12 Of The Sexiest Celeb Bikini Selfies

It’s almost that time of the year again, when beaches and outdoor pools and the warm sunshine beckon to us. Yes, summer is just around the corner and we’re all more than glad to pack away the thick jackets, toques, and heavy boots in favor of swim suits, tank tops, and short shorts. Of course, wearing less layers of clothing also means we’ve all been making a mad dash to the gym so that we can show off flat tummies and toned arms when we’re in our summer outfits.

Celebrities are the most excited of all for the summer to arrive and many of them have absolutely no qualms about showing the world how fit and fab they are in their teeny-weeny bikinis. Thanks to the advent of selfies and social media, celebs have been borderline obsessed with posting photos of themselves on their Twitter and Instagram pages, showing their fans just how great they look in bikinis. Vain yes, but the fans (and the media as well) swallow it all in enthusiastically and strive to look as fit as their idols. Here’s a look at the sexiest celebs that uploaded selfies in their bikinis and tidbits on how some of them have achieved those bodies as well.

12 Kim Kardashian


This list wouldn’t be complete without the queen of selfies herself, Kim Kardashian. She stirred some controversy when she posted a selfie of her bountiful backside donned in a white swim suit shortly after giving birth to her and Kanye West’s daughter North. Soon after, she posted another sexy photo in a black bikini and sheer black cover up and she looked quite trim, natural curves notwithstanding. According to Ok magazine, the reality star has a rigorous exercise routine, which includes squats, lunges, sleds and deadlifts.

11 Lea Michele


Glee star Lea Michele is almost always all rainbows and sunshine on her social media accounts and we love that about her, despite rumors that she isn’t the most pleasant of people to work with. But perhaps her disposition is due to her healthy lifestyle. According to Pop Sugar, Michele does many forms of workouts, such as yoga, hiking, running, and jump rope, plus she eats healthy, too. And she certainly has the body to show for it, as seen in the Instagram photo she posted of her trim backside on a beach in Mexico during the 2014 New Year.

10 Rihanna


Rihanna has never had any qualms about showing off some skin, whether it’s on the red carpet or onstage or in her music videos. So it’s but natural to expect a lot of sexy selfies on her social media accounts. A US magazine article featured a Rihanna selfie clad in a pink and yellow Chanel bikini, taken in South Africa, where she and her friends went shark diving back in October 2013. The pop diva’s caption read, “Shark Diving?? Yes please!!!”

9 Kylie Jenner


She wouldn’t be part of the Kardashian clan if she didn’t sow controversy, never mind if she’s barely an adult. Kylie Jenner has been given a lot of flak for the changes in her facial features, leading many to speculate that she has undergone plastic surgery to plump her lips. But no one can deny that Jenner has been working hard to look fit and trim. The once-chubby teenager posted a photo on her Instagram page of herself clad in an orange and white bikini at the backyard of the family home, as featured on US magazine. And judging from her trim stomach, she’s definitely lost the baby fat.

8 Demi Lovato


When Demi Lovato first broke out into the Hollywood scene in the Disney film Camp Rock, people took to her sweet, wholesome image immediately. But like most child stars, she wanted to break out of the cutesy mold and transition into an adult singer. And that meant enhancing her body as well. Hollywood Life reports that Lovato has that trim figure due to leg lifting and aerobics. She looked fabulous in a black bikini in an Instagram photo she posted of herself laying on the beach in January 2014. Her caption read, “Feeling healthy, feeling rested.”

7 Naya Rivera


Not to be outdone by her supposed arch rival and Glee co-star Lea Michele, Naya Rivera likewise posted a selfie of her backside, clad in a skimpy black bikini, as featured in Shape. She captioned her photo, “Nailing it,” which clearly shows how proud she is of her body. Rivera said that her physique was all due to toning exercises, including squats for that tight derriere. We’re sure that after the expectant mother gives birth, she’ll be back to her toned self in no time.

6 Sofia Vergara


She’s one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood today and she’s not afraid to flaunt her most famous assets. Sofia Vergara is always one of the best dressed women on the red carpet and it’s no surprise to know that her beauty isn’t limited to the gowns that cling to her hour-glass figure. Vergara looks fantastic in a bikini as well. An article on Celebuzz featured one of Vergara’s Instagram selfies, wherein she displays her trim derriere as she soaks under the sun.

5 Selena Gomez


FHM recently shared the news that Selena Gomez’s latest bikini selfie garnered the photo 1.4 million likes on Instagram, the highest number for that day. And it wasn’t all that racy, mind you. It was simply a photo that ran the length of the top of her head until her cleavage, which was covered in a strapless black bikini. This apparently sat well with her fans, who found the photo of the former Disney star extremely alluring. And to top it off, she’s in the running for one of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World for 2015.

4 Vanessa Hudgens


Former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens has long broken out of her wholesomely sweet image and established herself as a serious adult actress—with a killer body, to boot. And she’s not shy to shout out how hot she now is. In a feature on the website BroBible, Hudgens recently vacationed in New Zealand and posted several shots of herself clad in various bikinis and in very sensual poses. But the objective of the actress seemed to be drawing attention to her enviably flat and muscled stomach.

3 Lady Gaga


The newly engaged Lady Gaga never shies away from the racy and scandalous. In fact, she even courts controversy with her out-of-this world outfit choices. It’s no surprise that she’d have no qualms about posting titillating photos of herself on her Instagram account and has even gone so far as posting nude selfies. She also posted a photo of herself clad in a black bra and leopard-print panties as she did yoga, according to a January 2015 article on E! Online.

2 Gisele Bundchen


Gisele Bundchen is the envy of many women. She’s tall, gorgeous, rich, successful, and to top it off, has a great family life, being the mom of quarterback Tom Brady’s two beautiful children. Being a model, it’s practically a given that she’s got an amazing body, so naturally, she’s got to live up to that expectation—and live up to it, she does. Bundchen does a lot of yoga, among other fitness routines, to stay fit and she has posted numerous photos of herself doing yoga poses by the beach, clad in a bikini. An article on Pop Sugar features a photo of the supermodel snapping a selfie through the mirror in a bikini and showcasing her svelte figure.

1 Heidi Klum


Supermodel Heidi Klum took bikini selfies to a whole new level, according to a report on Yahoo! Celebrity. The fabulous mother of four posted a photo on her Twitter account that caused quite a stir. She took a close-up photo of her shapely bum peeking out of her black bikini bottom that was covered with sand. No, she wasn’t showing off how trim her derriere was; rather, she wanted to show her tan line and how her tanning was progressing. We got the added bonus of seeing that lovely bottom though!

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