12 Of The Strangest Celebrity Hookups

It's only in Hollywood where the most unlikely of people have hooked up. It seems like once someone lands their feet in stardom the dating pool is fair game. If you are rich enough you can simply have your people organize a date with the one you desire. Unlikely duos may find each other from working together or one may view the other as a conquest, who knows? What we do know is that there have been celebrity hookups that have made you sit and wonder "why is she or he dating him?"Here is a list of 12 strange celebrity hookups that made you say, "Really?"

12 Cher and Val Kilmer

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Singer and actress, Cher dated Batman actor, Val Kilmer for nine months back in 1984. Kilmer was thirteen years Cher's junior and he had just landed his role in the upcoming movie, Top Gun. It was at Cher's birthday party, thrown by actress, Meryl Streep, where the two met. Cher has described Kilmer as being "Sensitive, artistic, humorous and a great kisser." While Kilmer has called Cher a "really smart girl" unfortunately that was not enough to keep the pair together.

11 Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra

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X Factor creator and judge, Simon Cowell confirmed that he was dating model, Carmen Electra in December of 2012. Cowell had made it clear in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that Electra was not his "girlfriend," but rather a person he was dating. Although Cowell did mention that he found Electra to be adorable. Electra only had nice things to say about Cowell as well, stating that "He's so cute. He is adorable. He's actually a sweetheart." The two first met on the show Britain's Got Talent. They only lasted a couple of months together as they broke it off in February of 2013.

10 Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson

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In 2008, rumors swirled around that Michael Jackson was dating Pamela Anderson and it turns out it was all true. The two were said to have gone on a few dates that were highly private and fully arranged by Jackson's network of people. It was stated that the couple went on their first date at the Shutters Hotel in Malibu, where they had drinks as they talked privately in the corner of the bar. There were reports that the two hit it off very well, which is why they ended up on the second date, going for coffee in Malibu. However, it appears that nothing more transpired between the two.

9 Moby and Natalie Portman

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Electronic musician, Moby gave hope to people everywhere when it was announced that he was dating the beautiful actress, Natalie Portman back in 2001. In an article featured in Spin magazine, Moby talked about how nerds are finding their own type of sex symbol status with people beginning to find nerds sexy. However, it was not all roses for Moby when he was dating Portman. He explained that he had been receiving a lot of nerd wrath from dating the "Star Wars" actress, as he stated "You can't date Luke Skywalker's mom and not have them hate your guts."

8 Edward Norton and Courtney Love

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Actor, Edward Norton actually dated singer Courtney Love for four years. The two met in 1997 on the set of The People Vs Larry Flint and hit it off. Since their break-up, Love has voiced her regret on not making it work with Norton, stating "I should have married Edward, I left him for a bad man who stole my money." The two have remained close, as Norton is Love's daughter, Francis Bean's godfather. However in 2010, Love ranted on Twitter how Norton allegedly made her lose $300,000 in an investment gone wrong. Since then, Love has apologized for the accusations and has called Norton "nothing but a good force."

7 Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts

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Actress, Julia Roberts began dating country singer, Lyle Lovett in June of 1993 and they were married three weeks later. Their entire relationship appeared odd to the world, from their wedding that was planned in a matter of 72 hours to their living in separate residences despite being married. Roberts had even stated how it was "a little difficult to go from spending time together to not spending time together." Thus it was no surprise to anyone when the couple announced they were splitting up after 21 months of marriage.

6 Lucy Liu and George Clooney

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Hollywood sex symbol, George Clooney was rumored to be dating Lucy Liu in 2000 and was then spotted re-kindling his romance with her in 2006. There was nothing serious between the two. However, it was reported that in 2006 the pair had been spotted getting very steamy together in a Miami night club. Witnesses of the hookup reportedly saw Liu all over Clooney as his hands began to wander as well. When Liu was asked to comment on the incident she replied with "it's nobody's business."

5 Brooke Shields and Nicolas Cage

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It was in the 80's that Brooke Shields made a name for herself staring in her infamous Calvin Kline ad and being the youngest person to ever be placed on the cover of Vogue. It was also during this time that the young model dated actor, Nicolas Cage. They pair were only together for a year, but often made appearances at notable events including the premier of Cage's film, Moonstruck. Despite their breakup long ago, it appears the two still have something in common as they were both ordered by the IRS to pay hefty back taxes owed in 2006.

4 Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner

In 2010, Avril Lavigne surprised her fans when she began dating model and step-brother to the Kardashains, Brody Jenner. Jenner was known for making his affections for Lavigne known as he had the letter A shaved into the side of his head and he tattooed her name on his forearm. However, after dating for two years the couple called it quits. It was reported that they could not get along when it came to Jenner wanting to focus on his career. Lavigne was said to have wanted him with her 24/7 which made it impossible for Jenner to get any work.

3 Alanis Morissette and Ryan Reynolds

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It was a shock for all to see singer, Alanis Morissette dating Hollywood heartthrob, Ryan Reynolds. Morissette had quite the reputation of being a "man hater" after her album, Jagged Little Pill came out back in 1995. However, it appeared that her wounds had been healed enough to allow Reynolds into her heart. The two dated for four years and ultimately ended up engaged. Although there were never plans of a wedding in place, as they had stated that they were enjoying the engagement phase right before they announced their split.

2 David Spade and Heather Locklear

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Actress, Heather Locklear hooked up with funny man, David Spade after her recent breakup from her longtime husband, Richie Sambora. The two were very hush hush about their relationship, taking a while to even admit that they were seeing each other. However, when it was reported that they had split it was said that Spade was not happy about it. Locklear reportedly didn't want a serious relationship having just left her husband and it appeared as if Spade wanted something more.

1 Madonna and Warren Beatty

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Pop superstar, Madonna met actor, Warren Beatty on the set of their 1990 film, "Dick Tracy." Beatty, who was known to be a womanizer had his work cut out for him when he began dating Madonna. In 2010, biographer, Peter Biskind wrote "Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America" and in it he described Beatty's rocky relationship with Madonna. Madonna did not worship Beatty as he was accustomed to by other women, which led to Beatty handing out advice such as, "never date your leading lady, and if you do don't stop till the picture's finished."

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