12 Reasons The Kardashian Fame Will Implode

One might wonder, "How could the Kardashian fame implode?" After all, they are still constantly featured on the covers of major publications and remain in the news every, single day. Well, that is true. Kylie and Kendall Jenner are up-and-comers, so they are keeping the media's attention. Plus, Kim and Kanye are working it so they can meet their dream of becoming the country's next power couple while possibly dethroning Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Yes, the Kardashians have big dreams, just like the rest of the little people. And if they have their way, they will keep their daily actions in our faces until they are ready to retire. But all signs point to an impending implosion. There are significant signs that the public's Kardashian delirium will not continue. For those anti-Kardashians, we are sorry we can not promise anything, as we are simply the in-house implosion analysts. But there seems to be a good chance - the next few years will be telltale.

You might be sad at this realization and wonder what you're going to do if your television friends cease to come into your living room. But take heart, there are tons of other wild and crazy family reality shows on television. You'll just need to expand your horizons.

Here are our 12 reasons the Kardashian fame will implode soon, see if you agree.

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12 The Ks are Aging


Facial injections and plastic surgery will surely keep the family looking young, but how fascinating can they be as they age?  Sorry ladies, but if major film actresses stop getting great parts as they age, just think about aging reality celebrities. Mom Kris (who is still stunning) will be 60-years-old in November; Kim will be 35 in October; Khloe will be 31 in June; Kourtney will be 36. Even though Kylie and Kendall are still young and growing more popular, it won't be enough to circle the whole family in the fame bubble.

11 Excessive (and Public) Greed


Well, in part, we can't blame the family for cashing in on this amazing window of opportunity they have been given. Without talent or skills, they may as well plaster their names on anything and everything they can get their hands on as quickly as possible. They may be wasting time and money, but it is worth a shot. However, being seen as greedy is never very attractive. In the future, the Kardashian name may become synonymous with the g-word.

10 Anti-Climactic Drama


Kanye's actions are actually more dramatic than anyone else in the Kardashian family. Now that he is banned from ALL awards ceremonies, we wonder if Kim K-W is questioning how deep her love really goes. As far as the rest of the family is concerned, the three sisters have all been there and done that... ah, several times. Seems as though Bruce Jenner's gender change and the Jenner daughters are getting more publicity and media attention than the others.

9 Kim Reportedly Mean to Fans


Of course, it is likely that there are plenty of situations in which Kim is kind and giving of her time to her fans, so we do not want to report a lopsided story. However, in 2012 the buzz was that ex-husband Kris Humphries had texts and voicemails of Kim calling her fans "gullible", "stupid imbeciles" and "boring little nobodies." He was going to release those tiny slips, however, we don't know if that part actually happened.

8 Bruce Jenner's Media Ops


Late last year it was reported that Bruce Jenner is writing a tell-all book about former wife, Kris and the girls. He is supposedly making $15 million on this book but we have not been able to verify this. What we do know is that Jenner is documenting his transition from male to female in a series that will air on television and that will raise controversy throughout the country. Although we applaud his courage and determination to live life his way, it may take light off of the Kardashian sisters.

7 Kanye West's Ego


The guy just does not stop inserting his opinions and self-aggrandizing behaviors. He seems to have his business into other people's business, that have nothing to do with him. He might think he has the right, as he sees himself as the almighty setter of standards, but just because he makes good music doesn't mean he is well-liked or admired for his need to control. Kanye has been a questionable addition to the Kardashian's overall popularity.

6 Lack of Talent


It doesn't seem like it would be a big leap transitioning from reality show co-star to talk show host, does it? Nor, does it seem like going from reality show star to sitcom walk-on, would be that difficult either. However, perhaps both are more challenging than they sound. Because when Kris tried her hand at starring in her own talk show Kris, no one watched and it was deemed awful by reviewers. Daughter Kim tried her hand at performing in a couple of sitcoms, 2 Broke Girls and How I Met Your Mother, and was equally bad.

5 Anti-Kim Clubs


In 2012, over half a million people signed a petition on a website called BoycottKim.com. The website encouraged companies to stop conducting business with Ms. Kardashian. What happened next is out of a television show. Attorney for the Kardashians found the guilty website owner and attempted to use powerful legal action to scare him into taking down the site. The attorney called it a "criminal harassment" complaint. The website went live despite the legal threats and called the Kardashians "a stain on our culture" and "an embarrassment for our country".

There are other anti-K clubs that have popped up around the world, however BoycottKim was the most notable. We noticed the site is no longer up - hmm.

4 Selfie Obsessed 


She is as taken with herself as her remaining fans are. True, she is a beautiful woman but beautiful women are everywhere these days. Look at all of the gorgeous Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated models who pretty much manage to live under the radar. But not Kim - most likely under her mother and Kanye's guidance, she continues to promote her appearance.

3 Neilsen Ratings


Ratings on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians have been steadily declining over the past couple of years - in fact, rumor has it they are plummeting. We are guessing that this is the motive behind the spin-off shows. Kourtney and Khloé Take the Hamptons, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami are basically attempts to keep the Kardashians in the public eye. Even with Kourtney's news of her third baby (2014), they have started to look like any other boring family who spend their days doing pretty much the same thing. Sure they can throw around money, fashion and celebrity names, but after a few years, one becomes desensitized to all of it. Reports suspect the Kardashians have surpassed their 15-minutes of fame but are on their way out.

2 Savers or Spenders?


Average Janes thinks that people of wealth have an unlimited ability to create more money. Well, guess what - people are people and there are savers and spenders in every category. Many people live above their means, while others spend as they earn. Our guess is that they are big-time spenders otherwise we would have nothing to try to "keep up with", right? According to an article in In Style (2011),  the ladies owned over 100 pair of Louboutin's alone. Sure, you can grab a pair for a little under $500, but the average pair is closer to $1,000. Take a peak at Kourtney's shoe closet in the above photo and then tell us - savers or spenders?

1 Smoke and Mirrors


As their lives continue to unravel, just like the rest of us and before we know it the curtain will come down and they will be scrambling for their last crumbs of fame. Face it, gigantic booties aren't going to keep you rich and famous in your 50's and on. The family that lacks talent and does not exude appreciation for their lucky station in life are bound to implode. We are predicting implosion by the end of this year.

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