10 Things Women Wish Men Did More Often During Sex

Great sex is usually a combination of chemistry, communication, and passion. But sometimes, no matter how great you think your skills in the sack are, something just doesn't line up. The reality is, every woman is different. The moves you used on your last girlfriend might not work so well on the next woman you're with. Luckily, the best way to learn what your current sex partner likes, is to practice.

Men and woman find different things arousing. It's common knowledge that woman need more foreplay in order to enjoy sex to the fullest, while men can be just as satisfied with a well timed quickie as they are with an all-night sex marathon. The key is making sure both partners are 100% in the moment, eager to try new things, and keeping their minds open. Women are constantly reading sex tips in magazines like Cosmopolitan, and dreaming up wild sex fantasies like those in Fifty Shades of Grey. Men prefer the visual, with magazines like Playboy, and well the internet.

Luckily, there are a few things that women universally wish men would do more often in bed. Generally, if a man is being attentive, and open to a woman's signals, he can figure out exactly what he needs to do. Here are 10 things all women have wished at some point or another men would do more often in bed.

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10 Slow down once in awhile

Women like a fast quickie just as must as men do, but there is a time and place. When you have the whole night ahead of you, why not slow it down a little? Undress her slowly, and take your time exploring her entire body. There is no need to rip off all your clothes and skip ahead to the main event. That will only leave her unsatisfied, and make you look like you don't care about anyone but yourself. So, enjoy the process a little more, instead of trying to fast forward to the end.

9 Return the favour

Pleasuring your partner is always better when you know the other person is going to reciprocate. As much as she might enjoy giving you pleasure, if she knows she will get her turn next, and you'll do it with enthusiasm, she's more likely to give it her all. No woman likes a guy who expects something and then gives nothing in return. If that's who you are, she'll figure it out pretty fast, and there will be no more fun for you. Just like men don't want to do all the work all the time, neither do women, so always reciprocate.

8 Take control

Women love it when a guy wants them so bad that he's willing to just go for it, and take control of the situation. Confidence and a certain level of aggression in the bedroom are a huge turn-on for a lot of women, so don't be shy. Take matters into your own hands and show her who's in charge, and guaranteed, she'll be following your lead.

7 Switch it up

Variety is a huge part of great sex. No one likes to be able to predict exactly what's going to happen next. Everyone has their signature moves, and maybe even an order they like to do them in, but there's no harm in trying something new once in awhile. The same positions in the same order every single time will definitely get boring for her, and probably for you too! So set a good example by changing up your routine, and suggesting new things. She'll take a cue from you and start doing the same.

6 Role play

A lot of women have super detailed sexual fantasies, and it's actually not that hard to bring some of them to life. Maybe she has always fantasized about sex with an authority figure, like a boss, teacher, or a police officer. Or maybe she's always wanted to meet a stranger in a bar, and take him home with her. The two of you can be anything you want, and it will add a little more excitement to your sex life. Be open to all her fantasies, and never judge. You wouldn't like it if she laughed at one of your ideas, would you?

5 Tell her how hot she is

There isn't a woman in the world that doesn't like to hear how hot she is. If you are specific, and tell her you can't get enough of her butt, or she has amazing legs, she'll love it even more. Let her know how lucky you feel to be the one in bed with her, and you are so turned on by her. Women can get self conscious during sex, and many worry about what they look like, and if you can see her flaws. Don't ever point out something she might already be insecure about, because making her worry about how she looks is the fastest way to kill the mood for her. Compliments are the way to getting her to open up, and feel comfortable with you in the sack.

4 Tell her when she's doing something right

Trying new things can sometimes be hit or miss. But how is she supposed to know you don't like something new she tried if you don't tell her? You would expect the same from her regarding your new moves, so it's only fair. Communication is a big part of sex, and women like to know they are good in bed just as much as men do. Dirty talk is a great way to let each other know you are enjoying yourselves, but also makes sure you aren't distracting from the physical sensations of it all. Just like men want to be encouraged verbally, so do women.

3 Be spontaneous

If you have to plan out everything you're going to do to her, that kind of takes the fun out of it. Sometimes having a quickie in the spur of the moment in the back seat of your car is just what you need. While there are times she wants to be swept off her feet and pampered, there are also times where something spontaneous is so much more exciting. You don't have to schedule sex for it to be enjoyable.

2 Get a little rough

As the success of books like Fifty Shades of Grey have revealed, a lot more women than you think are into gettin a little rough. Of course, different women like different things, but a little gentle hair pulling, or neck biting probably wouldn't be unwelcome. If you want to get even rougher than that, talk to her about it first. Again, communication will guarantee you two are on the same page, especially with things that are a little outside what is expected. Lots of women like to be dominated a little, but if you aren't sure, ask.

1 Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay

For men, foreplay can often seem like a means to an end. It's just something they have to do to get to the main event. But for women, foreplay is absolutely essential in their enjoyment of sex. Women take longer to get turned on, so you have to give her time to get warmed up if you want her to enjoy every minute of sex with you. Lots of kissing, touching, and general rolling around naked should do it. No woman is ever going to tell you there was too much foreplay. And even then, better too much, than not enough.

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