12 Child Stars That Make Amanda Bynes Look Like a Saint

When it comes to celebrities known for falling on bad times, Amanda Bynes seems to come up quickly, this is due to her increasingly strange behavior and social media outbursts. Bynes went into a downw

When it comes to celebrities known for falling on bad times, Amanda Bynes seems to come up quickly, this is due to her increasingly strange behavior and social media outbursts. Bynes went into a downward spiral from the sweet bubbly blonde actress to a young woman who didn't seem to have a clear sense of reality. Even though she is among the most recent celebs to suffer a breakdown, there are several other stars who prove Bynes is not the only child actor to be affected by fame at a young age.

Many other stars have been damaged from the Hollywood spotlight. When they hit a rough patch, these celebs hit the ground hard. With the pressure of fame and the mysticism of what money can buy, these stars may be given too much at a young age. From drug addictions and robbery to social isolation and violence, these fellow celebrities show that Amanda Bynes may not be perfect, but she is far from the only star that has been in trouble with the law. Take a look at other child stars that make Bynes look like a saint.

12 Jodie Sweetin

Known for her role as Stephanie, the adorable middle child on the '90s hit show Full House, Jodie Sweetin was one of Hollywood's sweethearts. Unfortunately, the young star did not cope well with the show coming to an end. After eight years on the show, then 13-year-old Sweetin found herself leading a very different lifestyle than that of a successful young actress. In the wake of Full House coming to a close, Sweetin fell into a drug addiction, that included crystal meth and cocaine. According to Us magazine, she has admitted to driving drunk with her daughter in the car and even showed up to a premiere "as high as a kite."

11 Dutch Elijah Whitlock

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10 Marcus T. Paulk

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9 Macaulay Culkin

The iconic '90s film star Macaulay Culkin was a young actor who seemed to be the ideal kid-next-door. He was funny, relatable and sensitive. Best known for his roles in the films My Girl, Home Alone and Home Alone 2, Macaulay was at the peak of his young fame in the 1990s. Perhaps burnt out on all the fame, he dropped out of the spotlight for many years, choosing to return to the film world in the early 2000s. In 2004, Culkin was arrested for possession of both marijuana and prescription pills. In 2012 he was photographed by the paparazzi looking extremely thin and pale, causing many to worry about the actor's lifestyle. According to the National Inquirer, Culkin was spending $6,000 a month on drugs that included oxycodone and heroin. But his reps have responded to that statement saying 'that is ridiculously fictitious'. Though the images of him will still remain a question to most.

8 Edward Furlong

Best known for his riveting roles in films like Terminator 2, American History X and Animal Factory, it seemed like Furlong had everything going for him. His roles were diverse and interesting. Unfortunately, the appeal and convenience of drugs got the better of Furlong, who spent many years in the throws of a heroin and cocaine addiction. Furlong’s drug use greatly affected his work. While he did eventually achieve sobriety in the late 2000s, he has spent many months in jail for domestic violence related charges since becoming sober. In 2012 he was fired from a movie role due his arrest at LAX. In 2013 he was arrested for blowing off his restraining order and for an altercation he had with his estranged girlfriend.

7 Orlando Brown

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Orlando Brown, who was once an actor on the show That’s So Raven, has had his fair share of run-ins with the law. Brown has been charged with a DUI in the past and as recently as 2014, was charged with disturbing the peace and public intoxication following a supposed death threat. According to Daily News, he was arrested after showing up to a woman's apartment threatening to kill her and her child. Since that incident he has been charged with three more crimes, one for a domestic dispute involving a weapon.

6 Paris Hilton

Heir to the massive family owned Hilton hotel chain, Paris Hilton has always lived in the world of the 1%. Never needing to worry about finances or worrying whether her desires could be pursued, Hilton was able to party and enjoy her young life as much as she liked. Her household name and Hollywood-friendly looks gave Paris a magnetism in the LA club scene. In the early 2000s, it was hard to walk by any magazine rack without seeing a provocative image of Paris leaving a nightclub or someone talking about her leaked 2003 sex tape with then boyfriend Rick Salomon. Once she became a front page favorite, the fame seemed to have gotten to her. The following years included various arrests , one in 2006 for a DUI, twice in 2007 for driving with an invalid licence and in 2010, she was arrested for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas. Most remember her very short stint in prison as well. Her life seemed to be spiralling out of control with the alcohol abuse and her friends seemed to be on the same page.

Now this young star seems more reserved, focusing on her life and career, we hope it remains that way.

5 Jaimee Foxworth

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Jaimee Foxworth was ten years old when she first appeared on the sitcom Family Matters. Foxworth was a part of Family Matters for four years. Much like Sweetin, Foxworth’s life went from a comfortable acting career to a teen dealing with the extreme pressures of adult responsibilities, causing her to develop depression and turn to drugs to cope. In an extreme turn of her career, Foxworth began preforming in X-rated films, which escalated her drug use.

4 Shia Labeouf

3 Danny Bonaduce

2 Lindsay Lohan

1 Justin Bieber

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When Justin Bieber emerged in the pop music world at only fifteen years old, it seemed that he was going to be a huge star—he could sing, play guitar and had the right blend of charm and reliability to gain him new fans each day. This once down to earth and sweet kid seemed to have a bit too much access and freedom from his newfound success, as his attitude became increasingly more egotistical and unappreciative. In 2014, Bieber was arrested for assault, drag racing and a DUI. Not only has Bieber had his issues with the law but he has also been caught acting out on various occasions, and each time the media was there to headline the story.

At the recent Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber, Justin himself closed the segment stating that he apologizes for his recent behavior and wants to be someone that everyone can be proud of. Here’s to hoping he can grow into a more graceful adult.


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