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10 YouTube Stars You Should Know About

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10 YouTube Stars You Should Know About


YouTube is goldmine of video content that has grown rapidly over the past few years thanks to the popularity of smart phones and our attachment to all things social media. On YouTube, many content creators and channels are able to quit their day-to-day jobs and make producing content for their YouTube channel(s) a full time gig. Channels that are able to gain a partnership with YouTube and use Google Ad Sense to their channel stand to make a comfortable amount of money each month. Additionally, some channels gain endorsements through various companies related to that channel’s niche, allowing the creator or host to reap additional rewards. Most YouTube celebrities are famous not because they uprooted their lives and moved out to L.A. or Manhattan, but because they consistently produce good content that keeps their viewers coming back for more. This unique formula of quality content paired with passionate creators allows for a celebrity that viewers can feel more intimately connected to. With a good camera, internet connection, some editing software (which comes standard on most computers) and plenty of quality content, a YouTube star can be made. While these celebrities often have to work years to gain their status, once they reach the top, their limits are endless. The following YouTube celebrities are popular for a wide variety of reasons, some channels promote entertainment, others focus on health and fitness and some simply share their lives in a way that inspires viewers to kick ass in their own lives.

10. PrankvsPrank

PrankvsPrank, Youtuber to Watch

This boyfriend vs girlfriend duo is one that doesn’t hold back on joking around. The duo is a real life couple Jesse and Jeana. On their PrankvsPrank channel, the couple pulls pranks on one another whenever they get the chance. While some pranks are more modest than others, the duo enjoys going big. Smoke bombs in cars to simulate a car problem, burning (fake) sports tickets and more. The couple knows how to push each other’s buttons and show that everyone deserves to have a little fun in their relationship (even if it’s at their partner’s expense).

9. Shaytards

Shaytards, YouTubers to Watch


Shaytards is like having direct access into your friend’s day to day lives without the Big Brother effect. What started several years ago by Shay Carl (Butler) and his family, affectionately known as the “Shaytards”. The daily vloggers (yes, that’s right they record, edit and upload videos every day) chronicle their day to day lives. While it doesn’t sound like something that’s all that exciting to watch, the Shaytards show us how to live life to the fullest. The family is in no way perfect and they don’t pretend to be. That’s part of their appeal. Their transparency is refreshing and they give their viewers a sense of what it’s like to truly love every day that you live and to make the most of things. While creating and running a YouTube channel may not have been Shay’s initial idea of a dream job, the doors it has opened for him and his family are endless, yet the family continues to pay it forward and stay true to themselves, always focusing on their connection as a family.

8. TradeChat (Panser)

TradeChat, YouTubers to Watch

TradeChat is a one woman show featuring a gamer geek who goes by the name Panser. On her TradeChat channel, Panser discusses video games, does interviews and gives weekly recaps for popular World of Warcraft (WoW) sites. Panser isn’t afraid to show her geeky side, complete with geeked out tattoos, memorabilia and an obvious enthusiasm for Blizzard gaming. Panser even appeared on the first season of the TBS reality show King of the Nerds, though her depiction of a villain in no way matches her demeanor on her channel. Tradechat is a worthwhile channel to watch because Panser not only shares great information on the games she loves, but she has interesting interviews with others within her industry. While she likely wouldn’t call herself a celebrity, Panser is also an interesting YouTube celebrity to watch in light of the GamerGate controversy circling the gaming world.

7. Obese to Beast (John David Glaude)

ObeseToBeast, Youtuber to Watch

Obese to Beast is a relatively new YouTube channel that has quickly gained momentum in the last few months. Obese to Beast is a weigh loss inspiration channel that is hosted by a young man named John David Glaude. John’s story is one many people know well — morbid obesity. John gained weight at a young age and never knew how to cope with his eating problems. Once he learned how to incorporate healthier eating and exercise into his life, John was able to completely change his appearance and his sense of self worth. Just shy of three years from the start of John’s weight loss journey, John has lost a massive 160 pounds and now wants to help others see that they can make the change too. John’s fame gained momentum when his candid video discussing and baring his loose skin (a common result of extreme weight loss) went viral and landed him a spot on The Ellen Show. John is the guy to watch when you want a genuine approach to realistic, life long weight loss goals.

6. Fit Men Cook (Kevin Curry)

Fit Men Cook, YouTuber to Watch

Fit Men Cook is another health related channel that aims to help people make healthy eating fun and enjoyable. Fit Men Cook is hosted by Kevin Curry who like many people, decided he didn’t like what he saw in the mirror and made a positive change in his life. What originally started as a Tumblr blog has evolved into an empire of delicious healthy eating. On his channel, Kevin shows viewers not only how to prepare delicious and nutrient dense food, but he gives tips on how others can create their own meals and become healthier through easy to follow nutritional information. Knowing that food is at the heart of most everyone’s weight loss battle, Fit Men Cook is a must watch for keeping a healthy diet enjoyable and versatile.

5. Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles, YouTuber to Watch


Jenna Marbles is the screen name for a 28 year old entertainer who’s channel will shock you and make you laugh all at the same time. On her channel, Jenna shares her thoughts on common stereotypes (such as “What a Girl’s Jewelry Means”) and shares personal accounts of her life (like “Things I Thought As A Kid”). Jenna didn’t set out to make herself a YouTube star, but her witty personality and intrepid attitude got her there. Jenna’s language is a bit crude at times, though she is always entertaining (for appropriate audiences). Jenna is entertaining because she isn’t afraid to make fun of herself and while she is clearly a passionate person, she doesn’t let herself take things too seriously. When you’re having a bad day and need a good laugh, Jenna Marbles is the channel to watch.

4. Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson Barbie, Youtuber to Watch


Kandee Johnson is a professional makeup artists who’s makeup artistry coupled with her robust YouTube channel (of the same name) has given her celebrity status. Kandee is as sweet as her name sounds, she is always bubbly and upbeat in her videos, but doesn’t come off as fake or as if she is putting on an act for the camera. In addition to her personality, part of what makes Kandee so popular is her transformations. Kandee does makeup transformations on herself, transforming her own face, hair, eyes and look into whatever image or cover she is modeling. The results are astounding. Kandee always seems to capture what the original camera saw and she gives step by step tutorials on her channel so viewers can learn her tricks. Makeup fanatics and newbies alike can enjoy Kandee’s sweet personality and top notch talent.

3. Sexplanations (Dr. Lindsay Doe)

Dr Doe, Youtuber to Watch


With kids gaining access to tablets, smart phones, and ultimately social media at very young ages, Sexplanations is a must watch for anyone with kids in the house. While Dr. Lindsay Doe is newer to the YouTube world, her impact is profound. Sexplanations with Dr. Doe is a channel devoted to educating all viewers about everything there is to do with sex. While most of the videos are not well suited for very young children, teens, parents and adults in general can learn an indefinite amount of information from Dr. Doe, who is a clinical sexologist. Dr. Doe presents information in an easy to understand way but keeps things fun and interesting. Watching a Dr. Doe video feels more like a chat with a good friend (who’s very knowledgable about sex without all the creepy innuendoes) than it does some awkward psychology or anatomy and physiology course. Whether you need help on talking to your kids about sex or you want information on foreplay (again, in a helpful, non creepy way), check out what Dr. Doe has to say on Sexplanations.

2. MyHarto (Hannah Hart)

Hannah Hart Pic, Youtuber to Watch


MyHarto is a channel by comedian Hannah Hart. Hannah shares a variety of videos on her channel, including question and answers, tags and her most popular series titled “My Drunk Kitchen”. “My Drunk Kitchen” features Hannah (and various other guests depending on the episode) attempting to cook or create some sort of culinary masterpiece while, you guessed it, drinking. Hannah’s coordination may waver a bit in the My Drunk Kitchen series, but her sense of humor remains intact. “My Drunk Kitchen” gives the allure that you are drinking with Hannah and having a good time while you fake your way through drunken cooking. Hannah’s “My Drunk Kitchen” series is so popular, she wrote a book called My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking and Going with Your Gut. Hannah’s other videos offer real life tips and personal experiences with a comedic twist.

1. Vlogbrothers (Hank and John Green)

Vlogbrothers, YouTuber to Watch


Brothers Hank and John Green started their Vlogbrothers channel as a way to be able to communicate via video blogs every day for a year instead of using email or text messages. The project was called Brotherhood 2.0 and through the success of the project, Vlogbrothers has steadily gained momentum over the years. Hank Green has a background in science and his brother John Green is a novelist (author of The Fault in Our Stars). While John has continued his writing career as a novelist, Hank has become a successful entrepreneur thanks to the connections and fame the brothers have gained through their Vlogbrothers channel. The channel itself has no set narrative. The brothers discuss everything from politics to thoughts they have about life and almost anything else they find relevant. Through the help of the massive Vlogbrothers following known as Nerdfighteria (made up of fans called Nerdfighters), Vlogbrothers Hank and John Green have created an annual world relief effort called The Project for Awesome that allows participating voters to nominate and vote for worthwhile causes. Vlogbrothers has paved the way for YouTube channels like The Brain Scoop, SciShow and Crash Course. Through their celebrity status, the Greens show us that ordinary people can change the world, but that sometimes you just need to be an everyday person and challenging your brother to do something both humbling and hilarious.

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