12 Rappers Who Got Shot And Lived

The culture surrounding Hip-Hop is a dangerous and violent one. Most of the biggest rappers in rap music grew up in inner-city neighborhoods infested with crime and characterized by illegal drug activity. Because of this, even when most rappers blow up and become successful, they are not able to separate themselves from the negative and illicit elements they were surrounded by in their earlier years. Some of the most legendary rappers in Hip-Hop (TuPac, Biggie, Big L and Jam Master Jay) had their lives ended by senseless gun violence. It's such a shame because these rappers had so much potential that wasn't completely fulfilled. In the following article, we profile 12 rappers who sustained gunshot wounds but are still alive to this day. We're pretty sure that the emcees listed below are extremely grateful for their second chances at life. Read on below:

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12 Lil Wayne

The famous rapper Lil’ Wayne has been in the news a lot lately. Most of it has been due to the label drama he’s been having with his mentor Bryan “Baby” Williams about the release of his upcoming album. He’s certainly one of the biggest rappers in the world, but he had to overcome a self-inflicted gunshot wound when he was just a young boy. At the age of 13, while he was still living in New Orleans, he accidentally shot himself with a .44 caliber pistol. The bullet missed his heart by only a few inches and he was able to call 911 and receive medical attention. As many would assume the reason for his life being spared - fate knew that he was destined to grow up and become a huge star.

11  11. Beanie Sigel


It’s truly sad but the fact is some rappers really can’t seem to get their lives together. A perfect example of that is the case of Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel. He was just released from jail late last year and he ended up getting into trouble yet again. On December 5th of 2014, he was shot in Pleasantville, NJ – the bullet entered through his stomach and exited through his back. It was reported in early January that he was recently released from the hospital and one of his lungs had to be taken out because it was riddled with bullet fragments.

10 Cam’ron

Harlem rapper Cam’ron is no stranger to drama in his career. He has had beefs with other NYC rappers like 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Nas, and he has also been shot before in the past. In October of 2005, he was leaving a nightclub in Washington DC after performing at Howard’s University Homecoming the night before. He was driving his flashy Lamborghini when another car pulled up next to him at an intersection. The driver of this car asked the rapper to give up his expensive automobile. Cam’ron said no, and this assailant proceeded to shoot at the Lamborghini. A few bullets struck him but he was able to flee the scene and get himself to Howard University Hospital.

9 The Game

One of the most popular West Coast rappers is The Game and it’s a well-known fact that he had a heavy drug-dealing past before being successful in the rap industry. In 2001, while he was selling drugs from his stash house, someone knocked on his door around 2am. Not wanting to miss out on a late night drug sale, he opened the door to see one of his regular customers. However something was amiss. This customer brought two other men with him and they had come to hurt the rapper. A tussle occurred and The Game was shot 5 times. He lay motionless for several minutes but was somehow able to reach for his cellphone and call an ambulance. He was in a coma for 3 days but soon after made a full recovery.

8   8. Young Dro


The 35-yr-old Atlanta rapper Young Dro has been active on the Hip-Hop scene for many years now. He is a good friend of T.I. and he’s part of the successful rapper’s Grand Hustle/Hustle Gang crew.  However before he became a recognizable face in rap music, he was shot at the age of 16. His shooter hit him in both the stomach and the back, and he needed about a year of recovery before he was fully functional again. The rapper has often stated how he’s still traumatized by the scary experience.

7  7. Gravy

People may not be too familiar with the rapper Gravy. His real name is Jamal Woolard and he’s the actor who played the starring role of Biggie Smalls in the biopic movie Notorious. The movie was released in 2009, but Gravy was involved in one of the most incredulous shootings a few years earlier. The year was 2006, and he was apparently trying to create some buzz about his rap career. So Gravy decided to set up a fake shooting outside of Hot 97 radio station by having one of his boys shoot him in the buttocks. Somehow he was able to do an interview with radio host Funk Master Flex the same evening after the shooting occurred. Overall the publicity stunt backfired and his rap career never fully materialized.

6 Timbaland

Producer and rapper Timbaland is a Grammy-winning artist and is one of the most talented musicians on the scene. Currently, he is the music director of the new FOX show Empire, and it’s a gig that’s going to take his visibility to an entirely new level. However when he was just 15-yrs-old, he went through a really harrowing situation. At that time, he was working as a DJ and washing dishes at Red Lobster to pay his bills. One night while he was doing his job, a local thug who’d been tormenting him wandered into the kitchen and ended up shooting him. The bullet went through Timbaland’s neck and lodged in his shoulder. He ended up needing several months of treatment, but thankfully, he made a full recovery.

5  5. Honey Cocaine


First off, even before we tell you about this shooting, it has to be noted that if you have a name like Honey Cocaine, chances are you are going to run into some problems in life. In 2012, the Canadian rapper Honey Cocaine was performing with West Coast rapper Tyga in Omaha when concertgoers started throwing items on stage. Tyga told the hecklers to meet him outside after the show and the troublemakers took him up on the offer. Honey Cocaine and Tyga left in a van after the show and their vehicle was pursued by a black sedan. The passengers in the sedan fired at the van and Honey Cocaine was grazed in the arm and had to be sent to Creighton University Medical Center for treatment. She has been relatively quiet on the music scene ever since that incident.

4  4. Lloyd Banks


2014 was a big year for Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent and the rest of the G-Unit crew. Lloyd Banks is often looked at as the most lyrical member of the rap crew, but his solo albums have never been as successful as the group albums he’s been a part of. He’s also another rapper who has survived a shooting in the past. In 2001, Banks was exiting a club in Jamaica, Queens when he was randomly shot twice in the back and in his stomach. He was able to run to the nearest hospital for treatment, and there is even another bizarre twist to the story. He woke up in the hospital the next day to see news of the Twin Towers 9/11 terror attack in NYC.

3  3. 50 Cent

Of all the well-known shootings that have occurred in the hip hop game, the shooting of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is perhaps the most documented. This is how it went down. In May of 2000, Jackson was approached by a shooter outside of his grandma’s former home in South Jamaica, Queens. He was apparently walking to a friend’s car and then back into the house to retrieve some jewelry when the gunman approached him from his left blind side. The attacker pumped nine shots into 50 Cent, all at close range, and he was hit in chest, hands, cheek, legs and arm. He miraculously survived and that was the main inspiration he needed to record and release his platinum selling album Get Rich Or Die Trying.

2  2. Fabolous

The rapper Fabolous just released a new album in late 2014 called The Young OG Project. It’s his latest album in a long, successful career that first took flight in the mid 1990’s. However he has also had some drama in his career as well. In 2006, he was leaving Justin’s, a restaurant owned by Puff Daddy, with an entourage of three men. On his way out, his crew was attacked by some thugs and Fabolous got shot in his right leg. Luckily the bullet wound wasn’t too serious and he made a quick recovery.

1  1. Tupac Shakur


Even though the great Tupac Shakur was ultimately killed by bullet wounds in 1996, he was involved in a shooting incident two years earlier in 1994. The exact date was November 30th, and Tupac was recording at Quad studios in Manhattan when he was robbed and shot five times by three armed assailants in the lobby. Biggie’s entourage was apparently recording in the same location and they allegedly came downstairs to witness Shakur being carried out in a stretcher. Tupac was taken to Bellevue Hospital and he checked himself out three hours after having surgery. He believed that Puffy and Biggie had set him up for the shooting and he even rapped about it later in the song “Hit Em Up”; “5 Shots couldn’t drop me / I took it and smiled/Now I’m back to set the record straight/With my A-K, I’m still the thug that you love to hate.”

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