12 Hollywood Rebounds That Shocked Us

Perhaps the worst thing about a break-up is the feeling of desolation that follows, after being with your significant other almost every waking moment. Whether you were the one who was dumped or the one who decided to end things, it’s still a wretched feeling if the relationship was serious and long-term. It gets even more painful if you were living together or if there were children involved. So the tendency for those suffering a break-up is to seek comfort in the next available person, just to ease that gaping hole and the lonely nights. Yes, break-ups are the reasons that rebound relationships exist.

Nowhere are break-ups, divorces, and rebounds more common than in Hollywood. The closer the gap between partners, the more the story becomes tabloid fodder. Of course, if the other party the celeb rebounds with is also a celebrity, then it’s even more likely to make headlines. Here’s a rundown of just some of the many celebs who’ve gone on the rebound in seemingly less than honorable circumstances.

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12 Madonna and Jesus Luz


Pop icon Madonna has always had a penchant for younger men, and it seems the older she gets, the younger the men she hooks up with. A year after divorcing her second husband, British director Guy Ritchie, Madonna started dating Jesus Luz, who is 28 years her junior. They met at their Kabbalah practice and hit it off from there. But alas, the age gap proved too difficult to overcome, as stated in a February 2010 report in The Hollywood Gossip. It was a wonder that the pair even lasted together for a whole year. But at the end of the day, they were in different stages of their lives and so they eventually called it quits. 

11 Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler


Christina Aguilera seemingly had it all: a thriving career, a strong marriage, and a wonderful son. But things aren’t always as rosy they seem. After almost six years of marriage to music marketing executive Jordan Bratman, Aguilera separated from her husband and filed for divorce in late 2010. Around the same time the divorce was filed, Aguilera started dating production assistant Matt Rutler, who was part of the crew of her movie, Burlesque. According to a February 2014 US Weekly feature article, Rutler provided Aguilera with a shoulder to cry on when she was going through her painful separation and eventual divorce. Needless to say, the couple is now engaged and have a beautiful daughter together.

10 Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz


When Eva Longoria married NBA player Tony Parker in a lavish Parisian ceremony in 2007, everyone thought it was a fairy tale come true. But like many celebrity marriages, theirs didn’t last and Longoria filed for divorce in late 2010. A month after the divorce was finalized in early 2011, Longoria was spotted spending time with Eduardo Cruz, Penelope Cruz’s younger brother. But as reported by People magazine in March 2012, the couple split after only one year of dating bliss.

9 Kate Winslet and Louis Dowler


8 Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart


Jennifer Lopez is one of the wealthiest women in the entertainment industry, but she’s also known to have a very tumultuous romantic life. She’s been married three times and has dated numerous men. Her longest marriage was to fellow music star Marc Anthony, by whom she has a set of adorable twins. After announcing their separation in 2011, Lopez started dating former back-up dancer Casper Smart, 18 years her junior. The pair broke up after three years of dating, but according to a January 2015 report in Hollywood Life, they purportedly reconciled after six months and have been dating again.

7 Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn


Many wondered how Scarlett Johansson could have let go of her hunky actor of a former husband, Ryan Reynolds after being married to him for two years. What made eyebrows raise even further was her choice of man to rebound with after her marriage dissolved. She began a very short-lived but much-publicized relationship with Sean Penn, who is 24 years older than the sultry actress. As reported in an April 2012 article in Metro, Johansson started dating Penn the month she announced her separation from Reynolds in December 2010. The relationship lasted for all but six months. 

6 Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth


5 Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey


Who goes from being broken up to married to someone else in a span of three months? Naya Rivera apparently. The Glee star began dating recording artist Big Sean in April 2013 and the pair became engaged six months later. Three months before their big day, the couple called off their engagement. Rivera surprised the public once again when three months later, a July 2014 report from E! News surfaced that she had married actor Ryan Dorsey, whom she was good friends with. And the kicker? The couple was married on the day that Rivera was supposed to walk down the aisle with Big Sean!

4 Big Sean and Ariana Grande


Naya Rivera wasn’t the only one who moved on quickly after she broke off her engagement to Big Sean. The rapper may not have gotten hitched three months after breaking up with his fiancé, but he did start dating singer Ariana Grande around the same time his ex married someone else. Sean and Grande’s relationship was confirmed by Grande herself in an interview with The Telegraph last October 2014. Since then, the pair have been seen together in awards shows and concerts and it’s clear that they’re oh-so-into each other.

3 Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez


Halle Berry has been married three times, has had a common law partner, and has two children with two of the four men she’s been in serious relationships with. With a personal life that entangled, it’s no wonder her domestic problems have made headlines numerous times. She had a very public custody battle with former partner Gabriel Aubry after splitting up in April 2010. A few months later, Berry began dating French actor Olivier Martinez, whom she married in 2013 and with whom she is purportedly now also having domestic problems, according to a November 2014 report in The Belfast Telegraph.

2 Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin


Coldplay frontman Chris Martin’s marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow lasted more than 10 years, which is no mean feat by Hollywood standards. The “uncouple” seems to be in good terms and spends time together amicably for the sake of their children, even if five months after their separation, Martin was rumored to be dating Jennifer Lawrence. The relationship lasted for a short two months, but a January 2015 report in People magazine claimed that Martin and Lawrence were giving it another go, never mind the complications. Neither party has confirmed the true status of their relationship.

1 Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard


Kate Hudson has certainly had her fair share of men. While still in the process of her divorce from ex-husband Chris Robinson, she started dating Owen Wilson, her co-star in You, Me and Dupree. The relationship was short-lived and Hudson wasted no time in moving on, as she went public with Dax Shepard a few months later. Unfortunately, the timing couldn’t be worse, as mentioned in an August 2007 report in Hollywood.com. The same day Hudson and Shepard were photographed kissing, Wilson was rushed to the hospital for a rumored attempted suicide. Tongues went a-wagging that his depression was due to the fact that Hudson had already moved on from him.

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