10 Unusual Celebrity Pets

Anyone can get a dog. Several of the celebrities we idolize have dogs. Some rappers, like Nick Cannon, have little tiny dogs (he calls one of his Jack Russell terriers Reverend Pow Jackson). Some older celebrities, like Betty White, have great big dogs (she has a pit bull named Elle). Oprah has several dogs that have been immortalized by a photographer who also has several dogs. Celebrities are often caught on camera walking their dog or dogs, heading out in public in running shoes, sweatpants, hair tied up underneath a ball cap, completely devoid of glamour, as if to advertise that they’re just like us. But they’re not, are they? They’re different, famous, rich, set apart from those of us who watch them on TV, see them in the movies, or dance to their songs. For some, it’s hard to know what to do with all of their newly-amassed wealth, particularly where household pets are concerned. We’re more fascinated when celebrities have pets that are rather out of the ordinary. The Barenaked Ladies famously sang “If I had a million dollars, I’d buy you an exotic pet, yup, like a llama, or an emu.” And later in the same song, as a dig to Michael Jackson, who had a pet monkey at the time: “If I had a million dollars, I’d buy you a monkey. Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?” The song that contains those lyrics was meant as a comedic stab and stars, like the late Michael Jackson, who put zoo animals, or even wild animals, on a leash, rather than a dog or cat. So, what kind of critters do celebrities cuddle up to? Read on:

10 10.Nicolas Cage: Octopus

Nicolas Cage developed a reputation for being an offbeat actor who takes offbeat roles, but one of the most sought after and one of highest-earning actors. But he went on a bit of spending spree that lead to eventual bankruptcy. He had to sell off much of what he’d bought, including 2 king cobras and an octopus. When purchasing the octopus, Cage told the media that his new pet was going to help him with acting, no real explanation as to how though.  The snakes and octopus together cost Cage $275,000.

9 Reese Witherspoon: Miniature Donkeys

Back in 2010, Reese Witherspoon bought two miniature donkeys named Honky and Tonky. Reese also owns  a horse, two pigs,three goats 20 chickens and three dogs. This mother of two ensures that her kids grow up among the animals, learning about compassion and kindness, even admitting that her children help her take care of the animals by cleaning stalls.

8 Mike Tyson: Bengal Tigers

Mike Tyson is most famous for boxing, as well as biting off part of a man’s ear, so it stands to reason that his choice of house pet is something ferocious like a Bengal tiger. He actually had 3 that cost him a reported $140,000. And before his pro-boxing days he owned pigeons. His love of pigeons was the subject of an Animal Planet series, Taking on Tyson.

7 The Beckhams: Micro Pigs

Call them teacup pigs or micro pigs. Either way, these teeny tiny pigs, bred for scientific research, are now a trendy pet. Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham bought a couple for her husband, David, and they named them, affectionately, as the case may be, after friends Elton John and David Furnish. The soccer legend would have preferred Pinky and Perky. Two teacup pigs cost the Beckhams around $2,500.

6 Justin Bieber: Capuchin Monkey

Justin Bieber recently drew a comparison between himself and Michael Jackson as both of them had waved to fans after facing criminal charges. It should be no surprise, then, that, like his idol, Beiber also got himself a monkey. While The King of Pop had a chimpanzee named Bubbles, Bieber got himself a Capuchin monkey named Mally. However, upon arrival in Germany last year, without the proper papers, Mally was confiscated. Bieber was given some time to present the proper documents to get his monkey back, but failed to do so. Hence, Mally is now the property of the Serengeti Zoo in Germany. Bieber still owes the German government for the cost of taking care of the beast.

5 Paris Hilton: Kinkajou

A kinkajou is a rainforest animal related to the lemur. They’re usually pretty easygoing, unless you spook it, or make it angry. And if it carries certain roundworm its bite could be deadly. Paris Hilton’s got a couple of them on her ranch. One of them, Baby Luv, bit into her leg a few years ago. The vet recommended putting the pet down as the only way to know for sure if it had rabies. Paris said no. As it turns out, both Baby Luv and Paris were disease-free, and are still together.

4 Vanilla Ice: Wallaroo

Vanilla Ice (remember him?) once let his pet wallaroo get away. A wallaroo is like a mid-size kangaroo (think about what Sylvester the Cat once called a giant mouse), and can set you back up to $4000 and can go through $200 worth of food in a month.

Bucky Buckaroo (the wallaroo) and his companion, Pancho the goat, made a run for it a few years back, wreaking havoc across a region of south Florida before animal welfare authorities caught up to them and handed them back to Mr. Ice after he paid the fine for whatever damages his pets had caused.

3 Leo DiCaprio: Sulcata Tortoise

If Leonardo DiCaprio takes good care of his sulcata tortoise it may outlive him. With proper care and feeding Leo may yet have a 200lb tortoise on his hands that could live to 150! He bought it a few years ago for $400 after attending a reptile show. The Gilbert Grape-Titanic-Inception star is a known conservationist, having donated $1,000,000 to the Wildlife Conservation Society, and joining forces with the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

2 Kristen Stewart: Wolf-Dog Hybrids

1 Slash: Snakes

Former Guns n Roses guitar god Slash is into snakes and other reptiles. His house had at one time been filled with snakes, lizards, and crocodiles. He considers himself a “self-taught zookeeper” who at one time or another had been the proud owner of anacondas named Clyde & Sam, a boa constrictor named Pandora, and a Burmese python called Adrianna. In fact, he’s even won an award for his devotion to wildlife preservation.

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