12 Male Celebs Who Enjoy Wearing Makeup

Men wearing makeup in showbiz is nothing new. It’s actually a necessity because TV cameras often distort the natural features of an actor or singer. So because of that, it’s quite customary for even the most masculine celebs to throw on a little makeup and do various touch- ups here and there to make sure they look their best on screen. With that said, there are a handful of male celebs who don’t wear makeup because they have to – they do it because they absolutely love to. In the following list, we single out twelve men, who have no problem slapping on makeup to enhance their innate features. Not to say there is anything wrong with that – “different strokes for different folks” - we can all do what we want and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Enjoy the list below ….

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12  Adam Lambert:

Via: www.huffingtonpost.com

The 32-yr-old Adam Lambert has done really well for himself. Considering that he wasn’t even the winner of the American Idol cycle he appeared in, it’s commendable how he’s been able to carve out a solid career for himself. His genre of music can be considered as pop, pop rock or glam rock, and he certainly has the image to pull it off. Lambert is very particular about his looks and he’s not shy to enhance his handsome features with all kinds of makeup. He also uses a lot of product in his hair too, so every strand is always perfectly coiffed and in place.  No wonder he named his first world tour Glam Nation – it doesn’t get more glam than Mr. Lambert.

11  Jared Leto:

Via: galleryhip.com

It’s very rare for a Hollywood actor to also be successful in music, but that’s exactly what the multi-talented Jared Leto has been able to accomplish. The impressive thing about Leto is that he’s extremely effective in both lanes; he wins Oscar awards when he does big movies (Dallas Buyers Club) and with his band 30 Seconds To Mars, he sells out large venues all over the world. Leto also loves wearing  his makeup –it doesn’t matter  whether he’s performing with his rock band or playing the role of a transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club. One thing’s for sure, the ladies still scream and shout for him whether he’s all done up in makeup or not.

10 AJ Mclean (Backstreet Boys):

Via: stardomreport.com

Do you remember the mid-90s when the Backstreet Boys were absolutely running the music industry? They ushered in a Boy Band generation that perhaps got a little out of hand, but for that era, they were the coolest act in town. It’s actually quite interesting that groups like The Backstreet Boys are still around and touring till this day. These boy band members may have gotten a little older, had a couple of kids, and sport more tattoos and makeup (yes you, AJ McLean), but they are still able to make a decent living off their craft. There is enough money out there  for everybody, even if you’re a boy band singer from the ‘90s. We can all raise a toast to that.

9 Brandon Flowers:

Via: www.buzzfeed.com

8 Marilyn Manson:

Via: www.wpr.org

It takes a lot of dedication and discipline to stay in character and create an image as impactful as that of Marilyn Manson. During the late 90s era, Manson was certainly the unrivaled leader of the shock rock/goth rock era. His videos for songs like “Beautiful People” can be considered as cinematic works of art, and his pale white facial make-up with jarring red lipstick added to his unforgettable stage presence. Almost 15 years later, Manson is currently dabbling in acting in addition to his music. He can be seen making cameos on the hit cable show Sons of Anarchy. It’s actually hard to recognize him on the show, because he’s not wearing all the makeup he’s usually known for.  But hey, I guess we all have to grow up sometime.

7 Johnny Depp:

Via: moviesdrop.com

6  Dave Navarro:

Via: pt.wikipedia.org

5 Boy George:

Via: andreafiamberti.com

4 Steven Tyler:

Via: on.aol.com

3 Jay Manuel:

Via: www.girlsofto.com

If you’ve ever watched the successful Tyra Banks show Top Model, then you are already familiar with the Canadian makeup artist Jay Manuel aka Mr. Jay. He has been part of the show since the very beginning and he’s one of the main coaches charged with whipping up potential pretty newcomers into fierce top models. If there is such a thing as a man who could be described as “overly” handsome – it would be Mr. Jay. With his frosted platinum hair tips, Ronaldo-like sculpted features and perfectly applied makeup,  this is one gentleman that can hold his own in the pages of Vogue magazine any day of the week.

2 Billie Joe Armstrong: 

Via: www.greendaycommunity.org

At the relatively young age of 42, Billie Joe Armstrong has lived more than a lifetime in the limelight. He's the founder and frontman of the punk rock group Green Day, and since the band's formation in 1987, it has enjoyed a lot of success and had countless hits. One of their signature songs "Time of Your Life" is probably one of the most memorable rock songs ever made. Billie Joe is definitely a rebel on the stage and in real life, and his spiky hair and facial makeup add to his distinct look. The band has been nominated for induction into the Rock Hall of Fame for 2015, so we definitely wish them luck.

1 Pete Wentz:

Via: www.fanpop.com

Pete Wentz is one of those polarizing personalities in the realm of pop rock. You get two reactions usually when you mention his name. People either really love him and his music, or it's the exact opposite, they just can't stand him. He has definitely added a lot to the music industry and his record label signed mega-selling bands like Panic at the Disco & Gym Class Heroes. He also has a unique fashion sensibility, and wearing makeup and nail polish are big parts of his style arsenal.

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