10 Treehouses That Will Blow Your Mind

The concept of a treehouse started off with some old boards, nails and a rope ladder; built in the branches of the tree housed in the backyard by dad and his buddies. Treehouses have come a long way since then and around the world designers, architects and builders have taken the concept of living in the trees to a whole new level. Although you can’t spend the night in all of the treehouses below; most of them feature incredible furnishings, amazing views and a uniqueness that sets them apart from “just your average treehouse”. From square to round to a hexagon; theses houses come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to spend a romantic night under the stars with the breeze blowing softly or looking for a family friendly spot complete with zip lines and hiking trails; you will find a treehouse for you. From a restored airplane complete with a deck in place of the wing to a 3,300 square foot private mansion treehouse discover ten treehouses from Sweden to Costa Rica to Oregon that will absolutely blow your mind.


10 Wilkinson Residence, Oregon

This treehouse mansion is a whopping 3,300 square feet of indoor living space with an additional 500 square feet of outdoor space. The architecture is incredible from the glass wall that wraps around the living room to the open spaces that allow for the light to flood in. The materials used in the house are mainly all natural and the owner had the place built to address the flow of music. The house is built on a sloping lot which allows the living space to sit in the forest canopy. You can’t spend the night here as this is a private residence and the pictures truly don’t do this incredible treehouse justice; you truly have to see it to believe it.

9 Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica

This treetop paradise awaits visitors in Costa Rica and is actually a residential treehouse community where a select number of visitors can live out their dreams high in the treetops. From treehouses with sleeping lofts for the kids to ones filled with bright skylights to romantic two-pod homes; the choices are endless. The treehouses and buildings are connected by zip lines and platforms and this community offers hiking trails, waterfalls, snorkeling spots and rivers throughout. A 2-night minimum is required here put in place so that visitors can truly get the authentic experience. Whether you want to stay in an octagon, square or multi-level treehouse; you will find it here.

8 The Mirrorcube, Sweden

Tucked up in the trees is a house that blends so deeply into the surrounding forest you will have to look twice to realize it is actually there. The Mirrorcube is camouflaged by four walls that reflect the surroundings and thus creating a treehouse unlike any other in the world. Lucky for the birds this mirrored house is covered with a special covering that only birds can see, thus avoiding any accidents. The inside is spectacular in itself with a double bed, bathroom, lounge and rooftop terrace. The six windows offer spectacular views and the treehouse can be reached by a bridge. A once in a lifetime opportunity awaits visitors in the country of Sweden high up in the trees.

7 Tongabezi Lodge Treehouse, Zambia

This gorgeous treehouse is tucked away in a huge ebony tree and offers an entirely open concept; complete with a claw foot tub that overlooks the Zambezi River. No outside walls ensure that visitors have access to the incredible surrounding views. The magnificent king size bed comes complete with canopied mosquito netting and is occupied on the middle level of the house. A few steps down the lounge area await and visitors will spend hours basking in the sun in the comfortable chairs that sit on the deck overlooking the river. West African artwork, Asian furniture and hand woven carpets all set the stage for a unique and stunning stay in this treehouse.

6 Beach Rock Treehouse, Japan

This treehouse is located on private land in Okinawa Japan and was originally built to communicate with outer space. The design looks suited to do just that and this treehouse is said to be the plexiglass portal on the world. A combination of stairs and ladders is how one reaches the entrance to this round dome set high up in the trees. Although it is not known to have made contact with outer space; the treehouse is now a place for people to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in this space while exploring inner peace.

5 Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island

Three spherical treehouses are suspended in the coastal rainforest along Vancouver Island’s west coast; open 12 months a year and for adults only. These spheres are set amongst five acres of beautiful forest with a large pond in the center of the land, attracting plenty of wildlife. Each sphere is unique in what it offers; from power to amenities to the size of bed. Other than being amazingly unique; these treehouses offer guests a spiritual connection to nature as the spheres rock gently with the wind. Walkways, platforms and spiral staircases allow visitors to reach their personal sphere and if you don’t feel more inspired to do great things after staying a night here; we would be surprised.

4 Cedar Creek Treehouse, Washington State

This treehouse sits 50 feet up in the air, nestled in a 200ft Western Red Cedar tree overlooking lush forests and a rushing river. This earth-friendly bed and breakfast offers the opportunity for guests to stay the night in this two floor house that offers excellent amenities including a sun room, kitchen nook and cozy sleeping loft. It also features a 100ft high observation tower that is reached by walking over a rainbow bridge and offers stunning sweeping views of the surrounding mountains. This very private treehouse is yours for the night (or nights) with no other guests on the property and makes for a perfect romantic getaway.


3 Chewton Glen Treehouses, England

Perhaps the most luxury of the treehouses on this list are the ones located at Chewton Glen with floor to ceiling glass allowing guests to truly feel as though they are right in the heart of nature. These elegant suites are outfitted with separate bedrooms and living spaces, warm comfortable colors and beautiful furnishings. An outdoor hot tub, walk in shower, wood stove and flat screen TV’s are just a few of the luxury amenities that are available to guests. These stilted treehouses are privately located in the canopy of a forest and offer the ultimate luxury for those wanting to spend a night in nature without sacrificing extravagance and comfort.

2 727 Fuselage House, Costa Rica

A 1965 vintage Boeing 727 airplane is the next unbelievable treehouse on this list. This two bedroom suite is atop a 50 foot pedestal in the heart of the jungle in Costa Rica. The 727 airplane was once used to shuttle passengers throughout the sky on South Africa Air. Now visitors can enjoy sitting in the cockpit or dining on the wings turned patios. Air conditionings, private bathrooms, flat screen TV’s, spiral staircase and ocean view terrace are just a few of the luxurious inside this renovated plane. The hand-crafted furnishings, surrounding gardens and howler monkeys as neighbors make this one incredible place to spend the night.

1 Bangkok Tree House, Thailand


Located just thirty minutes from the bustling city of Bangkok is a place where visitors can breathe fresh air, relax in nature and sleep under the twinkling stars. The Bangkok Tree House offers guests the opportunity to sleep in one of the jungle top houses while resting assured that this eco-friendly hotel is doing its best to stay green. From the family nest that has access to three roofs and sleeps four people to the two person room with a view that is void of walls or a ceiling; this hotel is a sure hit. Beautiful outdoor showers, a natural pond and limited access to the land makes the Bangkok Tree House one of the most incredible treehouses in the world.



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