12 Embarrassing Movies of Popular Hollywood A-Listers

Sometimes bad movies happen to good actors, and that’s just a fact of Hollywood. Often, there’s never one person to point the finger at either. There are situations when it’s squarely the fault of the actor because he/she picked a movie just because of the money. In other situations, it could be the fault of the agent for steering their client down a wrong path. Other times, it could even be the director who may be dealing with a perfectly decent script, but he/she ends up making a hot mess out of the project. There are even other situations when the director and the cast have done their utmost best, and the film editor comes in and chops it up into something unbearable to watch. Whatever the situation, a bad movie is still a bad movie even when they are talented actors involved. Here is a list of embarrassing movies that some really good actors were part of. Check them out below:

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12 Batman And Robin - George Clooney 

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Recently the star of Mad Men Jon Hamm recently went on BBC and said that he was glad that he avoided doing any superhero movies in his careers. Superhero movies are a tricky proposition in Hollywood. When they go right, they can bring instant fame and stardom (like Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy), but when they go wrong, it can be ugly. That’s what happened in 1997 when George Clooney suited up as Batman (with nipples) in the film Batman & Robin. There were all kinds of questionable casting choices in the film: Schwarzenegger as Ice Man, Alicia Silverstone as Bat Girl and Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. It seemed like they were just too many cooks in the kitchen for this one and the outcome was a huge fiasco.

11  The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle - Robert De Niro 

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He’s often recognized as one of the true legends of American film and with his amazing roles in so many iconic films, his position is rightfully deserved. He has starred in classic movies like The Godfather, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and Heat. But recently, in the last 10-15 years, the movies he has been a part of have been largely hit and miss. One of the misses was the 2000 animated film The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle. The film featured De Niro playing alongside cartoons as a costumed character named Fearless Leader. Quite honestly, an actor of his caliber shouldn’t have been anywhere near the set of this movie. But hey, we all take losses in life, and this was definitely one big “L” for the great Mr. De Niro.

10 Gigli - Ben Affleck 

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2003 was a tough year for Ben Affleck. And the funny thing about this period is that it all stemmed from things that were going on in his personal life. You see, at the time he was involved in a romance with none other than Jennifer Lopez, and all the onlookers and media talking heads were saying that she was changing him for the worse. Around that time, a movie came out that starred both of them called Gigli. There’s no mild way to put this: The movie was a complete bomb. The critics hated it and it tanked at the box office. It made only $7.2 million and the budget for making it was $75 million. Ouch!

9 Dream Catcher - Morgan Freeman 

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We’re  used to Morgan Freeman playing really honorable and sage-like roles like what he portrayed in movies like The Shawshank Redemption, Chris Nolan’s Batman Trilogy or even Deep Impact (in which he played the president). But in 2003, he got involved in a sci-fi project called DreamCatcher that was going nowhere fast. It was based on a Stephen King Novel and it involved flesh-eating alien viruses that were referred to as s**t-weasels. That’s the point in the script when an actor of his caliber should have just said “no thanks.” The film was completely ripped apart by critics, but luckily it was still able to break even at the box office. Everyone has missteps, but this was a pretty big one for Mr. Freeman.

8 After Earth - Will Smith & Jaden Smith

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We can all be absolutely honest and just blurt it out – Will Smith hasn’t had a decent blockbuster hit in a while. It’s not like he needs the money or anything, but for an actor of his caliber and box office draw, you would think he would be having hit movies left and right. This brings us to the point of one of the most embarrassing movies he ever released – After Earth starring his son, Jaden. The movie was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, and the original story idea came from Will Smith himself. The father and son duo fared well with their previous collaboration The Pursuit of Happyness, but After Earth was a total debacle. The critics loathed it and it even earned Will and Jaden a razzie award.

7 Heart Condition - Denzel Washington

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Oh yes, we definitely have to say this refrain again: Bad movies can certainly happen to good actors. Another spectacular example of this is the 1990 movie Heart Condition starring Denzel Washington. Okay so the plot goes like this: A racist cop with a tendency for boozing, smoking and living unhealthily ends up needing a heart transplant. The heart he ends up with belonged to a sleazy but adorable attorney played by Denzel Washington. So after the transplant, his constant companion is the ghost of a dead black lawyer. Apparently the response to this movie was so negative and Denzel felt so embarrassed by this movie choice that he actually fired his agent. Sounds like a perfect cause of action if you ask us.

6 The Love Guru - Mike Myers 

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When it comes to comedies, Mike Myers is usually a brilliant genius but there are times when even someone of his comedic caliber can fall short. In 2008, he starred in another farfetched comedy called The Love Guru. Usually for Mr. Myers, he’s able to take the most obscure and unrealistic premise and turn it into a treasure trove of laugh-out-loud humor. He did that in the Austin Powers movies and made lots of money, but the Love Guru didn’t quite translate. In the film, he played a jovial spiritual master whose aim was to become the #1 guru in the world and appear on The Oprah Show. But alas, there were too many gross-out gags and awkward jokes that fell flat. The movie ended up doing very poorly at the box office even with an extensive promotion campaign. We can be sure that we won’t be seeing any sequels of this film anytime soon.

5 Bad Company - Anthony Hopkins 

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We don’t know about you guys, but the words “Anthony Hopkins” and “Action Comedy” should never appear in the same sentence together. In light of that, it was extremely awkward to see him cast next to funny man Chris Rock in the movie Bad Company. The premise of the move was quite absurd. A CIA agent gets killed during an operation and his twin brother (who was separated at birth) is recruited by the FBI to complete the operation. Generally movie goers should be fearful of any script that involves “twins separated at birth” and for Sir Anthony Hopkins, this was one of his rare movie missteps.

4 Woodcock -  Susan Sarandon 

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The 68-yr-old actress Susan Sarandon is one of the most talented and respected actresses in Hollywood. She has outstanding movies on her resume like Thelma & Louise, The Client and Dead Man Walking. But in 2007, she made a major faux pas by acting in the comedy Woodcock. First of all, any actor should be careful of a movie starring “Stifler” from American Pie and one that also happens to be titled “Woodcock.” The plot revolved around Sarandon getting engaged to an abusive gym coach (played by Billy Bob Thornton) – the only problem is that her grown up son hates the coach’s guts and the entire movie is about him trying to break up the engagement. As you can probably surmise, the plot got tired really quickly and the film was a flop that was derided by the majority of movie critics. Sorry Susan, this was just a bad move.

3 Anaconda - Jon Voight

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By this time, avid movie goers should be wary of any movie that has a snake as a major character in the film. We already know how the movie Snakes on A Plane turned out, and the 1997 movie Anaconda wasn’t that different. It’s amazing how many popular actors actually showed up for this debacle set in the Amazon jungle. The cast included: Ice Cube, Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Jon Voight. Perhaps we can excuse a lot of the younger actors doing this movie for a check, but for Jon Voight, he should have really known better. Maybe it’s fitting that in the movie, his character dies by getting swallowed whole by a gargantuan anaconda.

2 Man of the House - Tommy Lee Jones

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The 68-yr-old actor Tommy Lee Jones is one of the finest actors of his generation, but in all veracity, he really doesn’t have the demeanor and timing to act in a comedic role. That’s just not his thing. That’s why it was a little bit of a head scratcher when he starred in the “crime comedy” film Man of The House. In the film, he played a Texas ranger who goes undercover as a cheerleading coach so he can guard a group of hot & bubbly cheerleaders (played by: Christina Milian, Vanessa Ferlito, Paula Garces etc.). Even Rick Perry, the governor of Texas had a cameo role in this film, but even that couldn’t save this train wreck of a comedy. Stick to the serious roles Mr. Jones – those are the ones you’re good at.

1  Lady In the Water - Paul Giammati 

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Over the years, Paul Giamatti has proven himself to be one of the most textured and dedicated actors of his generation. If you just watch some of his starring roles in projects like Sideways and John Adams, it's immediately clear that he has some serious acting chops. But in 2006, he starred in an M. Night Shyamalan movie named Lady in the Water that wasn't his finest hour. The demise of this  fantasy thriller can pretty much be attributed to the aforementioned writer and director of the film. The script had so many holes and lacked any type of consistency. It bombed at the box office too - it cost $70 million to make and it made just a little bit over that cost at the theaters. It seems that the "Lady in the Water" drowned long before she reached the cinema.

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