11 Major Reasons Why Men Hate Relationships

Compared to women, men are far less likely to get themselves into long-term relationships. There are several reasons why this happens to be the case. When it comes down to it, a lot of men feel that they are sacrificing too many of the things they love about their single and independent lives. Guys love having complete autonomy of their time and there is also a little pesky condition called “fear of commitment” that often comes into play. This situation can easily be turned around as many women prefer to stay single rather than get tangled in a relationship. But in the following article, we lay out 10 major reasons why a lot of guys hate being in relationships. They range from something as small as “overly emotional tendencies” to full-blown jealousy issues. Read on below ….

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11 Losing Their “Me-Time”


Guys are interesting social creatures. They might not be the most talkative or engaging in a lot of situations, but all this changes when they are in their natural element. Guys love to hang out with their best buds and bros, and they also love kicking back alone in their “man caves” to just relax. Whether it’s hanging out at a sports bar, playing video games, watching an action movie (like Fast & Furious) or even lifting weights at the gym, these are all integral facets of a guy’s life. But when guys enter into a serious relationship, all this “me-time” & “bro time” quickly disappears. For some guys, that’s just too much to give up. That’s why some guys would rather be single and maintain absolute control of their time.

10 Cattiness


Ask a lot of guys why they are single, or why they left their last relationship, and most likely, the “C” word is going to come up. That “C” word we are talking about is “cattiness.” The truth is men tend to let a lot of stuff slip off their back while women tend to make humongous issues over the smallest thing. For example, if a woman’s friend doesn’t compliment a new outfit or haircut, that small issue could elevate into a full-blown episode. This is the reason why women are so skilled at having “frenemies.” This particular character trait is a huge turn-off for guys, and most of them would rather stay single than being in a relationship with a catty partner.

9 Self-Definition Differences


This is an important point, because it really applies to almost all the relationships that happen between guys and girls. Guys often define themselves according to what they do, how much they earn, the car they drive etc. Men operate more from an “I” point of view. This differs starkly with women. Once they enter into a relationship, women start looking at everything from a “We” point of view. It doesn’t take a relationship expert to figure out that this is a recipe for disaster. That’s why guys mostly prefer being single than having to lose their strong sense of self identity.

8 Jealousy Issues


To be fair, this is not a trait that a large majority of women have - but the ones who do, have it in extra portions. These women are so insecure about their relationships that they are constantly spying, snooping and asking annoying questions of their boyfriends. The bottom line is this: If there is no basic trust in a relationship, then there is no foundation at all for two people being together in the first place. Guys truly can’t stand jealous women, and they would much rather be alone.

7 Sex Without Strings


This point is best proved by the quote that Charlie Sheen made years ago about his love for prostitutes. He said, “I don’t pay them for sex. I pay them to leave.” That statement is a perfect microcosm of how a lot of guys tend to view sex. Men love sex, but they are not necessarily big fans of all the emotional strings and responsibilities that come along with it. When it comes down to it, a lot of guys would rather have lots of hot, lusty flings instead of being involved in one long-term serious relationship.

6 Overly Emotional Girls


This is also called the broken nail syndrome. This is probably one of the major innate differences between men and women. A girl will break one of her nails and might overreact as if she had just lost one of her limbs. Or a guy might not notice a new haircut or forget to call one evening, and all of a sudden, this becomes a major, 5-alarm situation. Guys really can’t deal with women who constantly blow things out of proportion and it’s a main reason why they hate being in relationships.

5 Gossiping


When a group of girls gather to hang out and have a good time, you can be pretty sure that some gossiping is probably going to happen. For some reason, women tend to be extremely skilled at talking about other people’s business. Of course, there are guys who are gossip kings too, but this is definitely a trait that many women excel in. Guys can’t stand women who gossip constantly, and they would quickly opt for being single than having to endure a “gossip queen” girlfriend.

4 Women Letting Themselves Go


This is an occurrence that many men in long-term relationships will attest to. When they first meet a girl and start dating, she always tries her best to look hot and sexy for her possible new boyfriend. But as the relationship becomes permanent, guys notice their girlfriends taking their foot off the “beauty” pedal. Apparently the thinking is that because they found their man, they don’t have to try so hard anymore. They stop dressing up, wearing makeup, watching their weight, etc. For men, no matter how long they’ve been in a relationship, they always want their ladies to look great. More often than not, this becomes a serious point of contention in the relationship and some guys prefer to stay single and avoid it all.

3 Differences in Maturity


It’s just a basic fact of life. Women tend to mature way quicker than men. You can even see this phenomenon in young boys and girls. Boys love playing with toy cars, superhero figurines and girls often play with toy carriages , doll houses, miniature kitchens etc. Women develop into nurturers and caretakers very quickly while men just like to have fun for as long as possibly – no matter how old they get. This difference in innate characteristics also explains why men prefer to be single and have fun rather than being in relationships.

2 The Dreaded Fear of Commitment


For many guys, the commitment involved in entering a long-term relationship is just too much to handle. They see the gradual progression proceeding as follows: dating, long-term relationship, engagement, marriage, kids, getting old and then dying. For many men, these “big” life steps are too real to handle – they prefer hanging out, having fun and dating different girls every month. Women on the other hand are usually more willing to settle down early and start a family.

1 Clinging & Nagging


This is another one that’s a big “no-no” for guys. Guys will give up their “me-time”, they will even adjust to a moderate amount of jealousy or cattiness, but they will run away in a flash from a clingy, nagging woman. No man wants to have their girlfriend constantly nagging and bugging them about one little issue or another. They also don’t want women who are always clingy and have no sense of independence at all. So ladies, if you happen to have these traits, please try and lose them as quickly as possible.

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