12 Of The Best Celebrity Wax Figures

We have all read about celebrity wax figures that go horribly wrong but what about those that go amazingly right? These startling photos will have you taking a second look when you realize they are actually wax. From Anne Hathaway to Michael Jackson; these are truly masterpieces that have taken months and lots of money to produce. From the eye color to the skin tone it is truly amazing how realistic these wax figures look.

But what does it take to get a wax figure looking this real? Turning to the experts at Madame Tussaud’s we learn that first the celebrities need to come in and have all of their measurements taken, down to the width of their noses. Dozens of photos are collected and then the magic begins. An intense sculpting and molding process is done followed by the insert of hair, eyes, teeth and finally makeup. Human hair is inserted into the head and then cut to style; a process that takes 6 weeks to complete. Another 10 hours for the eyes and then weeks of makeup artists preparing the skin. Overall it takes a whopping 4 months to produce these incredible wax figures at an incredible $150,000 USD.


12 Britney Spears

Fans just can’t get enough of Britney and her realistic looking wax figures- there are many of her around the world. The photo above is one example of the great ones and has Spears in a slightly less revealing outfit than previous wax figures. Her curly blond hair, sly smile and perfectly shaped body all look identical to Spears at the time of making. Of course this is one celebrity who often changes her style and we can expect to see more updated wax figures of her in the years to come.

11 Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine looks like he could do some pretty serious damage; even as a wax figure. With flexed muscles that look highly realistic and drawn out claws we imagine that some serious work went into recreating this look. From his hair to his eyes to that detailed goatee we have no problem believing this wax figure is the real deal when it comes to replicas. We have to wonder how hard it was to make those claws look as though they are literally ripping out of his knuckles. Only the experts can answer and their secrets are closely guarded.

10 Bruce Willis

Women love him; men want to be him so why wouldn't Bruce Willis make for an insanely popular wax figure? There are many pictures online where you can see fans from all around posing with his wax figure. This is also the reason why so much time and money goes into producing a real life Willis created by Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. It’s not the hair that takes the time producing this figure but the wrinkles and lines around his eyes that the sculptures have gotten exactly right. Dressed to impress with that sly look on his face we had to take a double look at this picture to see which one is the duplicate?

9 Cate Blanchett

This Oscar winning actress was just revealed in February 2015 as Madame Tussaud’s first new figure of the year and we have to give it to the sculptors and artists who created this identical look alike. From her signature eyes to lovely flowing hair to red lipstick and dramatic lashes, the artists were bang on in replicating her. Even her floor length gown looks like to be similar to the one she wore on the red carpet. The honest truth; wax figure Blanchett may have a few more laugh lines around her eyes but we still think both women are stunning.

8 Sandra Bullock

Another winner and one of the best celebrity wax figures out there was produced from Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Sandra Bullock’s look alike is not only strikingly similar but also drop dead gorgeous. From the side part in her luscious looking hair taken from a style that Bullock wore at the Academy Awards back in 2010, to the off the shoulder dress in bright red to the pronounced cheekbones; we had to take a hard look to believe that this figure is actually wax. Considering this actress has been in the business for over a quarter of a century; it’s about time someone replicated her.

7 Gwen Stefani

It took months of hard work from a number of sculptors and artists and a whopping $300,000 to complete but Gwen Stefani and her wax figure could be twins. Funny enough the wax figure is actually 2% fatter than Stefani in real life but for good reason; the Nevada desert climate has been known to shrink the wax over time. A crop top showing off her amazing abs, trousers and knee high leather boots fit her style perfectly and her signature combed up hair completes the look. At 40 with two kids this singer looks incredible; both in wax and real life.

6 Katy Perry

Sculptors and artists love to recreate this talented artist. Perhaps it is her crazy candy looking outfits or her outrageously colored hair. It could also be the fact that Perry willingly loves to work with the studios; allowing for hundreds of measurements and photos to be taken. Her sunny smile is bang on, as is the skin tone and eye shape. The dress used for the figured might be an actual dress the star once wore to perform. This isn't just the only realistic looking figure of her; every other one does her the same amount of justice.


5 Anne Hathaway

Stunningly beautiful in real life and just as beautiful in wax; these artists have produced an exact replica of Hathaway. From the way her hand is placed on her hip to her relaxed shoulders and her perfect eyebrows, it is all on point. That big red smile easily matches her real smile and the skin tone is perfect. A beautiful portrayal of a beautiful actress this was created by Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in California for a mere price of $300,000 and was completed in just three short months.

4 Michael Jackson

One of the celebrities with the most wax figures made of them is the late Michael Jackson. When Jackson passed away in 2009 a flurry of sculpturers rushed to produce figurines of the beloved star. Fans still flock to see the wax figures of him, and they have plenty of choices, some are of him when he was in the Jackson 5 with his brothers as well as the more recent versions of Michael, proving the world is still crazy about him. From the cheekbones to the hair and eyebrows these wax figures are very realistic. From NY to LA to Beijing there is no shortage of Jackson's wax lookalikes.

3 Kim Kardashian

When Kim Kardashian was revealed with her own wax figure it was hard to distinguish which one was real and which one was the duplicate. CBS reported that even Kim’s own mom had a hard time telling who was who. Kim admits the process was long but well worth it and after months of anticipation and waiting; the figure did not disappoint. From the exact eyes to the long luscious beautiful hair and the curvy hips; this is Kim down to the last detail. This is one celebrity who looks flawless in both real life and wax.

2 George Lopez


Will the real George Lopez please stand up? The unveiling of George and his figure took place a few years ago and the similarities between the two are truly uncanny. The real Lopez looks a little larger and a bit of a larger smile which gives him away. Other than those minute differences these two could be twins. Lopez loves his wax figure so much he gave it a kiss when it was unveiled and feels confident that he can remain 45 years old forever; at least in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

1 Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin looked thrilled to see his look alike revealed and even struck the same pose as the wax figure giving photographers an opportunity to snap this seriously awesome picture. Artists recreated this wax figure from the height to the face size right down to the big smile Ricky always seems to have. It took over 500 measurements to get things right and Martin happily sat through the process. Stunned with how much it looked like him we even had to take a double take to find out who the real Ricky Martin is.



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