12 Of The Sexiest Women On Instagram

The social platform of Instagram has definitely opened up a lane for a brand new batch of instafamous stars. One of the best things about Instagram is that it provides such an easy and effortless way for people to follow the lives and daily activities of the stars and influencers they are interested in. Once you have your smartphone, that's all you need. You get to keep up with your favorite model, musician or athlete from wherever you are. In the following article, we took time to comb the endless feeds on Instagram and sought out 12 of the sexiest women you'll ever come across in your daily feed. We have quite a variety of hotties here from all over the world; Australia, Sweden, Brazil, Canada and the United States. This is one we think that you'll enjoy very much. 


12 Madalina Ghenea (@madalinagheneadiana)

Madalina Ghenea is a smoldering hot actress and model who hails from Romania, but she is currently based in Milan, Italy. She is 26-yrs-old, and has been modeling and showing off her statuesque beauty since the young age of 13. Apart from appearing in lucrative advertising campaigns from major global brands like Peroni, she also has a charitable heart as well. She's been very active in relief duties for Haiti and has done lots of great work in her home country as well. Her Instagram feed is a must-see mosaic of all her sexy pics and also all the positive life-enriching work she does all over the world.

11 Danielle Knudson  (@danielleknudson1)

She’s only in her early 20’s, but Danielle Knudson is on the career trajectory that is going to see her blow up (in a big way) very soon. She originally hails from Alberta, Canada and is signed to Wilhelmina models. Last year, global pop star Justin Bieber took to his Instagram page and gave her a shout out for looking “stunning” in a Guess ad, and that was the set-off point in her career. She has close to 200K followers on Instagram, and she is undoubtedly one sexy mama!

10 Gabriella Lenzi  (@gabriellalenzi)

There are not too many models that can say they have taken selfies with Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar. However Sao Paulo swimsuit model Gabriella Lenzi can definitely make that claim. During the World Cup last year, she was reportedly involved with the young soccer phenom and that brought her a lot of instant fame. Her Instagram feed is full of pics of her showing her ultra-toned body, enjoying life on the beach or hanging out with friends. What can we say; Ms. Lenzi is definitely living the life.

9 Pamela Rf   (@pamela_rf)

With over a million followers on Instagram, you would be hard-pressed to find a model with a sexier body than the young and extremely beautiful Pamela RF. She hails from Germany, and honestly speaking, she must spend every waking hour in the gym to have a body as chiseled as hers. On her IG feed, you will see Pamela wearing the most stylish fashions, working out in the gym, taking attractive selfies and looking damn near perfect in every frame. She must have some of the best genes in the world.

8 Daniella Grace (@daniellagrace)

These days  it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find beautiful people who also have brains and lots of grace & class. Thankfully, the stunning actress Daniella Grace happens to pack all those covetable qualities into her stunning, precision-sculpted frame. She has 165K followers on Instagram, and she uses her feed to share her modeling gigs, travel adventures, casual downtime etc. And the unbelievable thing is she looks hot in every single frame. Be sure to check her out.

7 Jessica Burciaga  (@jessicaburciaga)

Born and raised in Orange County, CA, Jessica Burciaga is undoubtedly one of the sexiest women on Instagram. Her IG feed boasts a following of 1.1 million followers. There's a good reason why; she has curves that could match those of a sleek Corvette and she also appeared in Playboy magazine in 2009. That year, she was ordained Ms. February. It's so easy to get lost on her Instagram page with all the sensual and sultry pics she regularly posts. And you know what, she probably wouldn't have it any other way.

6 Tasha Oakley (@tashoakley)

Tasha Oakley is definitely living the good life. She is the sexy founder and genius mind behind the popular blog, A Bikini A Day, where there is endless visual inspiration about style, beauty and even men. On her own Instagram page, Tasha has almost one million followers and it's a great place to keep up with everything going on in her fun-filled life. If you ever wanted to catch a glimpse into the glamorous Los Angeles life, this is certainly the place to go.


5 Ashley Sky (@ashleysky)

There are two things that Brazil is great at producing: world class soccer players and some of the most beautiful people on earth. With regards to the latter, all you have to do is go to the beaches of Rio and Belo Horizonte and you will see hot bodies everywhere. One of those Brazilian beauties is on our list. Her name is Ashley Sky and she is currently based in Florida. She has over 800K followers on Instagram. She was featured in the Jay-Z and Kanye West video "Otis" from the Watch The Throne album, and she has also appeared on Maxim's Hot 100 list. Ashley is definitely a sight for sore eyes.

4 Sendi Skopljak (@skopljak)

If you didn’t know this before, this is something you should know now and never forget till you draw your last breath: Scandinavian women are some of the hottest women you’ll ever gaze upon (Venezuelan women are perhaps a close second). If you’re looking for proof of this, just follow the Instagram page of Swedish bombshell Sendi Skopljak. She’s a fitness buff, model and all-around hot chick. Her Instagram page is an excellent way to while away any downtime you ever encounter in your daily life. Trust us on this one – you will not be disappointed!

3 Mara Teigen (@marateigen_)

Wow, do we have a hottie for you! Her name is Mara Teigen (no relation to Chrissy) and she is a stunning up and coming model you definitely need to know. She is apparently the main squeeze of Canadian hockey player Evander Kane, and her Instagram page is totally sizzling. On it, you can see pics of her fashion shoots, numerous bikini shots and several other images that show her flawless body. Think of a more voluptuous version of Angelina Jolie with a striking dark mane and sexy attitude. Yup, we are definitely Team Mara!

2  2. Teyana Taylor (@teyanataylor)

She’s 24-yrs-old, and in the years to come, the Harlem, NYC native known as Teyana Taylor might soon be recognized as one of the hottest women in the celeb game. She has very unique features and a promising singing career. In addition to that, she’s signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. music label and she has a sculpted body that most fitness instructors would kill for. She’s also very active on Instagram and quite a few of her pics are extremely sexy. Perhaps you should start following her right after you read this.

1 Adrianne Ho (@adrianneho)

To finish off our list, we have a remarkable beauty who has facial features and a body that could best be described as flawless. She’s already a huge name in fashion and street style circles because of the numerous photoshoots she has done wearing popular brands like Kith and Supreme. She is originally from Toronto but she presently goes back and forth between NYC and LA. Adrianne also has a cool website called Sweat The Style where she sells her own line of cutting-edge fitness apparel. She has 329K followers on Instagram, and with a rock solid body like hers, we are not surprised at all.


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