12 Outrageous Requests From Superyacht Owners

The lives of the rich and famous have some pretty amazing perks, including owning expensive cars, elaborate homes and the infamous superyachts. Being an owner or client of these superyachts puts people in a class all on their own and seems to give them a right to demand anything they want. The demands start as early as constructing the boat and can range quite drastically.

From demanding that exotic wildlife come onboard for a party to constructing a deserted island party; these yacht owners see nothing wrong with spending money on what they want. What makes these requests more difficult is that the clients usually want their demands met immediately- something that is often hard to do in when you are anchored in the middle of the ocean.

So what happens when a family requests a water slide be built onboard? Or how about when a woman decides that the only way her toddler is going to be happy is with a tropical island onboard the ship? What happens when crew members can't complete a request? These twelve outrageous requests from superyacht owners and clients will have you thinking twice about wanting to work for the rich and famous.

12 Extensive Water Toys


The types of toys superyacht owners request are becoming increasingly complex. Gone are the requests for a Jet Ski, now they want JetLevs- a Jet Ski that allows you to fly. One owner allegedly requested that a water slide be built right on his yacht (yacht, not a cruise ship) while another client wanted an inflatable slide so his kids could easily access the ocean. Currently, the most popular request from superyacht owners; full submarines so they no longer have to get wet while exploring.

11 Food From Home


In the middle of the ocean on a superyacht and craving your favorite food from home; not a problem for these people with lots of money. One client had fresh food delivered from the South of France to the Maldives, simply because he couldn't manage without his favorite things from his favorite shop. The private jet and helicopter required to pull this off surely cost more than the food itself but the food arrived undamaged and just as delicious as remembered.

10 A Private Island Party


This next client must have really wanted to impress their family and friends. A request was put in for a deserted island party; complete with performances from A-list stars. The crew took four months to plan the venue and three weeks to build it. Accommodations were built on the island for the crew and everything was flown in including generators, lights, a stage and all other material needed in construction. When all was said and done, 80 people were brought in to enjoy this lavish party.

9 Black Toilet Paper


This yacht owner had only one request about his boat, he wanted black toilet paper and only black toilet paper. As you can imagine black toilet paper isn't that easy to find so it had to be flown in specifically for his request. All of the other toilet paper rolls had to be removed from the ship and from that point on it was a black toilet paper boat only. We wonder what his guests thought when they first went to use the loo.

8 Full Size Sports Courts

Some owners just can’t leave the love of their favorite game at home and choose to bring it right on their yachts with them. One request from a yacht owner included the installation of a full size squash court onboard. Not to waste any space, they installed the court on the helipad where it now stands as a permanent fixture. When not in use as a squash court all it takes is the push of a button and this court to convert back to a helipad.

7 Elaborate Birthday Parties


So we have heard about private island parties but what about elaborate birthday parties? The Daily Mail reports that one superyacht owner actually asked the crew to blow up 2,500 silver and pink balloons for his granddaughter. All in the course of just fewer than two hours as that was the only time she was off the ship. Crew members scrambled to get this done, even borrowing crew members from other ships to help out. Luckily they finished just in time and the birthday girl could enjoy the silver and pink decor.

6 Wardrobe Changes


Why travel with luggage when you can just get new clothes every time you depart on a new voyage? That is the case with these superyacht owners. They despise packing luggage so much that they had arranged for a new wardrobe to meet them onboard every time they set sail. This well-to-do family also have a full out entourage that travels with them including hair stylists, a doctor and a maid. We guess this outrageous request doesn't come cheap. We just hope they donate the unwanted clothes to charity.

5 Planetarium


According to the CEO of Benetti Yachts, the owner of the superyacht Ambrosia 111 requested a planetarium be built inside the sky lounge. He wanted everything to be exact according to where the boat was in real time which meant the planetarium had to rotate, change and open. A full nights sky complete with constellations, stars and planets was built and the owner remained a very happy man.

4 Classrooms

For the parents who don't want to leave their children at home and prefer to spend the school year sailing across the world with them, there is a solution. Families can have classrooms built on the ship so that their children can properly keep up with their studies. Some even go so far as to hire teachers to travel around with them and educate the children. A paid trip around the world on a superyacht, where can we sign up?

3 Tropical Island Onboard


This superyacht owner decided that her life would not be complete unless her toddler had a tropical island onboard the ship. Sand was flown in along with palm trees, a tiki hut and everything else that constituted her dream of a tropical island. When all was said and done the crew worked tirelessly to prepare the perfect tropical getaway on the deck of the ship. The kicker; the toddler hated the sand and threw a massive temper tantrum. The island was torn down and never to be spoken about again.

2 Clearing Of The Waters


This request was so ridiculous it actually couldn't be fulfilled. One client actually asked crew members to clear the jellyfish out of the water before her family dipped their toes in. We are not sure as to how she wanted her request fulfilled, be it to drop in some sort of poison to kill them, catch them or perhaps just scare them away. Regardless of what this client wanted and no matter how much money she was willing to dish out, the jellyfish kept their lives that day.

1 Tigers Onboard


This superyacht owner decided that onboard his yacht during a party in Europe he wanted two Siberian tigers to join him. With a lot of determination, insurance and paperwork it was actually made possible. The tigers were kept in glass cages allowing guests to pose with them and were lifted onto the yacht with cranes. The event went off without a hitch and the tigers were returned to the circus they were rented from after the party. Does this seem fair?

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