12 Proud New Celeb Dads In 2014

Having a child is the one experience that’s most likely to change your life forever. This is no different for celebs either. There are several stories of party addicts who have been instantly able to get their lives in order and settle down after becoming fathers. On the other hand, there are also several stories of celeb dads who’ve had kids and continue to live their lives as if nothing had changed. Either way you look at it, a new baby is a huge responsibility – these adorable human beings are completely dependent on their parents for everything. For most young parents, it usually means tons of new stress and a lack of sleep for at least a year. Even with all these difficulties, the pride and love of having a daughter/son  to call your own is perhaps the best thing in life. In the following article, we profile 12 brand new celeb dads who welcomed fresh bundles of joy into their lives this year. Check them out below.

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12  John Krasinski

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John Krasinski is the handsome, easygoing actor from the long-running series The Office, on NBC. He started dating actress Emily Blunt in 2008, and the couple got engaged in August, 2009. The couple ended up tying the knot in July 2013 and earlier this February, Blunt gave birth to their first daughter named Hazel. The proud Dad was so overjoyed with his new bundle of joy and he went to Twitter to share his elation. This is what he tweeted: “Wanted to let the news out directly. Emily and I are so incredibly happy to welcome our daughter Hazel into the world today! Happy bday!”

Those are definitely the words of a dad bubbling with joy.

11  Jason Sudeikis

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Funny man Jason Sudeikis is known as quite the lady’s man in Hollywood. In 2004, he was married to the talented television writer for 30 Rock, New Girl and Pitch Perfect named Kay Cannon, but they eventually split up in 2008. After that, he had a short fling with January Jones and he’s rumored to be the mystery dad of her son Xander. But he has been engaged to the lovely Olivia Wilde since January 2013 and earlier this April, the dashing couple welcomed their first child, a healthy baby boy named Otis Alexander Sudeikis. For all intents, it seems his womanizing days are over, and Jason Sudeikis is happy to be a proud dad and husband.

10  Jason Biggs

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9  Ryan Gosling

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Eva Mendes is probably the envy of so many women in the world right now. You want to know why? Well she happens to be the significant other of one of the most loved Hollywood heartthrobs in the industry, Ryan Gosling. Eva Mendes happens to be about six years older than her beau and the both of them met on the set of the movie The Place Beyond The Pines (see above). The couple welcomed a baby daughter in September and there have been reports in the media of him being a proud and doting Dad. He buys the groceries, cooks his wife pasta meals and is constantly by her side. That’s definitely a different side of Mr. Gosling.

8  Dax Shepard

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7  Simon Cowell

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Although there was some drama behind the initial union of music mogul Simon Cowell hooking up with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman, things seems to have settled down now and the two of them seem to be having a very happy life together. The couple welcomed their first son named Eric into the world on February. Recently Simon has been showing his softer side posting pictures on Facebook of his son sleeping on his chest and he even shared a video of baby Eric playing the drums. With the latter, he added the sweet caption: “One Direction have just hired Eric as their new drummer.”

6  Kevin Jonas

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It’s hard to be a young celeb, especially with all the partying and distractions that are constantly around in Hollywood. But sometimes, the heart wants what it wants, and Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle were the proudest parents when they welcomed their new daughter Alena Rose earlier this February. The couple was so excited about the birth that they live-tweeted the entire magical process. When their daughter finally arrived, Jonas sent an elated tweet that said, “My beautiful girl - so proud to be a Dad -  Alena Rose has stolen my heart. “

5  Future

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As a rap star, it’s not a difficult proposition to rack up a high number of baby mamas. These modern day rock stars are constantly on tour moving from one city to another – and there are a lot of women out there who are willing to welcome them into their bedrooms. Future, one of the new hot rappers on the scene already had 3 kids with 3 different women, and this past May, he welcomed a son with R&B star Ciara. The two of them seem to be going through some drama with their own relationship, but both of them are keeping it civil and friendly for the sake of their new addition. That’s what we like to see – we wish them all the best!

4  Ashton Kutcher

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It’s hard to believe that Ashton Kutcher is now a father, and from the pictures that have come out of him and his partner Mila Kunis after the child, it’s obvious that he’s the proudest Dad alive. Mila Kunis seemed like she was pregnant for what seemed like forever, and this October, they had a baby girl named Wyatt. It’s quite interesting how Ashton and Mila’s career started together on That 70’s show, and they came back around and found each other and had a baby together. Sometimes, things are just meant to be.

3  Scott Disick

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There’s no doubt about it – when it comes to party animals on reality television, Scott Disick definitely ranks in the top 3 along with some of the bartenders on Vanderpump Rules. His longtime girlfriend is Kourtney Kardashian, and the two of them already have two young kids together. This year, we found out that his partying got out of hand when he took a bunch of sleeping pills after many hours of heavy drinking. With all this drama going on in his life, Kourtney just gave birth to their 3rd child this December – a lovely boy named Reign Aston. Despite his party lifestyle, Disick always comes off like a perfect Dad with his kids. Hopefully this new addition to their family will make him calm down and focus on the more important things in life.

2  Hayden Christiansen

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When it comes to good looking young couples in Hollywood, you have to mention Rachel Bilson and Canadian native Hayden Christensen. This past November the two young lovebirds welcomed their first daughter named Briar Rose. Bilson has enjoyed a lot of success lately with her popular television show Hart of Dixie. Christensen on the other was poised to take Hollywood by storm after appearing in the 2002 Star Wars reboot, but his career slowed down considerably after that. The couple has been together since 2007 and this is one of those couples that is probably going to last a long time.

1  Nnamdi Asomugha

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Nnamdi is the husband of one of the most recognizable faces on television. She just happens to be Kerry Washington of the extremely popular drama Scandal. Her husband Nnamdi is no slouch himself. He was a respected NFL corner for ten years with teams like the Oakland Raiders, The Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers. Earlier this year, she gave birth to beautiful baby daughter named Isabelle and it happened very much under the radar. Washington is a few years older than her husband, and on the rare occurrence that they make a public appearance, these two always looks so happy together.

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