11 Celebrity Siblings You Had No Idea Existed

If you were raised in a family with a couple of brothers and sisters, then you already know that sibling rivalry is an unavoidable part of growing up. Of course, most parents love each child equally, but something inevitably happens along the way that causes offspring to take different paths in life. Some tend to be more ambitious and there are others who are okay playing in the background and living pretty low key lives. There is nothing wrong either way. In the following article, we shine the light on siblings of some very popular Hollywood celebs. A few of them are moderately recognizable in their own careers, but fade drastically in comparison to the famous "star" in their family. We think you'll have a fun read with the list below. Enjoy!

11 Jake Paltrow


Here is another sibling connection you probably never knew about. We are all very familiar with Gwyneth Paltrow, the star of Hollywood hits like The Talented Mr. Ripley and the popular Iron Man series. But she also happens to have an older brother named Jake who is also part of the film industry. Unlike his sister, he chose to work behind the scenes as a director instead. Jake Paltrow has directed episodes of TV shows like Boardwalk Empire & NYPD Blue. He also directed movies like The Good Night starring his sister and Young Ones with Nicholas Hoult.

10 Charlie Murphy


Charlie Murphy is the older brother of one of the biggest comic stars in Hollywood, Eddie Murphy. When we think of Eddie Murphy, we think of monster hits like Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America, and of course, The Nutty Professor. When we think of Charlie, the closest he got to real fame was regularly appearing on the short-lived Dave Chapelle Show on Comedy Central. Charlie is definitely funny in his own right, but he’s nowhere close to the high status and fame his younger brother has attained.

9 Luke Hemsworth


It must be hard to have not one, but two brothers who are huge stars. But that’s the exact situation that Luke Hemsworth finds himself in. He’s the oldest of the Hemsworth brothers and his younger brothers happen to be Chris and Liam Hemsworth. Chris & Liam have starred in Hollywood blockbusters like Thor and The Hunger Games while Luke’s acting career seems to be much quieter. Maybe the fame of his brothers will open a few more doors.

8 Oliver Hudson


Kate Hudson is one of the bona fide Hollywood stars currently on the scene, and she even has the credits to go with it. Her mom just happens to be the beloved Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn. But did you also know that she has an older brother who is also climbing his way up in the Hollywood rankings? His name is Oliver Hudson and he is 3 years older than Kate. He starred for a couple of seasons on the comedy Rules of Engagement with David Spade. Now, he plays the role of a shady music label executive on the hit ABC show Nashville.

7 Sofia Richie


6 Zack Kharbouch


If you have been a fan of the rap game in the last five years, then you are very familiar with the rapper known as French Montana. He’s from the Bronx in NYC, but was born in Rabat, Morocco. He’s known for his drug-themed raps and being close with Rick Ross and Puff Daddy. If you read celeb gossip sites, you also know that he’s romantically linked to Khloe Kardashian. Montana has a younger brother named Zack who is a constant fixture wherever his older brother is. He is the president of French Montana’s label and last year, he was even romantically linked to Amber Rose. That short fling might have been his five minutes of fame or you never know, he might even try rapping himself.

5 Alex Watson


The British star Emma Watson is just 24-years-old, but has been famous for so many years of her life. She was of course the pretty girl who played the role of Hermione in the immensely popular, globally-loved Harry Potter movies. But did you know that she has a younger brother that most ladies find hot? He was an extra on some of the Harry Potter movies and now he’s a very dashing 22-yr-old model who has appeared in Burberry ads with his older sister. Keep an eye on this one, he has a lot of potential.

4 Shannon Leto


3 Hallie Kate Eisenberg


One of the top young actors in Hollywood today is Jesse Eisenberg. His major role to date was starring in the film The Social Network about the beginnings of Facebook - that movie was directed by the supremely skilled David Fincher. But you'll be surprised to know that his little sister is an actress too. Do you remember the cute Pepsi ads from the 90's with the curly-haired, dimple-faced girl asking, "Can I have a Pepsi please?" Well that was Jesse's younger sister Hallie. She's 22 now and is an upcoming actress. She has appeared in movies like Wild Child and Holy Rollers.

2 Monica Cruz


When you mention exotic beauties in Hollywood, one of the first names that comes to mind is the striking Spanish brunette Penelope Cruz. She was a star in Spain before she broke into Hollywood with starring roles in movies like Vanilla Sky and Blow. Penelope happens to have a younger sister called Monica who is just as sexy. She is an actress and dancer herself, and the two sisters have starred in fashion ads for the international clothing brand Mango. She may not ever be as big as her older sister, but she is still very accomplished.

1 Trey Smith


When people talk about the kids of Hollywood A-lister Will Smith, they often mention Jaden and Willow. Jaden has starred in movies like Karate Kid, The Pursuit of Happyness and his sister Willow is known for the viral radio hit “Whip My Hair.” However Will has another son too. His name is Trey and he’s in his early 20’s. He’s a child from Will Smith’s first marriage, therefore Jada Pinkett is his step mother. Unlike everyone else in the family, it doesn’t seem like he’s interested in going the showbiz route. And you know what, that’s just fine.

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