10 Things You Didn’t Know About Queen Bey

One of the people that is guaranteed to make us feel lazy is Beyoncé. Whether it’s setting world records, performing countless hit singles or penning a duet with husband Jay-Z a.k.a. HOVA a.k.a. the King of Hip-Hop, Beyoncé does it all in a day. Oh and we forgot—she’s a mother too. Famously private, Beyoncé finally opened up about love, life and family in HBO’s documentary On the Run (which she obviously self-directed), letting the rest of us in on what makes her quite easily one of the best recording artists/entertainers of our time, and a businesswoman to be reckoned with (she did fire her father, after all). The fact that one person can do everything that Beyoncé does in a day is nothing short of incredible, never mind how she manages not to fall on her face or lose her breath mid-performance (except for that one time). And if you’re not sure whether or not that she’s as awesome as she is, give Mr. Kanye West a call.

But here are a number of facts that you may not know about Mrs. Carter—some of which make us feel like she might be a human like the rest of us, and some of which make us feel like there’s a slight possibility that she might be part unicorn.


10 She Has a Cheat Day

We thought she just woke up like that, but it turns out Beyoncé loves her carbs. While she sticks to a pretty strict regimen during the week under the watchful eye of her personal trainer, she lets loose on the weekends, indulging in a cheat day every Sunday, and it usually involves pizza. Or curry. Apparently she is such a fiend that she actually has the dish flown in from London to New York—which, let’s admit, we would totally do if we had millions of dollars. Update: Her personal trainer has since banned the curry dish, and has advised the singer to avoid curry houses.

9 Her Multitasking Abilities 


Run over a mile while belting a tune? Beyoncé can. We guess that makes sense when you consider how rigorous her dance moves are on stage. (Seriously, we’ve tried jumping up and down while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and it has been an absolute disaster). While the rest of us would be busy hacking up a lung, Beyoncé gets fit by simultaneously running and singing, something that she has done since she was a child. In fact her father, Matthew Knowles, would make the band mates of Destiny’s Child run laps while singing to keep them in shape.

8 Her Made Up Words are Recognized by the Oxford Dictionary

We all remember that song right? “Bootylicious”? It had a whole lot of curvy girls jumping up and down in celebration (and a whole lot of skinny ones adding squatting to their workout routines). In 2008, the word “bootylicious” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, defining it as “Especially of a woman, often with reference to the buttocks: sexually attractive, sexy, shapely." While Beyoncé has since reported that she is totally over the word, it’s still super mind-blowing that the word could be in a spelling bee someday (but maybe not impressive as J.K. Rowling’s induction of the word “muggle”).

7 She Played Hard to Get

Who says the days of chivalry are over? Apparently, Jay-Z and Beyoncé courted via telephone for over a year (18 months) before going on their first date. The hip-hop power couple, a.k.a. Mr. and Mrs. Carter, met in 2000, when Bey was still a fresh-faced 18-year old. They were friends for years before dating, finally cementing their relationship to the public with 2003’s “Bonnie and Clyde” although they were tight-lipped about their relationship taking a turn for the romantic for years. Looks like she was worth the wait, HOVA.

6 Beyoncé was Bullied.

Believe it or not, the princess of pop was the victim of bullying. Apparently the singer was teased because, according to Beyoncé, “her ears were bigger than her head” resulting in her charming classmates dubbing her Dumbo. She was also a little chunky as a youngster, having been quoted as saying that she “went through a chubby phase” and her family used to have to help her zip up her jeans. And that’s not all—the middle school version of Beyoncé wore her hair in a bun for six months because she was terrified that her classmates would try to lop it off.

Which just goes to show that people really do grow into their beauty. We can bet that those old classmates regret teasing the now pop diva.

5 Beyoncé Suffered from Depression for Two Years


While many are quick to dismiss depression as nothing more than a mood swing, it is becoming more and more apparent that it is actually a disease, and one that we are all susceptible to—even to someone who seems to have everything. In 2000, Beyoncé suffered a breakup from her long-time boyfriend (who she had been in a relationship with since she was 13), around the same time that Destiny’s Child won its first Grammy for the hit album “The Writing’s on the Wall”. For the first time in her life, Beyoncé’s privacy was completely invaded, leaving her feeling isolated, and well, depressed. Afraid to speak about it publicly for fear of not being taken seriously (she had, after all, just been recognized via one of the highest accolades in the music industry), Beyoncé recovered with the help of good old mom, and has since been going strong.

4 Bey and Jay Forever

A strong advocate for abstinence, Beyoncé allegedly hung on to her virginity until she was 23 years old, following her marriage to Mr. Carter in 2008. The couple married on April 4th, and despite divorce rumours, are still going strong, even going so far as to renew their vows. Openly referring to Jay-Z as her soul mate, Beyoncé has only ever had one other boyfriend, a Mr. Lyndall Locke, who she began dating when she was thirteen. He ended the relationship when Destiny’s Child started gathering momentum, fessing up that he had been unfaithful. Apparently Locke still thinks Beyoncé’s hot for him, but it sounds like the poor guy might just be a tad bit delusional. Like seriously—who could compete with Jay-Z?


3 She Sets World Records Like She’s Flipping Pancakes


Beyoncé has made the Guinness World Book of Records not once, but twice. In 2010, both Mr. and Mrs. Carter were cited as being the world’s “highest earning power couple” after bringing home approximately $122 million (incomes combined), although these days they are worth somewhere around a billion, according to Forbes magazine. The Carters also set a world record following the announcement of Queen Bey’s pregnancy (following her performance at the MTV VMA Awards, where she coyly pulled back her blazer, revealing the baby bump that is now little Blue Ivy), for the most tweets per second (at a paltry 8868 tweets/second).

2 No Nude Pics for Bey

In 2003, Bey walked off a shoot with famed photographer Dave Lachapelle (not to be confused with the comedian), who is best known for his work with his muse Amanda Lepore (formally Armand Lepore), one of the most well-known transgendered celebrities in the Hollywood scene today. Apparently Lachapelle asked Beyoncé to strip down and roll around in honey for the shoot, which resulted in a walk-off. But nude or not, can you imagine what a mess it would be trying to get that honey out of her hair? Good life decision, Beyoncé. Update: Aside from a pregnancy shot, photographers everywhere have yet to be able to get Bey to pose in the nude.

1 She Forgets Lyrics


Yes, Avril Lavigne isn’t the only one. Beyoncé openly admits to forgetting her lyrics from time to time, even despite the fact that she has written most of them (in Toronto, she gracefully recovered after stumbling over the lyrics of her then-new single, XO). In her defense, Beyoncé has written dozens of songs, and there’s probably a lot banging around in that pretty head of hers. But the girl keeps it professional throughout her performances, whether she’s taking a tumble down the stairs or getting her hair caught in a fan mid-song, Beyoncé forges forward.



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