12 Sexy Models And Their #NoMakeup Selfies

While some regular celebrities might look beautiful without make-up, on average, when you take away the carefully groomed hair and perfectly applied make-up, a lot of celebrities can look… well, average. Without make-up, many celebrities look like just another person on the street.

Supermodels are a whole different thing. Their faces are essentially their canvases, and they need to have a certain bone structure. Modeling is all about angles, and the best models have faces that catch the light in certain ways. They might not be the most conventionally beautiful, but their angles will produce some great shots. Whether they’re posing for a photoshoot or taking a selfie, they know exactly how to position themselves for the best picture.

Whether they’re taking a shot to please their fans, sharing a slice of their work with a ‘I just woke up like this’ or goodnight selfie, or taking a selfie for a worthy cause such as a charity, plenty of models are big fans of the #NoMakeup selfie. While not everyone can look like a supermodel, it definitely helps their fans – and young girls in particular – to see them without make-up and realize that no one is as perfectly styled and airbrushed in real life as they are in a photoshoot.

Here are 12 models and their #NoMakeup selfies.

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12 Cara Delevingne


11 Karlie Kloss


10 Adriana Lima


Many people – especially celebrities, who are constantly in the public eye – are often seen at the gym perfectly made up, or spotted leaving the gym without a hair out of place. The point of working out is to sweat it all out, so having a layer of make-up prevents your skin from getting all the benefits of a good sweat. Supermodel Adriana Lima knows this – her post-workout selfie shows her without a stitch of make-up. She captioned her shot ‘Destroyed…yes!!! Just finished my workout,” and threw a shout out to Dino Spencer, a boxing and MMA coach. Given her outfit and flushed complexion, we bet this hard working Angel got one hell of a workout.

9 Heidi Klum


At 41 years old, most celebrities start to get a lot more self conscious about any fine lines or wrinkles and are even more focused on their quest to look their best at all times. Supermodel Heidi Klum is refreshingly different – finding a no make-up selfie of her isn’t a rare occurrence, it’s almost a regular feature on her Instagram feed. Whether she’s at home or on set, she’s not shy about her make-up free face – and why would she be, with bone structure like that? In this particular selfie, which Klum captioned merely ‘Good morning,’ she proves that not even supermodels are immune to waking up with their hair a little bit messy. Though her bangs are askew and she looks as if she hasn’t quite woken up yet, Klum’s shot proves she looks just as beautiful bare-faced at 40 as when she was fully made up at 20.

8 Lindsey Wixson


Lindsey Wixson’s face has become iconic in the modeling world – while she’s just as svelte and willowy as most models on the runway, what really sets her apart is her doll-like features and bee-stung pout. In her no make-up selfie, Wixson snapped herself in a ratty white t-shirt with her hair tied up messily, a few rogue strands escaping, and somewhat tired eyes with the caption ‘happy and tired Sunday. Yesterday’s shooting was [a] fun one!’ One thing is for sure – her signature pout isn’t just drawn on with make-up like Kylie Jenner’s. It’s au natural, as it’s just as prominent when she’s totally bare faced as when she’s heavily made up for a shoot.

7 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


6 Emily DiDonato


While Emily DiDonato is still a relatively new name in the modeling world, her Sports Illustrated cover put her on the map and ensured that everyone knew her face, if not her name. Like many of the bikini-clad bombshells on magazine covers, DiDonato is usually photographed when she’s carefully styled and made up. In the no make-up selfie she posted to her Instagram feed, a shot of herself presumably home for the Thanksgiving holidays, given the caption she gives it, she’s fresh faced and stunning. Her big blue eyes and bone structure demonstrate exactly why she’s a model – while the make-up certainly enhances her features, she’s equally gorgeous without it.

5 Gisele Bundchen


Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen has a fairly laid back style – she’s always seen with her signature wavy locks and a relaxed outfit that she pulls off flawlessly. She has also perfected the model off duty look in her free time, wearing minimal make-up when she’s not all dolled up for a shoot. Bundchen goes au naturel on her Instagram account, and she does so for a good cause, as she pairs her no make-up selfie with the caption ‘I believe that we all have the right to feel safe. Help eradicate violence against women and girls by purchasing a handmade bracelet. Join the campaign #SayNO_UNiTE against violence. Once you look down from her naturally glowing features you spot the bracelet and the intention behind the selfie.

4 Lily Donaldson


Supermodel Lily Donaldson is best known for strutting down the runways in lingerie as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but the selfie she posted to her Instagram account about a month ago shows that she’s not always perfectly groomed. In her no make-up selfie, which Donaldson simply captioned ‘G’night guyz,’ she’s wearing a big, baggy pajama t-shirt with her hair messily spread out on the pillow. Again though, let’s be honest – models know how to work their angles, and even though she has great bone structure to work with, her selfie is probably greatly enhanced by the fact that she knows exactly how to turn her face to get the most flattering light.

3 Doutzen Kroes


Some celebs or supermodels might take their no make-up selfies from a bit of a distance to downplay any imperfections that they might be showing without any make-up on – not Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes. For her selfie, Kroes gets up close and personal, with the camera right up in her face for the shot she captions ‘so happy for the weekend and to be in bed!!’ Even without make-up her skin looks flawless and her lips look perfectly pouty. Let’s face it – when you look that good, who needs make-up? While Kroes looks gorgeous all dolled up, she looks just as beautiful with a completely bare face.

2 Bar Refaeli


Many individuals fear that if they’re captured bare faced, the camera will capture all their flaws and wrinkles, and many constantly wear make-up for the fear that they’ll look awful without it. The exact opposite is true of Bar Refaeli. She manages to look sexy and sultry when she’s all done up in smoky eye make-up with her hair loose, but in her no make-up selfie (taken on a beach somewhere as she enjoys the sunshine), she could easily pass for a teenager. With her hair thrown up in a ponytail as she sips on the water from a coconut, she aptly captions the photo ‘coconut is all we need.’ Here’s betting that sales of coconut water shot up after that Instagram photo was posted.

1 Joan Smalls


Let’s be honest – in Joan Smalls’ no make-up selfie, despite being en route somewhere in a car and dressed in comfy apparel, Smalls is absolutely killing it. Her hair is shiny, her cheekbones are to die for, her brows are perfectly shaped, and more. However, she admirably turned her no make-up selfie into an encouragement of bravery from her followers by starting up a contest. She captioned her selfie “#NoMakeUp #iWokeUpLikeThis Whoever takes the coolest Selfie with no make-up on and Tags Me and hashtags #NoMakeUp I’ll repost. #GoodLuck #GetCreative. Smalls’ gesture is an admirable way to encourage anyone who might be following her account to be confident in their own skin.

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