10 Things That Make A Girl Swipe Left On Tinder

The line between the real world and the online world is getting ever so blurry as more and more apps and technology bring the two together. One of these apps you're probably familiar with, is Tinder. Tinder provides mutually interested users to communicate using the app, in a quick and easy way. Much like the process of being out in public and saying "yes" or "no" in your mind to someone you meet, Tinder allows you to swipe left people you are not attracted to or interested in, and to swipe right those you do catch your eye. If you both happen to swipe right, you've got a match, and you can now begin messaging each other.

An estimated 5o million people use Tinder each month, which means there's a whole lot of swiping right and matchmaking going on, but, of course, there has to be some left swiping, too. Thanks to over one billion swipes each day, over 12 million matches a day are made. When you consider the math, that means, there could potentially be up to 988 million left swipes happening each day too. Ouch - that's a whole lot of rejection.

So, if you're a guy who's been in the Tinder game for a while but aren't getting the kind of matches you'd hope for, or any at all, what could you be doing wrong? Well, it turns out, a whole lot. Thanks to this app being based solely on a few pictures and one or two lines about yourself, potential matches don't have a whole lot to base their decision off of. That means that what you do put up on your Tinder bio better be good, which also leaves a LOT of room for error. As much as people may try to deny it, Tinder matches are often based solely off of physical attraction, because how well can you really know someone by reading a few lines about them? Tinder is a quick way to say "You're hot!" or "You're not!" and if there's a mutual decision to swipe right, you are then given the means to pursue just how far the attraction goes.

Of course, everyone has different taste, and some of these things may be quite appealing to a few girls. But, there are just some major taboos that are huge turnoffs for girls that guys might have no idea about. She might not even make it past your first picture before she swipes left if you're guilty of posting any of these 10 pictures as your profile.

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10 Poor Quality Photos


Nothing makes a girl think "Hmmm, maybe he's hiding something" like a blurry photo that doesn't clearly show off your features. With all the photography tools we have at our fingertips nowadays, there really is no excuse for a blurry profile pic. If you're just showing blurry photos it also suggests you don't give a damn, and would you be interested in someone who doesn't care enough to try? Would you give a chance on a blurry pic?

9 Only One Random Photo


We all know that pictures can be deceiving. That's why it's important to have several pictures showcasing different parts of yourself (and no, not THOSE parts). If you have just one close-up picture of your face, girls will have no idea what's going on with the rest of you. Because a lot of people use Tinder as a glorified "hot or not" app, they need to get the full effect of your appearance. Try to include not only close-ups, but action shots and full body shots.

8 Hunting/Violent Photos


You're scrolling through Tinder and BAM! You come across a bloody deer carcass with a grinning guy holding its head up. Yuck. Nothing spells romance like dead animals. Unless you just happen to have an avid hunter come across your Tinder profile, this is going to make a lot of girls swipe left really fast. If you want to share that hunting is a hobby, that's fine, but just write that in your bio if it's so important to you. However, forcing people to look at photos of dead animals probably isn't the best way to make a match.

7 Wedding/Kissing Photos (Yes - that happens a lot)


Unless you're looking for a third person to join in on your wedded bliss, maybe try to keep the photos of you and your significant other out of your Tinder pictures. Obviously we also suggest you not use Tinder as the majority of people are not looking to ruin any marriages. Maybe you're just trying to show that you have been in a relationship before and are experienced, but it generally just comes across as someone looking to stray from their marriage or relationship so remove that photo. Most girls on Tinder are just trying to find someone they can date. And, if you're one of these already-attached people who uses Tinder, keep in mind there's a good chance someone you and your significant other know will spot you and rat you out.

6 Grammatical Errors


Grammatical errors are a no-no in most aspects of life, and when you don't have the chance to make a second impression, your first one had better be good. Sure, they happen to everyone sometimes, but when you're only sharing one or two lines about yourself in your Tinder bio, there's NO excuse for errors. Especially when it comes to things like you're/your. If you don't have a grasp of basic spelling and grammar, girls often view that as a red flag and are more likely to swipe left.

5 Not Listing Your Height


If your pictures don't clearly represent how tall or short you are, girls may be too nervous to swipe right because they fear they'll meet you and tower over you. Many guys have caught on to this and know to include their height in their bio, but several do not. If you're a guy who's on the shorter side, you might be worried that sharing that information will result in a girl not being as interested. The truth is, girls like confident guys so own your height and keep in mind that you're still going to be taller than a lot of girls.

4 Raunchy Pictures


Of course, you don't need to be wearing a sweater vest and holding ten kittens in your Tinder profile pictures, but if your pictures are especially raunchy, girls might get the wrong impression about you. If you believe that sexually explicit or inappropriate pictures truly represent who you are and will attract the kind of partner you want, go for it. But don't expect a ton of girls to swipe right to a guy who pretends a building is his package.

3 Sounding Critical or Negative


When people share what they DON'T want in a partner, rather than what they do want, it automatically takes on a negative connotation. Guys will often say things like "I don't want a girl who's a lazy slob." Not the best way to make yourself sound fun and nice. Instead, try something like, "Looking for a girl who's up for active adventures with me!" Sounds more fun, doesn't it? Even if you don't consider yourself an overly enthusiastic person, it will go a long way to try to come across as one when you're trying to attract a mate.

2 Zero Pictures of Your Face


The shocking amount of Tinder profiles that include only pictures of a guy's abs and NOTHING else is rather disappointing. Even if a guy is just looking for a hookup, it will not do him any favours if potential matches have no idea what his face looks like. You might also want to consider the type of person who would choose to swipe right and meet up with a person whom they know nothing more about than what their belly button looks like. Nothing says, "I have something to hide" like literally hiding yourself. And when it comes to having the "full package," a picture of one's abs is not the best way to show you are it.

1 Not Smiling


If a girl is looking for a serial killer on Tinder, she'll probably choose the guys who look creepily serious and never smile. A selfie of you glaring at the camera while you're frowning probably isn't the best way to show a girl you're a good time and a nice person. Rather, it says something more like, "I have severed heads in my freezer." I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume 99.9% of people are looking for a partner who doesn't include "murder" under their hobbies. So, try to use pictures that showcase you being a happy and positive person and watch your matches rise before your eyes!

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