly complain of Sutherland showing up to work drunk and staying in his trailer for hours and hours while everyone waited for him. Damn, he sounds like a really major jerk.

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