11 Of The Most Eligible Celebrity Lesbians

As the brand new year looms before us, many resolutions people commit to include making life affirming changes. Not all resolutions for the coming year center on breaking bad habits like smoking or overeating, or nurturing good behavior like working out at the gym on a regular basis.

Many personal affirmations include ending bad relationships and building new ones. For those in the market to start dating a celebrity lesbian, there are lots of eligible women in the spotlight that may be looking for love…and probably a significant number who haven't yet made their availability public.

Commoners may be a long shot to get a date with a famous lady but dreams and imagination have no boundaries. Instead of settling in for a long winter's night sleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, picture yourself out on the town with one of these celebrated women, and let the magic of dreamland take over.

Since the heart knows what the heart wants – and is such a fickle entity – some ladies may be off the market before you peruse the whole list. But since capriciousness knows no bounds, those same females (and possibly their short-term mates) might be back in contention shortly after the holiday glitter dissipates, so sit back, bide your time, and sip a cup of tea/coffee as you ponder the possibilities for 2015, including all the naughty and nice options.

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11 Brandy Clark

via: www.rollingstone.com

Nashville didn't welcome Clark's lesbian coming out with open arms but her courage in being honest about her sexuality in a notoriously hostile environment (openly gay musician Steve Grand has been virtually ignored by the country music world) makes her extra appealing. With her strong vocals and captivating lyrics, Clark's single status makes her a top date choice.

10 Tig Notaro

via: www.elle.com

Ladies who love to laugh but also seek a partner with intelligence and heart will be glad to know Notaro is once again on the eligible list after years in a long-term relationship. The celebrated comic and writer based in New York City is also the professional best friend of funny lady Sarah Silverman, a relationship that lends itself to interesting stories and industry insights.

9 Sarah Paulson

via: www.brunchnews.com

With brilliant leading roles on stage as well as in television and movies, bicoastal Paulson's most memorable performances include playing a myriad of characters on American Horror Story as well as outstanding parts on American Gothic and Deadwood. Her long-term relationship with impressive actress Cherry Jones (who played the President of the United States on 24) ended in 2005 but Paulson has been so busy with her career, there hasn't been a lot of time to date. In fact, she's in the middle of shooting American Crime Story (being produced by genius Ryan Murphy, who is behind American Horror Story), so those interested are forewarned that Paulson's time is tight.

8 Lori Lindsey

via: womens.soccerly.com

If your tastes run toward athletic types, Lindsey is a top contender. Playing for the Washington Spirit soccer team, Lindsey's always in top physical shape and considered a real catch for ladies looking for a woman who can hold her own both on the field and off. But she's very recognizable, especially on the East Coast, so be ready to deal with paparazzi as well as devoted fans if you go out on the town and visit popular hot spots.

7 AzMarie

via: www.androgynousstyle.com

No longer attached to her last name of Livingston, AzMarie first gained attention as a top challenger on America's Next Top Model: British Invasion in 2012. She used that notoriety to land a role in the acclaimed movie Precious and cut an album. Her androgynous persona and artful tattoos turn heads and she's rumored to be a close friend of Raven Symone, so suitors need to be ready for lots of attention if you step out with this lady on your arm.

6 Jane Lynch

via: bigstockphoto.com

Arguably one of the funniest actresses both on and off screen, Lynch recently emerged from a messy – and expensive – divorce from her psychologist wife after only three years of wedded non-bliss. But Lynch is still smiling after a settlement that cost her close to $2.5 million, although she may be a bit shy about tying the knot again soon; she even lost the couple's dog in the deal. Lynch's time on Glee is dwindling as the show winds down but she has another hit with Hollywood Game Night, a rollicking competition where celebrity panel members swig cocktails as they compete. Lynch seems like the perfect match for a lady who likes to laugh but also has an IQ she's proud to share.

5 Ellen Page


When Page burst onto the silver screen in the quirky blockbuster Juno as a pregnant teenager, she charmed audiences with her fresh delivery and comic timing, a role that earned her an Oscar nomination. Page upstaged herself when she came out as a lesbian on Valentine's Day 2014, claiming she couldn't take the pressure of lying about her sexuality any longer. The petite 27-year-old has indicated she's ready to date, so if you're looking for a lovely lady with outspoken views on a solid career path (20+ movies and TV appearances to her credit just since Juno), Page might be the perfect match.

4 Lea DeLaria

via: www.broadwayworld.com

Truly a Renaissance woman, DeLaria began her career as a standup comedian and also proved her mettle as a jazz vocalist before landing her current starring role on Orange Is the New Black as Big Boo. A consummate actress whose first credit was a guest spot on Matlock back in 1994, DeLaria is a most eligible celebrity lesbian, albeit a challenge by her own admission. In one of her many quotable quotes, DeLaria said, "It's a cosmic joke that I'm a lesbian because I understand men so completely and women are a total mystery to me. ... Women are the most confusing, annoying people in the world."

3 Kyrsten Sinema

via: www.huffingtonpost.com

Sinema, a U.S. Representative from Arizona, is a self-proclaimed bisexual, the first openly bisexual person ever elected to Congress. She's diligently campaigned against her state's anti-same-sex marriage and civil union propositions, so would-be suitors should be prepared to engage in politically driven conversations with Sinema. Rumor has it she also has atheist leanings, another topic interested women should be able to intelligently discuss.

2 Kate McKinnon

via: www.huffingtonpost.com

As Saturday Night Live's first openly lesbian cast member, McKinnon has won a slew of awards for her contributions to the show, most notably her celebrity impressions of over 20 famous people including Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, Angela Lansbury, Billie Jean King, Barbara Walters, Penelope Cruz and Martha Stewart. McKinnon has been tapped as the most promising new female comedian for 2015 and having a new love interest to share the spotlight would be icing on the cake.

1 Tammy Baldwin

via: jezebel.com

As the junior United States Senator from Wisconsin, Baldwin is a self-described "proud progressive" who was the first openly gay U.S. Senator in history. Always a trailblazer, she proposed legalizing same-sex marriage in Wisconsin in early 1994 and in 1995 proposed domestic partnerships for her state. Her no-holds-barred philosophy of political change is sure to make her an interesting date and she may be funny as well; she's a third cousin of comedian Andy Samberg.

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