12 Stars Who Still Claim They Haven't Had Plastic Surgery

One of the most unfortunate aspects of Hollywood is the fact that it promotes vanity and an alarming obsession with physical appearance. Celebrities are always pressured to possess flawless skin, milk-white teeth, gorgeous locks, a toned physique, and that youthful glow. It’s no wonder that we ordinary folk have such a convoluted sense of self-worth. Because if we don’t look as good as the actors we see on TV or the models walking the runway, we feel ugly.

But what happens when celebrities don’t live up to Hollywood’s standards of beauty? They get flogged by the tabloids and the public for being the less than perfect deities that we perceive them to be. So celebrities, desperate to uphold that picture-perfect image, resort to any and every method to ensure that they continue looking flawless and young, never mind if they try too hard to look younger than their actual age. And the easiest solution to their problems? Plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery definitely encourages superficiality, which is why many celebrities have denied having undergone it, even if their photos say otherwise. Some are brave and bold enough to admit having had some work done, but most either refuse to comment or flat out say no, they’ve never had any work done. 

12 Kim Kardashian


Famous for nothing TV personality Kim Kardashian is known to be obsessed with her looks, given the number of selfies she posts on her social network accounts. Which is why it comes as no surprise that she’s been rumored to have had several procedures, according to an April 2014 article on BuzzFeed. The article said Kardashian has had butt implants, botox, a nose job, lip enhancements, a boob job, and facial fillers. She denies all these allegations, saying the farthest she’s gone is getting botox.

11 Megan Fox


When she first burst into the Hollywood scene in the film Transformers, Megan Fox became every man’s fantasy as she strutted around in skimpy and figure-hugging outfits. There’s no denying that she’s absolutely gorgeous, but many have wondered if her beauty is all-natural.  Fox has shot down these rumors, as mentioned in a July 2011 report in ABC7. She posted an album on her Facebook page, depicting various facial expressions. The album was entitled “Things You Can’t Do With Your Face When You Have Botox.”

10 Nicki Minaj


There’s no doubt about it, Nicki Minaj loves to doll herself up in outlandish, synthetic ways. Her hair color and make-up are ever-changing and so are her physical attributes, it seems. Amidst rumors that she’s had a nose job and a butt implant, Minaj has flat out denied having any work done on her face, as reported by Huffington Post in a March 2013 article. Interestingly though, she hasn’t addressed the rumor about her butt enhancement. Old photos showed that she had a significantly smaller derriere in the past.

9 Blake Lively


Blake Lively is labeled one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and is no doubt the envy of many women, not just for her beauty but for snagging Ryan Reynolds and having his baby. But the problem with being put up on a pedestal like that is having to live up to near-impossible standards. And that’s why many have speculated that she has had some work done, as mentioned in an August 2014 article in the website plasticsurgeryneed.com. Lively has been rumored to have had breast implants, a nose job, and some lip and chin enhancements, though she has vehemently denied all these allegations. 

8 Miranda Kerr


Supermodel Miranda Kerr has one of the most enviable figures in the modeling industry, not to mention a beautiful face. But is she as natural as she is breathtaking? Many tend to wonder if Orlando Bloom’s baby mama has had any work done, since she showed up at the Oscars one year with a cleavage to die for, according to BuzzFeed. She was rumored to have had a post-split boob job, which is apparently a craze in the plastic surgery world at the moment. Though Kerr has never commented on the allegations, a close friend of hers flat-out denied them, saying they were “completely false.” 

7 Renee Zellweger


Renee Zellweger caused quite the stir when she made a public appearance after a long absence from the limelight. She was almost unrecognizable, her facial features so totally altered from the lovely, fresh face that everyone was so familiar with and loved. But Zellweger denied rumors that she had some major plastic surgery, as reported in an October 2014 article in New York Daily News. Experts speculated that the actress most likely had botox, face fillers, and eyelid enhancements, to which she said that she merely had a lifestyle change.

6 Gwen Stefani


The former No Doubt frontman (frontwoman?) is looking better than ever these days, even after having three kids. Gwen Stefani is actually looking younger than she did 10 years ago, which have led many to believe that she’s had some work done on her face and maybe even her body. According to a March 2015 article in In Touch, a plastic surgeon speculated that Stefani most likely got a nose job, among other procedures. While Stefani denied plastic surgery rumors back in 2007, she may have changed her mind somewhere down the road. 

5 Christina Aguilera


When Christina Aguilera first started her stint as judge on the reality singing contest The Voice, she appeared to have put on quite an amount of weight, as compared to her waif-like frame during her “Genie in a Bottle” days. Her features seem to have been enhanced too, with fuller lips and more pronounced curves. But she’s looking slim nowadays, leading people to believe that she underwent liposuction to lose the weight, according to a report on Plastic Surgery Portal. Aguilera has vehemently denied the liposuction rumors, saying she lost the weight by a strict diet and rigorous exercise.

4 Kylie Jenner


Whether she wanted attention or not, Kylie Jenner definitely got it when recent photos surfaced of her looking almost exactly like big sister Kim Kardashian, most particularly the full lips. People would have brushed it off as simple genetics, if not for the fact that her lips used to be much thinner just a year or two ago. In a January 2015 article in Hollywood Life, Jenner denied rumors that she has had any work done, saying she’s just able to contour her lips with make-up to make them look poutier. She was honest enough to admit though, that she’s open to having cosmetic surgery in the future. 

3 Uma Thurman


She’s always had one of those classic faces with amazing bone structure, making her look like one of those beautiful actresses to grace the silver screen in the 40s or 50s. These days, though, Uma Thurman looks much different than she did 10 years ago, and no, she doesn’t look older. In fact, she looks like she’s trying to look younger. A February 2015 article in Examiner has Thurman fervently denying rumors that she’s gone under the knife, saying that it was her make-up that probably made her look different from her natural look. But some plastic surgeons have observed that her eyes seem overdone and her nose reshaped. 

2 Zooey Deschanel


Zooey Deschanel has an older sister who’s just as or even more admired in Hollywood than she is, in the person of Emily Deschanel. So it’s no wonder that the younger Deschanel feels the need to keep up with appearances and ensure she looks her best at all times. As mentioned in a November 2014 article in Celebrity Post, Deschanel seems to have undergone some plastic surgery, though she continues to deny it. But based on some then-and-now photos, experts believe that she’s had some work done, particularly a lip enhancement, breast implants, face fillers, and botox. 

1 Chelsea Handler

Chelea Handler is known for her acerbic wit in interviews and in her now-defunct talk show Chelsea Lately. So it’s practically a given that someone so brutal would also be absolutely frank when asked questions about herself. According to a March 2015 article in People, Handler flatly denied rumors that she had undergone surgery to get breast implants. To prove her point, she posted a photo of herself topless on Twitter with the caption, “Here idiots. A totally sober portrayal of proof.”

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