11 Of The Biggest Female Players In Hollywood

When people talk about players in Hollywood, they often talk about the male actors and celebs that continuously date one sexy woman after another. Some of the most recognized players in Hollywood often mentioned include Wilmer Valderrama, Leo DiCaprio, John Mayer and even George Clooney (before he got married). However in this article, we flip the script and talk about the female celebs who can be labelled as bona fide players in their own right. Some of the women on this list have been famous for quite a while, but there are several young “playerettes” in this article as well. Well without any further delay, check out the article below

11  11. J-Lo

Jennifer Lopez is 45-yrs-old and she sits on a fashion, music and entertainment empire that’s worth about $300 million. Over the many years of her being in the limelight, she has had her pick of men to choose from. She has been married three times (Ojani Noa, Cris Judd and Marc Anthony), and in-between those, she had very highly publicized relationships with Sean “P.Diddy” Combs and Ben Affleck. Now if that’s not a player, we don’t know what else you’d call her. Her last relationship was with her back-up singer Casper Smart who was much younger than her. But that ended early last year. It will be interesting to see who she ends up with next.

10  10. Paz De La Huerta


The 30-yr-old Paz De La Huerta is one of Hollywood’s most eccentric and sexual young beauties - she definitely deserves to be on this list. She is one of those stars who lives her life on her own terms and she doesn’t give a heck about what anyone says or thinks about her. With regards to her dating life, she has had flings with major stars like Jack Nicholson and Scott Weiland. But it’s some of her other antics that make her way more interesting. She once flashed her boobs at a Lana Del Rey concert, borrowed money from a homeless man and rubbed honey on her chest during an interview she was doing in a sauna. She is a rare bird indeed.

9 Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one of the most successful pop stars on the scene today. So much so, that she was even chosen to perform at this year’s Super Bowl Halftime show. She’s currently 30-yrs-old but she has already had a very busy dating life. Could it be that Katy might just be a bona fide female player? Here are some of the names she has been with in the past; Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) Russell Brand, John Mayer, Rob Pattinson & Diplo. And now, it seems she is right back to John Mayer again. The dating force is definitely strong with this one.

8 Christina Milian

When it comes to a female players in Hollywood, it would be very difficult for any woman to outdo Christina Milian. Granted she had some notable success in her music career, specifically the track “Dip It Low” and she is been in a couple of movies as well. But when it comes down to it, it seems that she’s mostly gifted at finding rich guys to be with. Some of these deep-pocketed suitors have included Nick Cannon, Andre Lyon (of the production duo Cool & Dre), platinum R & B producer/songwriter The Dream, rap label mogul Jas Prince and now she’s currently dating Lil Wayne. It’s worth mentioning that she actually did elope with The Dream and had a kid with him too. But after that ended, she resumed her player ways.

7 Madonna

Madonna may be 56-years-old now, and even though she is one of the most storied musicians alive, she probably even has juicier tales of all the stars and unique personalities she’s had flings with. Some of these names include: Jean Michel Basquiat, Sean Penn, Tupac Shakur, Carlos Leon, Guy Ritchie and even baseball star, Alex Rodriguez.  The “Like A Virgin” singer has had a lot of suitors, but the truth is when you’re Madonna, the regular rules of dating and courtship don’t apply to you.

6 Zoe Kravitz

At the young age of 26, Zoe Kravitz has already made quite a name for herself in Hollywood. She has appeared in blockbuster movies like Divergent and X-Men, and when it comes down to it, she also has the good looks, swagger and charisma of her dad, Lenny Kravitz. She also has quite the dating history too. These are just a few of the men she has dated: Ben Foster, Michael Fassbender, Ezra Miller, Penn Badgley, Drake and most recently Noah Gabriel Becker (son of tennis star Boris Becker). That’s a loaded list of real heavy-hitters. But it’s not that surprising when you think about it. She is certainly one sexy lady.

5  5. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is just 24-yrs-old but she is already one of the most talked about and established actresses of her generation. She really exploded on the scene with the release of the extremely lucrative Twilight movies. She ended up being in a relationship with her costar Rob Pattinson for a while, but she ruined that relationship by cheating with film director Rupert Sanders. Since then, she has been a little quiet on the dating scene, but now she is being rumored to be dating her female assistant Alicia Cargile.

4 Rihanna

One of the pillars of urban music, culture and fashion is the Roc Nation artist, Rihanna. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the realm of music and luxury fashion with more influence than her. With regards to her dating life, of course there was the ugly incident she had with her longtime beau Chris Brown. Then there was the on-again, off-again pairing with Drake. In the past she has also been rumored to have had flings with the model Dudley O'Shaughnessy, actor Shia LaBeouf, baseball star Matt Kemp and most recently she’s been spotted around with Hollywood heavyweight, Leonardo DiCaprio. Ms. Riri definitely keeps busy.

3 Kate Hudson

The sultry Kate Hudson is one of the most demure and sexy ladies in Hollywood. She is the daughter of Goldie Hawn and she is a huge star in her own right. With someone this beautiful, it makes sense that she’s been courted by a lot of men and she deserves a place on this light. Some of her beaus in the past have included musician Chris Robinson, actor Owen Wilson, Dax Shepard, Heath Ledger, Lance Armstrong, A-Rod and then she got hitched to Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy. She’s presently single again, but with a female player like her, we don’t think that’s going to last too long.

2 Michelle Rodriguez

The 36-yr-old Michelle Rodriguez is another major Hollywood star who can’t seem to decide who she wants to be with in Hollywood. With regards to who she has dated in the past, the list is quite diverse (including both men and women). Some of these names include Vin Diesel, Colin Farrell, Cara Delevigne and Zac Efron. The Efron-Rodriguez fling played out in the media in a big way.  The two were seen vacationing in tropical locals and showing lots of PDA. When she finds someone she likes, she definitely doesn’t hold anything back.

1 Paris Hilton

If you really think about it, Paris Hilton was one of the original "reality star" celebs. And even though she hasn't scaled the reality star totem pole and reached as high as Kim Kardashian, she's still doing really well for herself. She's currently a very successful global DJ and pulls in huge amounts for manning the turntables at some of the ritziest parties around. As far as her player ways, she might as well be crowned the queen of the pack. She has been romantically linked to a plethora of male celebs including: Jamie Kennedy, Travis Barker, Andy Roddick, Kid Rock, 50 Cent, Nick Carter, Matt Leinart, Adrian Grenier, Brody Jenner, Jared Leto and Benji Madden. Wow, when does she even have time to work?

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